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March New Moon

The New Moon is with us tomorrow, Friday and here us a beautiful way to create those goals, dreams and desires in your life.
Blessings, Susan 💖

Aromatherapy Information & More

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New Moon, March 20th

Manifesting Essential Oil Recipe

Blend the following essential oils into 1 ounce of carrier oil:

15 drops Bergamot

15 drops Cypress

15 drops Vetiver

Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed before each use.

Put 8 to 10 drops of blend into the bath. As you soak, envision the goals and intentions you want to manifest in your life.

Wear 4 to 8 drops as a Body Perfume and/or Use 3 to 5 drops in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner as you journal the goals and intentions you want to manifest in your life.

Read more at: https://mauldinfamily1.wordpress.com/march-2015-spiritual-and-magical-properties-of-essential-oils-fragrance-oils-and-herbs/



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If you want to see the beauty of our countryside at its best then enjoy these beautiful photos…with dome great Dialogue.

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For all the Lyme Sufferers here in Australia and the areas we know the tick is…even if our professors refuse to admit it, this is an easy and handy way to help ourselves. Good for repelling all the flying biters.
Blessings Susan 💖

Mystical Magical Herbs

A medieval herb garden.

There are many stories concerning Four Thieves Vinegar and its amazing ability to repel disease carrying insects.

One version of this story takes place in France during the early 1600’s. As the plague raged thru Europe, the town of Toulouse was beset with robbers. Four famous or should I say infamous robbers, plied their trade as perfumers by day, and looters and robbers by night.

As soon as night fell, these bold robbers, without a trace of fear, walked among the dead and dying, plundering homes and businesses as the dreaded plague claimed its victims.

Eventually, they were caught and in exchange for their lives, the judge struck a deal with them. Give up the secret of their continued health, and resistance to the plague, and he would give them a full pardon.

What was this famous secret? It was a vinegar based herb preparation. The Four Thieves as they…

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A beautiful look at Australian wildlife at its best. I hope you enjoy Laurie s photos as much as I. Susan 💖

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The real Valentine wish…that all can share, love for everyone and everything.

Endless Light and Love


My Dear Friends,

Today is February 14th, Valentines Day, so I thought I would send out this short message to remind you all that ‘You Are Loved’!

Valentines day is not just about a relationship from one person to another but its also about remembering that ‘You are Always Loved’ by someone, it may be a friend, a colleague, a pet or a family member, it may also be that you are loved for what you do, what joy you bring to someone’s heart through your blog, your charitable work, your artwork, you are an inspiration to someone…so please remember

You Are Loved..

Namaste with Love

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The beautiful diversity Queensland has to offer…through the lens of a talented wordsmith and photographer . Please enjoy.

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The plight if America’s wild horses is disgraceful. As the cattle industry unfairly usurps the public land yet neither pays fairly nor uses it the wild horses suffer. If you care whether the Mustang has a place to roam please read this.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Open Letter from Robert Redford as published in USA Today

Wild horse populations vary between 32,000 and 50,000 while livestock grazing allocations accommodate numbers in the millions. Yes, in the millions.

The Horse WhispererHorses and I have had a shared existence, personal and professional, for as long as I can remember. And while I carry a strong passion for all horses, my tenacious support for the preservation of habitat for wildlife and the American mustangs derives from their symbolic representation of our national heritage and freedom.

Any infringement on their legally protected right to live freely is an assault on America’s principles. The varied and subjective interpretation of laws intended to protect these animals on our public lands, continues to leave wild horses under attack.

Recent “stand-offs” between ranchers and the federal government are reminiscent of old westerns. But this American tragedy does not have a hero riding in to save the…

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