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A photo of the beautiful Blue Mountains in New South Wales. Their name is derived from the gases from the Eucalyptus trees making the mountains appear blue as they rise.

There is always something surprising when you realise that the unexpected has occurred. I have tried not to dwell on my travails with Lyme disease. It creeps in now and again since it is never far from your mind. You go about your daily routine, minimising any affects it is causing. In fact you begin to feel that apart from sudden spikes in your ‘woes’ you’re doing okay.

Perhaps it’s a safety thing, a form of illusion to enable you to handle everything. Yesterday was like every other, within the variables I have come to expect. I was focused on the bush fires in New South Wales and my fury at what I feel is the mismanagement of our land care policies. I refuse to even pay lip service to some of the inane arguments which rage around this issue.

image from news.ninemsn.com.au

It doesn’t help when an elected ‘leader’ of an inner city electorate (a member of the Green Party) decides to use this devastating event to take a sideswipe at the current Prime Minister. Politics at a time like this is a poor second when weighed against the people affected. We have one person dead and two fire fighters injured. We have no idea of stock or animal loss. I hope and pray that will be all we lose, it is too many, but more is always a heavier burden.  Over 2000 fire fighters from throughout the country are traveling to help with the bush fires.

This is one reason I feel selfish when I am focused on my small woes.  As I mentioned yesterday, Byron is a ‘green’ area and today we have had light rain all day, 3 ½ mm of rain. Not a huge amount by any means. The farmers here are grateful for the rain, since for Byron, we’ve had a bit of a ‘dry spell’, but nothing like elsewhere in the country.

image from amywellsblog.blogspot.com

However, I feel traitorous today. I did get some sleep last night, so deep I didn’t hear my husband get up. It should have been wonderful, and it was as far as the sleep goes. Vivid dreams, strange and perplexing. Perhaps I should write about them sometime.

I woke in hideous pain.  Imagine, if you will, every bone in your body feels as though it is being crushed and pulled apart at the same time. Simultaneously there is an intense white hot sharp pain through each ‘major’ joint, but centering through the hips.  Sitting, standing or lying down bring no relief. Wheat packs seem to have no effect or the painkillers I had to resort to.

I feel miserable and I feel ashamed and humiliated that I‘m thinking about myself when so many people are facing so much worse. I’m keeping all the people, fire fighters, people who live there, all the animals in the area, in my heart and praying for their safety. I’m also praying for our ‘leaders’ to refrain from trying to get any political mileage out of this tragedy and work together to help OUR country.

Perhaps in some small way this might help, help our country and perhaps help me feel less self-centered in the face of what is happening.

image from barefootbarn.wordpress.com

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”   Buddha

My candle to focus my intention for all who are suffering tonight and in the days ahead. Why not join me?

Blessings, Susan  x

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