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“The image you have drawn is the High Priestess card” – only you can answer this question.”  Georgia Routsis Savas

For a beginner blogger like myself, and I still think of myself that way after several months, deciding what to write about can often be quite difficult.  So far I’ve let my “imagination” take me where it went. That is, as long as it seemed interesting, within what I have chosen to talk about, and what has luckily come to me.

So, it’s no surprise, to me at least, that sooner or later I would need to make  a decision about which topic I should discuss.  I have “The Oracle” by Georgia Routsis Savas, and thought, Why Not?” I have to laugh at myself at the answer I received since I had been toying with the idea of discussing the tarot reading I had drawn for myself today.  The highlighted entry at the top of this post is the answer to that question.

For my tarot reading  – The question was, “What do I need to know now?” I had been meditating on how to approach my blog. I want to write for myself, of course, but I also want it to interest others and perhaps be of help to people. Talking to oneself can be somewhat tedious.  A tarot discussion was a departure from the norm so far, so this is an experiment for all of us.

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Doing a short three card reading for myself was the next step in deciding, if indeed I was headed in the right direction. Like all beginners I have a way to go before trusting my instinct or intuition, from the outset!

Before I laid out the cards one fell out – this is important and always has a message for you.  For me it was White Buffalo Calf Woman, and she has been with me for a long time. It was a great validation and indication that momentous changes were about to occur.

As the energies of 2012, which are still wreaking havoc for me have yet to finally leave, before the peaceful, progressive energies of 2013 come into effect it was more than appropriate.

The Rider Waite is a well-known deck and one I use often, but for the purposes of today I had chosen the Ascended Masters from the Doreen Virtue range.

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My reading went like this:

I need to get my Priorities sorted out! Working out what is most relevant for me to devote my energy and attention on. We have many things on the go at present and 2013 is going to be a big and busy year, so this was so appropriate. So, despite the demands for my time I need to decide what is important to me and start working towards it. From “personal” to “business”, leaving no stone unturned. OK, I’m good with this and if you’ve read any if my previous blogs you will know there have already been changes made which will continue to be followed.

The cards relating to Past, Present and Future followed and each overlapped, the way synchronicity often does.

  • My mother passed away a few years ago and I miss her still. As is quite common there are issues relating to Forgiveness there, for me, which I need  to address, and be aware of a woman who may not be all she purports to be, which may be in my life now or come into my life in the near future.  A warning to bear in mind.
  • The next message was to remain heart centered, which I wrote about recently,  so I wasn’t too surprised to see this come up. There is a vulnerability in having an open heart, and yet, when you achieve that and accept it, work with it, then there is a greater strength to be found. So, remain heart centered in all I do.
  • Lastly, the power of “gratitude’, the joy and happiness it brings cannot be denied. Looking at the world, people, actions, activities and business decisions with gratitude for the possibilities they may bring is an enormous gift. When you work from an “attitude of gratitude” in everything you do you find an unquenchable joy and happiness in each day. Gratitude for the small and large things in your life brightens everything in it and can bring happiness flooding through you in a tidal wave.

image from shamanscrystal.co.uk  Asceded Masters Tarot Deck.

So what does this mean  – for me? White Buffalo Calf Woman told me I was definitely heading in the right direction and she would be there to warn me if I needed her. I haven’t “lost it” because I failed to use my “talents” for so long, but I need to practice and they will become better. I need to ensure that my choices are made wisely and well. I need time to myself, for my pursuits, as well as time in nature. Time to reflect, recharge, and ground myself in Mother Earth. That way my business pursuits will also flourish.

I am being ‘watched over” and have to let my intuition guide me when dealing with people. If I trust my intuition then I will be fine there, especially if there is a woman involved.  Remaining in my ‘space’, owning it and working from the heart is the method I need to follow.  Everything I have been doing so far is right. The “attitude of gratitude” I am cultivating daily will keep me on track and heart centered, and surrounded by beautiful love and harmony, peace and contentment.  What more could I ask for?

I can live with this. In fact it has proven to be a wonderful re start after such a long time.

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“There is not a more pleasing exercise of the mind than gratitude.  It is accompanied with such an inward satisfaction that the duty is sufficiently rewarded by the performance.”  ~Joseph Addison

Blessings to you all for a wonderful day. ❤  Susan

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