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There has been a small but unavoidable hiccough to normal blogging. Until my computer decides to co-operate I am unable to operate.
To say I’m frustrated is a colossal understatement and lightning has scorched the walls of the house (inside!).
I’m hoping I can get something sorted out tomorrow, or later today. In the meantime I hope you enjoy a FB offering.
I will get back to everyone once my connection and I are communicating again.
Blessings. Susan
(c) Susan Jamieson 2014

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Robby Rosella taking a good look at the world.

Robby Rosella taking a good look at the world.

The more chances I had to see the little birds inside the nest, the more excited I became at seeing them finally come out to say hello to the world. We now knew there were two babies inside from the earlier photos.  There was always a lot of pushing and maneuvering around inside the hole (nest) but we could only make out bodies and feathers. Looking into the darkened interior it was guesswork to say how many babies were inside.

What I loved most at this time was seeing how quickly they changed.  You could see  them growing in front of you as their feathers became more colourful and they really started to look more than pink skinned bodies.  Between the parents and last years offspring flying to and fro constantly it made me think of a Rosella highway.

No, I don't think they have to worry about getting fat.

No, I don’t think they have to worry about getting fat.

Then, in the middle of last week I though I heard the sound of something hitting one of the windows. Not very loudly and there was silence after it. Since I was ‘laid up’ at the time, I took myself to the bedroom window to see what had made the noise. I thought something had hit the laundry window but wasn’t sure.

I did not only do a double take but took several minutes to convince myself I was actually seeing what was in front of me.  He was actually six feet away. but it took that long for my eyes to adjust and pick him out next to the rock wall. The Rosella parents have obviously been encouraging them to come out of the nest – at least they were doing lots of talking to the babies after they had fed them, so I’m guessing that was what prompted this.

Now how did I get here?

Now how did I get here?

Unhurt but unsure of what to do he stayed right where he was. Should I try to help him?

I'm just going to look at this funny thing in front of me and pretend I'm back home.

I’m just going to look at this funny thing in front of me and pretend I’m back home.

So, here is Robby, (we think he may be a male from the colourful plumage, but that’s only a guess), sitting in front of the rock wall and looking slightly bemused. He had obviously been braver than his sibling and decided to come out of the nest to have a look at the big bright world, but had fallen afoul of a gust of wind and down he had sailed. My dilemma was what to do. Should I try to catch him and return him to his nest or would he be safe enough until he could get back himself?

The sound of a door closing inside the house saw Robby flutter up into the garden where we could hear him chirping plaintively. Unable to bear the suspense I crept quietly outside to see if he was alright.  There he was hiding under the foliage, standing so still I had to strain to see him. They are incredibly well camouflaged.

If you click on the photos they will open up for a better view.

He must have felt safe because apart from a peak out he decided to stay well hidden under the shrubbery.  The adults started chirping away and we could hear the little fellow answer so it wasn’t long until they started to make their way down to locate him and to feed him.

If you click on the photos they will open up for a better view.

Robby was apparently not ready to relinquish what he felt was a nice safe place to hide. There was plenty of foliage around him since he was in the middle of the Prince of Orange Ixora. I’m sure the fragrance from the flowering Hoya would have reminded him of his nice safe nest too. After a nerve-wracking night, for the human watchers at least, and a brief shower, we resumed an unobtrusive watch on Robby’s progress.

The adults were becoming louder in their calling. Whether they were trying to encourage his brother or sister to come out or Robby to get home I’m not sure, however about mid morning we received another surprise when we saw this.

Two more babies inside the nest.

Two more babies inside the nest.

Ray had seen one make the leap earlier in the day so that meant we had a clutch of four baby Rosellas inside the nesting box. (Does it show we felt like proud parents ourselves)?

That only left the question of Robby. A night on the ground, even being fed by his parents, was obviously not what he was happy about. He began a trek in quick dashes across the grass towards the far wall bordering our neighbours garden.  The grass there was a little higher (late with the mowing, lucky for him), so with his colouring he was almost invisible.

A couple of the adults were calling from the tree and two came down onto the ground to encourage him to ‘make a leap’. Another one.

If you click on the photos they will open up for a better view.

As dusk drew down we were wondering if Robby was destined to spend another night on the ground alone. The adults had been feeding him regularly but it certainly sounded like he had a pep talk after each feeding.  Suddenly there was an explosion of sound, feathers flapping and a whirring as he took off and sailed up onto the roof.  An adult was soon on the scene and from the noise which sprang up a short time later we presumed he had made it back to the home tree. Success!

All the babies are now hopping around the tree, scavenging my Grevillea for honey and filling out nicely. The riot of colour seeing them flitting through the tree is magical. It has certainly melted my heart seeing the family reunited.  Rosellas maintain family groups often and come back to help  raise subsequent clutches of young. It certainly is a beautiful example of the circle of life.

On watch, at home.

On watch, at home.

A happy ending for our Rosella family. No doubt they will be back again since they have claimed the nesting site. I am going to look forward to seeing them again.

I hope you enjoyed our little excitement at the Rosella tree.

Blessings.  Susan  x

© Susan Jamieson 2013

If you missed the first part of the story and would like to catch up.

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Magnolia tree. Geneva, Switzerland 2009

Magnolia tree. Geneva, Switzerland 2009

“From barren brown stems to glistening leaf-buds; from the leaf-buds to snowy virginity of bloom…It was like a flute song forgotten in another existence and remembered again. What? How? Why? This singing she heard that had nothing to do with her ears. The rose of the world was breathing out smell. It followed her through all her waking moments and caressed her in her sleep.”   ― Zora Neale Hurston


Life has its ups and downs. We all are here to live life. We all want to love life. It has many beautiful and unexpected surprises. It also has its tragedies and unhappiness.  No-one likes the bleak side of life, after all why would they?  Yet it is these very darker parts of life, the not so good parts of life, that can help us to see and appreciate the lighter side of life. They can help us to weather the difficult times by drawing on the beauty around us and anchoring us into the  life breath of our existence. They remind us that we are spiritual beings and this is our earthly life – now.  It may be a small toe-hold for some, but it is a beginning, and from small things, big things can grow.

A while ago I was reaching a point where I was thoroughly sick of taking so many pills and potions. My life seemed to be controlled by the time to take another handful and whether I had to eat or could not eat with them. I don’t like rules and restrictions. I don’t like taking pills ad nauseam. What was even more unpalatable, was that the pills were indeed nauseating. I was not living life and I wasn’t loving life.

I was reaching the point where I loathed taking them. I was beginning to hate taking them, the very things which would make me well again. In short I was beginning to fight against my own wellness. Then a wonderful friend stepped in and gave me a piece of sage advice. I could fight against this medication or I could graciously accept what it was doing for me and help it to work. The method was so simply it was breathtaking.

One of many pill bottles

One of many pill bottles

He suggested, that with gratitude for being able to receive this medication which was making me well, I could write the word LOVE on the bottles and boxes of medication I had to take.  If I had to live life then I could also start to love life.

Another  health and well-being medication

Another health and well-being medication.

Not only was the very act of getting the medication out from the dark depths of the box I had consigned them to, bringing them into the light, and writing in a colour I wanted to represent LOVE, it was an acknowledgement that I accepted their vital role in my health care plan. It also created a change in my attitude towards the regimen I needed to follow. I was showing myself LOVE by taking them. I was showering myself with LOVE each time I took them and they did their work for me.

A weekly organised 'treat' of LOVE

A weekly organised ‘treat’ of LOVE

It suddenly became easier to swallow all the medication, even knowing that it would probably make me feel less than well, in the short-term. The strange thing was that over time, the medication seemed to be less of an irritant to my system. I won’t say it stopped all the side effects, because the side effects, some of them, were an indication that the bugs were being killed off. WAY TO GO PILLS AND POTIONS!

I wanted to send this out today because I feel there may be more people who feel like me, who felt like me.  People who are sick and tired of not only feeling ill, but all the medication they take every day to try to maintain a modicum of a normal life, let alone to get well. It’s been seen to work with cancer patients, chemo is a wicked cocktail and yet with LOVE written on the fluid IV and believing it was lovingly healing the body the usual side effects were minimised or cancelled.

It may not be a cure-all for everyone. Yet for everyone who is struggling back to wellness, who needs some encouragement and LOVE in their efforts to well-being, perhaps this might work for you also. At the very least it is a work in positive affirmation, which is always good. The more we believe, the more it will be so. So, if you live life, then love life , even the not so good.

I am, and will always be eternally grateful to my wonderful friend for sharing this piece of wisdom.

A beautiful orchid spray from last season

A beautiful orchid spray from last season

“Without darkness, we may never know how bright the stars shine. Without battles, we could not know what victory feels like. Without adversity, we may never appreciate the abundance in our lives. Be thankful, not only for the easy times, but for every experience that has made you who you are.”    ― Julie-Anne


Thank you my generous friend. You brought a light into my life when we met. I am and always will be grateful we met.  May you always be well.  🙂

Blessings and wellness to all.

Susan xx

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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image from vgiselleh.deviantart.com

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”
Paulo Coelho,

I realise that I could talk at length about either attitude, gratitude or change so to add them into one title is possibly presumptuous.  However, it is only when we consider that each is, in many ways inextricably linked with the other that it makes sense, one might even say it becomes rational.  There has been volumes already written and spoken about all three, but what I would like to do is use each and put it into context in what happened yesterday.  My reasoning is simple, it was a lesson for me and may, in some small way, make sense for someone else.

Anyone who reads my blogs will realise that there is a cycle to my writing, I can be anywhere on a sinus wave, in the trough, climbing to the peak, at the crest or falling back towards the depths.  I thought, for a while at least, that this was because I wasn’t handling things, life, my situation well enough.  It’s so very easy to fall into that way of thinking. After all, who am I that I can say that I alone affect every aspect of my complex existence? I am Susan Jamieson in all my simple and complex existence and I love to share my thoughts through by blog, Owls and Orchids.

I have to interact with others, their situations and lives each day and by extension, these events have some impact on my day, my feelings. Learning how to prevent that will be a topic I can discuss when I have “all my little ducks lined up”. Yes, a project in the planning I am going to delight in sharing later.

Yesterday was going to be a big day – at least for me. After months of doing only the absolutes, what was needed to see doctors, specialists and people who have seen more of my insides than I ever will, to plan a day doing the little but fun things for ourselves was a golden day.  Yet, there was a small hiccough in the plan – it was hot! Glorious, gorgeous sunshine, the giver of life, was going to be raising the temperature, and mine also. It would be a test.

“Cool Change”, by Little River Band, a favourite for a long time. Why these lyrics should suddenly pop into my mind I have no idea, yet they were firmly cemented in the back of my mind. At odd times parts of the lyrics would suddenly be there. Then I realised what it was.  The snippets which kept coming back to me were telling me that my attitude to whether it was hot was, in fact, the very thing which was screwing my thoughts around. I was in an air-conditioned car and very comfortable. Everywhere we had to go was also air-conditioned, although I have to admit that in some of the places we visited, their air conditioner appeared to be struggling with the temperature too.

From there, after a few more lyrics, I realised that I was becoming more focused on how grateful I was that I was out and about.  Even if I was a little hot, it was such a joy to be visiting the people and shops where I was greeted warmly, helped with what I was looking for and left feeling incredibly happy that this was a normal day! I found that my growing feelings of gratitude was changing my attitude and I was enjoying myself, whatever the weather.

Passing the florist I was reminded of the beautiful flowers I have coming along at home. The King Orchid has already finished in the tree but my potted orchids are growing apace. The Dancing Lady is a mass of flowers and the red Hippeastrum looks wonderful with a splash of colour from the orange Clivia.  Spathiphyllum, (Peace Lily) and Arum Lily are snowy white and the fragrant Jasmin and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow send their scent indoors each evening.

Despite the fact that I was beginning to droop from the constant walking and shopping I was still feeling buoyed up by the day. We stopped and had a marvelous latte, exactly the way we like it, and once again I felt that upsurge of gratitude flowing through me, my “Cool Change” was still running in the background.  My day was complete when I found a beautiful piece of Botswana Agate, the colours amazing and really feeling like the flow was moving not past me but through me. I was embracing the change I had been feeling all day.

Gaining an hour coming to Queensland had been a bonus and we headed off home to Byron and to our favourite little coffee shop for a bite to eat. We had not taken into consideration that most places would be closing their kitchens earlier because we had now ‘lost’ an hour. Normally this would have been enough to really spoil the end of a glorious day. The sea breeze had sprung up so it was beautiful and temperate inside or out, but we weren’t going to get the meal we had hoped for.

A few miles further on we spotted a shop still trading and ducked inside. We settled on a lovely toasted sandwich and a wonderful coffee. It was terrific to find a Di Bella coffee which is our favourite blend.

Beautiful toasted sandwich and coffee. Simple and delicious.

Under normal circumstances even finding the Di Bella may not have saved the day, but the change in attitude made the gratitude for finding something tasty, nutritious and quick was all that made the difference. It was then that “Cool Change” ran through my mind again and I realised how intricately those three things are entwined. When all three are flowing little miracles can happen – large ones too.

We arrived home truly happy with our day, knowing we can go back to our coffee shop and have our evening treat another day soon, but also knowing we both had a warm ball of gratitude inside from our change in thinking about the days events. Our attitude had been rewired and what may have been obstacles or disappointments had been changed.

For me, as well as Ray, it was a wonderful lesson which had not been difficult but very enjoyable and will help us in the future.  I truly hope it may also help you at some time.

“We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
Viktor E. Frankl

There is always, always, always something to be grateful for, if we change our attitude we find the gratitude.

May your days be filled with large and small blessings.

Love always.  Susan x

© Susan Jamieson

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Today could have been a vastly different day than it eventually became. The reason, I refused to allow the start to spoil the remainder of the day. Mornings are particularly difficult for me, painful to move and agonising to get to a point where I can see without dark glasses. However, this is what life is at present, so we persevere knowing it will get better.

One huge Huntsman spider!

One huge Huntsman spider!

This is how my morning began…..

Not exactly what I wanted to see through eyes which  felt as though they were being stabbed through the cornea and were so bleary it takes an age to allow the image and the brain to catch up.

Obviously, he wasn’t as large as I originally thought but he was big enough for me. I’m not scared of spiders, well not the ‘harmless’ ones, but if my daughter had seen this there would have been shrieking and rampant hysteria for an hour until it was completely drowned in whichever spray she could lay hands on to ensure its demise.

This is what the blighter really looked like……..Of course there are nicer ways to start the day and tomorrow I am attracting one for myself.

Huntsman, not dangerous to humans, unless they die of fright.

Huntsman, not dangerous to humans, unless they die of fright.

He can have all the insects he wants as long as he vacates my abode before I start to see, even imperfectly.

It’s been a while since I felt well enough to get outside, even the short trek into the lounge has been challenging. Today I was determined to make it to the lounge chair we have placed facing the deck and the ocean beyond.

The doors were opened wide to allow the beautiful cool breezes to blow into the room.  I ignored the roaring of vehicles up and down the street and concentrated on the other, more interesting and beautiful vistas.

There was a strong breeze blowing over the water and lots of white caps. They don’t show up well on my camera but we were fortunate to be visited by lots of passing whales. Most of them were way off on the horizon and whilst we could see their splashes, the photos don’t do them justice. However, a couple were determined to ensure we saw them giving us a wave, in fact lots of them.

Hello landlubbers.

Hello landlubber.

The second whales fluke is just discernible to the right of the first. They stayed for a good half an hour just waving at us, always a pick me up. I’ll get out the photos from our whale watching later.

After that a para glider did a circuit from one side to the other for us… just showing off and getting a bird’s eye view of the whales.

Kiteman 6 (Copy)

I’m not sure if it would be good or a little foolhardy when the breeze was so gusty, but he seemed to enjoy it… although I couldn’t see his face. The thrill of being up there, flying alone and seeing the world beneath your feet, well the ocean, would have been amazing.

Spring has definitely arrived and all the shrubs and flowers are coming into bloom. The African Tulip Tree is magnificent.

The Tulip tree. Their flowers are as big as dinner plates.

The Tulip tree. Their flowers are as big as dinner plates.

Whilst directly underneath there was an explosion of Acalypha growing.

Acalypha falling down the timber steps.

Acalypha falling down the timber steps.

Just around the corner was a large Brunfelsia bush, the fragrance drawing us in. It’s common name is “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” due to the colour of its flowers. The new ones come out a beautiful purple, the next day fading to a delicate lavender and the third day are pure white.

"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." What a great name.

“Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” What a great name.

Just at that moment a group of Major Mitchell cockatoos flew overhead noisily. One decided to have a rest and take a look at what we were doing.

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

As we rounded the corner the sound of the waves crashing on the shore took me back to the ocean. Since you cannot stop hearing it in the background it makes a counterpoint to everything you do, but I find it very soothing. (much better than the traffic noise!)

Ocean waves continuously rolling in.

Ocean waves continuously rolling in.

My short excursion around the garden ended with the glorious scent of Jasmin and the beautiful flowers of the Rhododendron (Vireya).

Jasmin, heavenly and heady scent.

Jasmin, heavenly and heady scent.

The Vireya, a type of Rhododendron

The Vireya, a type of Rhododendron

I was unhappy at the feeling I was cutting my time outside so short. It’s been a while since I felt up to being outside – at least without falling down! So, after being helped back inside, (those stairs are a nuisance!) I sat back on the lounge and watched the ocean for a while listening to my iPod.

When I ventured back into my bedroom I had a lovely surprise waiting for me….. a gift of love.

Flowers from my garden

Flowers from my garden

A beautiful way to remind me that despite not doing all I would like there are many things I can do and have. Ray brought my brief excursion back with me and I can smell the perfume as I type.

No-one said life would follow a set path. You make the path as you go along. The hard part is finding the happiness and joy each day can bring. If it is difficult, find smaller blessings, and if you are having a great day, look to the bigger things, but be grateful for what we have. ‘Today has shown me that there are many beautiful things around me which I can be grateful for. The rest…. well they may come tomorrow.

“If you reconnect with nature and the wilderness you will not only find the meaning of life, but you will experience what it means to be truly alive.”
Sylvia Dolson, Joy of Bears

Blessings,  Susan x

amy Whale, breaching, Stellwagen Bank National...

(c) Susan Jamieson

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image from janeannethorne.wordpress.com –

“Everything is connected through the universal  flow of consciousness”.   Colette Baron-Reid

Life is an ever-changing landscape. There are times when we feel we know every twist and turn of the road ahead, yet it is then that something will come along and shake things up for us. The reason for this is simple. Life is not a static experience, it is raw and beautiful and is to be lived to the full. Sometimes we have to grab on and hold on as hard as we can and wring from it all that is there.

Then there are the times to pause in silent communion and reflect on the world and life around us. Time to see where we are forcing a way through our lives and not flowing along in harmony with our lives, our world. These are the times we feel tired and exhausted; when we feel that everything is against us and nothing is working out the way it should. Fighting against the flow is hard work.

image from footage.shutterstock.com

Have you been able to take a moment and looked at your life? Is it flowing in synchronicity with all that surrounds you, or are you fighting the current and only marking time?  Life is complex, an ever-changing vista and we are given cues to find our way through the rough patches.

It is when things are difficult that we need to take the time to stop, listen to the inner voice of our heart and soul and see where we are out of step with our life. Instead of the tiring fight to force things into the shape you feel they must be, there may be a better way. Perhaps all you need to do is to acknowledge that the current situation doesn’t feel right. You feel out of step with yourself, you feel life is not ‘in flow’.

It is time to take a breath, a really deep breath which gives our racing hearts and minds time to pause. It is perhaps then that we can see it is time to be kind to ourselves and walk away from the struggle today. Tomorrow is just a few hours away and the pause, time to reflect will bring a calm, a clarity and a new sense of purpose.

Tomorrow when we have entered the calm waters and are flowing gently in synchronicity with everything, then that sense of calm will wash away the struggle of yesterday and the ease of flow as we work with life will bring a sense of wonder at our previous struggle.

So take a moment on me and breathe, feel the beauty of the calmness being in flow with your life brings. Enjoy the blessings being in flow will bring.

Blessings, Susan x

image from nomadscribblings.wordpress.com

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”  Lao-Tzu

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“Blessings be on this house,” Granny said, perfunctorily. It was always a good opening remark for a witch. It concentrated people’s minds on what other things might be on this house.”    ― Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad

I seem to be saying this a great deal recently, but it has been a rugged week so far.  I’m not complaining, really, because having finally found a reason for a decade or more of ill-health which no doctor, specialist, alternative therapist and so on have been able to explain to me, I understood that getting well was going to be a rocky road.  The medications which I have to take are – well, not kind on my ‘fragile’ system, and killing off the wretched bugs causes its own misery. Yet, I have to acknowledge that these medicines are a Blessing in themselves.

I have my next batch of tablets to add to the first now and the combination simply increases the …… results. I am getting well, eventually, I simply have to weather the storm in the interim.  So the times when I feel totally wretched and ill, praying for the dreadful itching and vomiting etc to pass, may seem interminable at that time, but they do pass.  Then I can have some pleasant times, escapades if you like and I hold tight to those beautiful times when the bad ones strike.

Following absolutely awful mornings this week I have had afternoons filled with doctors visits and testing – I’m beginning to think it was more than a coincidence that we continually make new and fresh blood, if we didn’t I might be in a bit of a pickle by now! Now that is a true Blessing.

image from lauradoyle.org

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”  ― Lao Tzu

I have been blessed in so many ways, my two wonderful children who have become adults I am proud to say, these are my little children; I have had wonderful parents who taught me to be the person I have become; brothers who are the family I grew up with; and above all I have been graced by the friendship and love of an incredible man who I adore and adores me and we will grow old together… in this world and the next.

During my challenging times he is there, holding my hand, running baths, making cups of tea or making light meals to make me smile and stay strong. He sees me at my worst and at my best and loves me just as I am. A brilliant and wonderful blessing!

Brunch in bed with home  brewed latte

Brunch in bed with home-brewed latte

Don’t you love the serviette to protect those yummy yolk dribbles? I was surprised by this after hours of struggling to wake up, between staggering into the bathroom and getting myself together …. just the ticket and delicious!

Yesterday was my birthday. With everything we  have had to do I had decided a quiet day was the best way to go. Such are the “best laid plans of mice and men (oft go astray” by Robert Burns, “To a Mouse”.)… more tests needed!

So a trip up to the Gold Coast again and I was treated to a lovely lunch at one of our favourite coffee shops. The owner is such a sweetie who always goes out of his way to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable. It’s really old-fashioned service and always appreciated. Just the ticket to strengthen my foundering reserves after the tests.

Yet the SURPRISE of the day – week – month was not to be unveiled until I reached home again. I was looking forward to a cup of tea (always makes me think  of the scene from “My Fair Lady” where Rex Harrison is plopping marbles into Audrey Hepburn’s mouth as she says “Cup of Tea” and he and the Colonel eat cakes and drink tea.) Just a whimsical side track!

Feet up and cup of French Earl Grey tea by my side, I was told to relax whilst a quick meal was whipped up by my husband. A short while later he appeared around the corner with a beautiful silver box in his hand and inside the most beautiful necklace and earrings. Just look at the fabulous colours. WOW!

Beautiful Drusy Quartz necklace and earrings

Beautiful Drusy Quartz necklace and earrings

Followed by the most delicious garlic prawns and stir fried veg with coconut cream dressing…. fabulous.

Garlic prawns and coconut cream stir fried veg.... delicious

Garlic prawns and coconut cream stir fried veg…. delicious

Followed by a tired and resting birthday girl, propped up in bed wearing her jewels.

Happy Birthday Blessings

Happy Birthday Blessings

So, despite the trials and travails which I am going through, there are countless things for which I am grateful and recognise as blessings. They are what I focus on when things are tough. They make the times in between easier to bear and make the better times even brighter. Sometimes its hard to get to that good place, and there are moments, sometimes hours when it’s not easy to reach a happy place, but eventually I get there and count my blessings and realise I can and will go on.

I have fantastic support and understanding beside me every step of the way.  I have riches far beyond measure and I am so incredibly grateful that I can see that know that I will never be alone in my struggle or life.

I have been blessed with a wonderful life.

Every positive thing in your life represents a single unique blessing. Every negative thing in your life has the opportunity to become a double blessing. For when you turn a negative into a positive, you gain twice. You are no longer burdened with the negative situation, and in addition to that you are strengthened by a new positive force”…    Author Unknown

I wish for you countless blessings to lighten your load.

Susan x

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