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There are so many times when we take our loved ones for granted, forgetting to acknowledge the little things they do to make your life more bearable, fuller and happier.  It is especially so when one of you is ill, and this illness will not go in a matter of days, but can linger on for months, sometimes years.

Time has a way of distorting things. Things which are important as well as those which are not.  Having a sense of joy and gratitude for the simple things your partner does each day and remembering to say a simple and heartfelt ‘Thank You’ goes a long way to letting them know how much they are appreciated.

One of the films my husband and I really enjoy is”Rob Roy” with Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange. It is a beautiful story of love, faith and the togetherness of family and community.  Most of all it is a love story which brings a deeper meaning to the often used phrase “I love  you”, which is not used in the film.

There is a beautiful scene in the film when he arrives home and she tells him, “You are so fine to me”. To me it spoke more in that one little sentence than volumes of words about love have in the past. It acknowledges all that they are. their faults, failings and also the greatness which is inside them.He repeats this sentiment to her  later in the film   Despite the hardships they go through it does not change their deep feelings for each other. There is a depth of feeling which, because it is not overt, flowery or ostentatious seems to carry so much more that the mere words might imply. Their inherent reserve made the words carry so much more weight.

So I say to all those who matter in my life, “I Love You” and more than this “You are So Fine to Me”.  I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude that I have been blessed with so much. After so many years I have found true love with an amazing man, one whose is “So Fine to Me” each and every day. I can share all that I am with him and know it is accepted in his eyes and his love for me will never change. We support each other in everything we do.  We grow closer in every way, every day.

I could not be more blessed. Children to be proud of and a husband to love and cherish and who loves and cherishes me. I have been Abundantly Blessed. It only took a serious illness for me to see it so clearly.

Thank you Rob Roy, and thank you Ray, “You are So Fine  to Me”.


This applies for everyone. If you have someone in your life, husband, partner, friend,child, pet, the beauty of the day, the sun, moon, the ocean and trees, are all part of the Abundance of life we are Blessed with and are “So Fine To Me”. My prayer and wish for you is that they become “So Fine To You”.

Bright Blessings and Know you are always loved.  Susan x


“…every person has a star, every star has a friend, and for every person carrying a star there is someone else who reflects it, and everyone carries this reflection like a secret confidante in the heart.”
Orhan Pamuk, Snow

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After deciding to take a few days off and really get into the healing mode I found myself totally exhausted. It was almost as though, having given myself permission to rest, my body and mind took a complete holiday.

For the past decade I’ve been sleeping no more than a couple of hours each night so I was almost  unaware of the sleep deprived state I was in.  I’ve slept more in the past three days than for several months!

I awoke after a solid twelve hours only to find my eyes more gummed shut than open. I would take my medicine (I couldn’t get away from that!), drink my tea and then I’d be asleep again. That was my routine, semi conscious, drink, eat toast, sleep and repeat.

My husband would reappear to get me to eat toast later and then I would be asleep again. He wasn’t worried, but  by the third day I was getting worried.

Of course, not doing anything much (just healing!)  I wasn’t very hungry either.  Yet food is essential and in one of my half-dazed sorties into semi wakefulness I reminisced about making the kids “cup o soup” on cold winter afternoons when they came home from school. That seemed like a really good idea.

Cupboards searched my husband found a packet of “Seafood Bisque” if I was interested. Hmmm. Just the ticket. In my semi wakeful state I didn’t notice how long it took, just that it felt to be taking longer than I anticipated.  It tasted terrific – I hadn’t realised how hungry I really was. Strange how the croutons were so soggy though!

It wasn’t until today that I found out why. I had warned him that he needed to really stir it well because it was a creamy variety. I didn’t think to mention it had croutons though. So he stirred and saw some lumps, stirred some more and still saw the lumps. Beat the hell out of it and still saw the lumps. Then he put on his glasses and read….”with croutons”.  Beautiful smooth soup and soggy croutons explained.  One lump or two anyone?

And all for Love!

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
Mother Teresa

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