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I was going to do something interesting today but time was eaten up with a ‘simple test’ , thanks to my Lyme Disease, and by the time I finished, well I wasn’t able to type. Thank heavens for spell check, although I’ve found it doesn’t always make sense either… so many variations today. Ah well……

Without belaboring the issue I needed more blood tests…. you know, “Just a little sting”. Have you noticed they no longer say “Just a little prick?”  Beside the point… back on track.  The other little test which was slipped in was a glucose tolerance test. Now this really is a simple little test.

After the first round of bloods were taken, “just a little sting”, I was escorted back to the waiting room and handed a bottle and a cup. Unfortunately it wasn’t a pretty orange colour, just clear, but at least I could see there was nothing else hidden in there.  Five minutes to drink this little bottle and I had been on a complete fast, except for water for twelve hours.  Hmm. It didn’t take two minutes, but OMG it was SO SWEET.

Now I enjoy a ‘sweet treat’ now and again. I’m rather partial to a nice fruit flan or a piece of cream filled Victoria sandwich cake with a good latte. I’m sure you get my drift. This! This, was like drinking sugar syrup, not partially made toffee, but sickly sweet sugary syrup.  BLECH!

Add this to the fact I then had to sit for an hour, no burning off the glucose. (hehehe). Sugar had been limited for a while now as I try to work out if it is one of my baddies, so this sudden deluge of glucose was an unpleasant surprise. At first I thought I was simply feeling tired since I’d had no food. I was having trouble focusing. That put paid to reading anything. Staring out the window …. my vision suddenly became blurry. Just hunger I told myself.

As things began to spin around as I walked back to have the next “little sting” I was feeling decidedly unsteady.  One more vial later I was dispatched back to the waiting room for a further hour. The next hour just let all the woozy feelings settle in. My head was going in one direction, my tummy in another. That didn’t even begin to explain why I couldn’t hear very well. (Of course, once my balance went that mean the inner ear was out of balance..D’oh). This was just a lovely dose of ‘sugar shock’.

What felt like an interminable wait as other patients were ushered in and out of the inner sanctum was finally over. I was no longer sure if I was walking on my hands or feet, floating through the air or doing cartwheels, which would have been interesting since I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel before.

So, “just a little sting” later I was allowed to finally wend a wavy way back to my car, my husband hanging tightly onto my arm to steer me in the right direction. I also suspect it was to hold me upright.

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Five minutes later I was ensconced in my bedroom with a cup of tea and my belated bacon and egg muffin laid before me. Apart from some difficulty co-ordinating, which I will leave to your imagination, at least my food lack had been taken care of. Unfortunately I promptly lost my head completely and needed to spend the remainder of the day recumbent. I am so grateful for a soft pillow, a comfy bed and a wonderful hubby to look after me. I am, and I know I am so very fortunate. Thank you darling.

Normal perambulation and thinking should resume after a good sleep.

Til then…. spin me well.

Ciao, Susan  x

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