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Golden sunrise over the treetops

Golden sunrise over the treetops

Even though I know the pink shadows are simple reflections I still feel that Spirit are saying hello in a way to bring cheer to my day. It may be fanciful but then magic surrounds me and Spirit do wonderful things for those who believe.

I am cheating – in a  big way! This photo was taken a few days ago when I happened to be having another all nighter and saw the sun rise again. The views were too good to pass up and seemed to make up for the achingly long night. I try to roll with the punches, the mantra of “this too shall pass” interspersed with an imagination ever more colourful as I fill in beautiful aspects of my healthy life.

If the night was long the morning was tortuous. At least during the night the change arrived and the cool breeze blew through my window, refreshing in its balmy caress across my fevered skin. In the dark with the breeze teasing my skin it could have been the caress of a lover in a midnight tryst. The occasional call of the owls added an otherworldly feel to the night. Any distraction is worthwhile if it helps for a while, and it felt wonderful too!

image from mannaismayaadventure.com

With the morning came the ultimate test. As unconsciousness receded slowly came the realisation that all was not well in my world. A piercing stabbing centered just above my nose, between my eyebrows, told me I was in trouble. The loud thudding reverberating through my veins, told me moving my head was going to be… interesting. The need to get to the bathroom was trumping both these warnings.

Slowly I started to inch my arms and legs towards the edge of the covers. NO, No, No, another mistake. Every joint in my neck, arms, hands, hips – oh why bother! My entire body appeared to have seized up in the space of a couple of hours of exhaustion and now I felt I needed a crane to hoist me out of my bed. To the beat of the blood throbbing in my veins the need to reach the bathroom became more intense.

My husband must be on high alert because before I was able to register anything I felt his arms easing themselves under my shoulders to lift me upright. Ugh! NO… did I say that? No, I don’t think so, it would have hurt to make a noise. A pretzel of a human being was painstakingly led, inching along to the bathroom. The return only slightly less painful as one small problem was relieved. This then was to be my day. My head would fall off if I moved. I was certain of this. My body would shatter if I tried to leave my bed alone. I knew this for a fact. There I stayed.

Here, instead of morbid thoughts are the funny and beautiful sights from Currumbin beach as the sun set and the beach artwork was being erected.  Enjoy. I’m focusing on these!

I couldn’t close without some of the beautiful colours of sunset behind the highrise apartments and along Currumbin Creek.

So now I lay my aching head

Upon this pillow on my bed

Close my eyes

And hide the light

Pretend all is well

In the pale moon light

Dream my dreams of health

Build my magic life of wealth

My riches of health and well-being

Fun and laughter are my friends

Playful giggles without end

My magic dust is thrown far and wide

Time to sleep and let my spell ride.


All IS well in the world. Peace, love and laughter for the weekend.

Ciao friends.  Susan x

© Susan Jamieson

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