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Future: Past, Present or Future

Be mindful of your self talk, courtesy of Facebook.com

” What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new, right now.” – Unknown Author


There is always much discussion regarding the future. Yet there is another way of looking at it, and whilst it may sound strange, it is, in its own way, perfectly sensible. Have you stopped to consider the future in these terms; the future past, future present and the future?

In order to look at this strange idea I would ask you suspend normal thought processes and simply look at this idea.


The Future – Past.


The future past is achieved by having knowledge of the future which by its very nature has allowed you to behave differently in the past. This past could not have occurred if you did not have this knowledge. The purist would argue that the future has been altered because of the knowledge it has provided to you in the past. Convoluted, perhaps, but take a few minutes to think about it and its possibilities.


The Future – Present.


Once again, the future present is able to exist because you have been able to acquire knowledge from the future which you are able to use in the present. This present could not exist if you had not been able to know information from the future. It might have benefits, but we are unable to determine what it might alter in the future. Give it a moment and think of the possibilities.


The Future – Future.


In this context, the future must be referred to as the future, future. This is the future which would be created by bringing forward all the changes which occurred in the past and present due to knowledge taken into the past and present from the future. This is an even more convoluted theory, but needs more than a moment to consider.

Is this Science Fiction or Science Fantasy or simply a view of the future?  Who can really know? There are purists from each group who would argue this on its merits, and who is to say it is so farfetched an idea?

To answer a possible question, I have been watching a program called “Fringe”. It has progressed through some fascinating plot lines and stories, bordering at times on pure science fantasy and at others on science fiction. I have difficulty deciding between the two, because the lines are blurred between them each time we make a new advancement.


Once Alexander Graham Bell was ridiculed for the idea of communicating over vast distances using a telephone, yet we take this for granted now.


Marconi was disbelieved when he said we would be able to talk using a radio.


Similarly, Albert Einstein was laughed at with his theory of relativity and gravity.


All of these and many more have been shown to be future thoughts of impossible scenarios which were in their present, shown to be possible and their future, our present, accepted as normal. The same can be said for physical accomplishments. Take flying to the moon in spacecraft.  An impossibility which is now accepted as such a common occurrence that many people pay it no heed.



There is no special ‘ah ha’ moment to this idea. It occurred to me that the way we think about any given event can be coloured by what we know and believe at that time and in the time to come.  Dreams are made of this: the ability to blend fact and the not yet fact, and bring them together in a possible future. Such are the talents of our storytellers. Such are our talents and abilities. Exciting isn’t it?

Here are some of the possibilities people have already thought of.


All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.
T. E. Lawrence


There are millions of ideas, and more as ideas are born each day. The only thing limiting out imagination is ….. our imagination.  The future is limitless.

May imagination and ideas flow to you always.

Blessings  Susan x

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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image from intuition.byu.edu

What is intuition? For long years it was ridiculed as the fevered imagination of bored housewives with nothing better to do than dream up fanciful reasons for something they couldn’t logically explain. Much has changed since then, much study has been done and there are still people unconvinced intuition is real. All we need to do is remember back to the Salem witch trials, or the witch trials in England to recall the documented evidence of women burned at the stake, tortured and left to starve in cages, all because they “knew” something but could not explain how they knew.

However, ask people if they believe they get a ‘gut instinct‘ or a strange feeling like their hair standing on end on the back of their necks and you will probably get them to agree they have. Strange what a difference terminology makes. One of my favourite characters on TV, Mark Harmon, playing Jethro Gibbs in NCIS has made his “gut” famous when solving cases. “Trust the Gut”. It always makes me smile. I suppose it sounds a little more manly than saying he has an intuition about a person or event.

Intuition has saved more lives than we have an accurate count for. There are recorded instances of people deciding not to catch a train, take a bus, catch their flight and there has been a disaster of some kind.  They had no reason to change their plans at the last moment, yet in every case it has invariably saved their lives. There are numerous documented instances of people who worked in the Twin Towers who decided for no known reason not to go to work on 9/11 as well as people who were unaccountably detained from getting to work that day. These sudden, unplanned, and unaccountable decisions saved numerous lives that day.

image from kineticsmag.com

The ironical part of this is that intuition or gut instinct, sixth sense, knowing or just a feeling, can and does happen to anyone.  Acting on these ‘hunches’ is a different matter. If those people had failed to listen to this intuition or sixth sense they would not be here today.

Intuition is not only found in the province of New Age Spirituality or TV shows. It has been suggested that intuition may be the ingredient which separates successful business people from the rest. It was described by Dr Gerald Hodgkinson of the Leeds University, in the UK as “the brain processing previous experiences and other cues to help it make a decision, a process which takes place on a subconscious level”.

This goes part way to explaining the intuitive response and no doubt more will be acknowledged as time passes. If I hadn’t listened to my intuition or sixth sense many things would have been different in my own life, especially when I was a serving police officer, but also where my children are concerned.  Arriving at school minutes after an accident and before the school had time to call me is one simple example.  Deciding to move to one side as a drunk, out of my line of sight, suddenly swung a four by two piece of timber moments before it would have taken my head off if I had remained where I was is another.

There are many tomes written on the subject and there will always be the nay sayers and that is fine.  Yet I truly believe that we are guided by intuition, sixth sense, gut instinct, a knowing or feeling when we need a little help. I, for one, will gladly accept whatever help I am given if it means I or anyone else will be safe as a result of my hunch.

The final word on intuition goes to Albert Einstein.

“At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”
Alan Alda

May you find your feet always guided in your best interests.

Ciao, Susan x

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