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There has been a small but unavoidable hiccough to normal blogging. Until my computer decides to co-operate I am unable to operate.
To say I’m frustrated is a colossal understatement and lightning has scorched the walls of the house (inside!).
I’m hoping I can get something sorted out tomorrow, or later today. In the meantime I hope you enjoy a FB offering.
I will get back to everyone once my connection and I are communicating again.
Blessings. Susan
(c) Susan Jamieson 2014

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image from themutt.wordpress.com –   Even Snoopy had something to say.

Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch.   Tim Berners-Lee

Why do some people blog? Why do they spend their time communicating on a vast range of topics to an unknown audience? Is there some primal urge to “spread the word”, to “teach”, or simply to share our ideas with whomever they resonate with?

It’s a strange compulsion, this urge to write, especially when you sit down without the vaguest notion of what you are going to write about.  Nevertheless you get your computer out, sit at your desk, or in my case, ensconced in bed and start to ‘write’.  Why, I wonder, do we still refer to it as writing when it most obviously isn’t?  I suppose we have a need to create order and a point of reference.

image from http://www.coolpctips.com – Progress in effect.

Laptops have taken over with their ease, portability and ever decreasing size.  So in order to keep manual records will we always use computers in some form or another?

What happens when the world changes a little more and we no longer need letters, books, or computers to communicate our ideas to each other? When, for example, telepathy rules the day? Will we still have this urge to create using the written word, or will we perhaps have mind controlled computers?  Almost mind-blowing really.

Can you imagine a think tank where everyone is telepathic and ideas are shared at lightning speed? Just thinking about the time gained which can be better utilised to – blog!  Yet that doesn’t really answer the question of why some of us decide to blog.

It’s true that few of us will ever be published authors, yet the urge to write is still there.  Could this be the reason for so many scribblings?  At times I have sat down and typed out my blog, only to find that someone else has written almost the same thing, but managed to publish already. For a while I found that very disturbing, and I wondered if I should publish my work at all. With an established blogger  who has already gathered a following ‘your’ attempt may go completely unnoticed. A writers worst nightmare, to have a ‘published’ work and be largely or totally ignored. Quite a conundrum.

In reality, the urge is a deep desire or need to speak to another person, to communicate your ideas, thoughts, feelings, and hopefully, not just have someone like what you are saying but also to comment on it. It then truly becomes a communication.

Whilst satisfying publishing your blog, is there much rationale behind it if it is unread by anyone else? Receiving a comment about it is an amazing feeling. It means that somehow I have managed to reach another person.  In truth, everything I write is a statement about something which is important to me. So like all writers there is a part of my heart and soul in the words I write.

So, I blog because I care if something I say has a meaning for someone else. It may be that some little thing I’ve written may help someone in some small way, and in a large part it eases the loneliness of being stuck in bed, without the energy to get out and about as I would like. It is my tenuous link to an outside world I feel cut off from.

So I may not be a Pulitzer prize winner, I may never receive any great recognition for what I say, but it is better than losing the ability to think, to communicate and interact with someone ‘out there’. If I can get that message to those who need that lifeline then I would count my blogging a success.

Blog away my friends, we are making history and this may be a lasting record of who and what we were and thought in times to come. I am grateful I can be a part of history in the making and live my life to its fullest learning whatever comes my way until I can get out there and find it for myself.  Even then I will still be blogging – it must be in the blood!

“I tried always to do better: saw always a little further. I tried to stretch myself.”    Audrey Hepburn

Being an awesome human being is a part of everyone’s awards in life.

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Too many times we stand aside and let the waters slip away, till what we put off till tomorrow has now become today. So don’t you sit upon the shoreline and say you’re satisfied. Choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tide.” – “The River”, by Garth Brooks

floodwater rising

image courtesy of worldculturepictorial.com

This is a blast from the past for anyone old enough to recognise the title. It’s the opening line from an old Johnny Cash song of the same name. The strange thing is that it came to me as I was showering last night.  It had been a frustrating day in some ways, and yet in others really beautiful.  I suppose that’s to remind us to see both sides of the coin.

I am in the midst of getting a website developed, something quite new and unique so there are lots of challenges in trying to get my/our ideas across and the finished product to do what we want it to.  Getting it built overseas adds to the challenge and occasionally is almost too much.   To be expected in some ways.

Lets set the scene. It’s Saturday evening and we had finally decided it was time for some ‘us time’.  Curled up on the lounge, DVD at the ready and a cuddle to really make the mood beautiful.  We made the mistake of checking that message we heard come in on the mobile.  Bad, bad mistake.  The web developers wanted accounts opened in a hurry and details forwarded to them, and this is 9pm our time, but of course, not theirs.  I was miffed, I was annoyed, I was downright frustrated and angry by the time I reached the computer  because we had a Skype call the evening before to get all the urgent matters sorted out before the weekend.  To add  insult to injury I am an acknowledged ‘babe in the woods’ as far as this level of technology is concerned. We hired these guys because they are experts and to guide us through this maze. Not what I expected after a very big week and ‘late’ on a Saturday evening.

If this was related to the song, the previous struggles were  “How High’s the Water, Momma?  Two feet high and rising”. I’m in the shower and relating to a song about a flood and the water rising rapidly!  Hmmm,  perhaps I’m being given a sign and things are getting out I’d my depth – not too far off the mark here!    Still, we  got the accounts opened and the information sent, with a very terse email regarding lack of forward planning , especially late on a Saturday night! (The grump was out!)

water marker from Brisbane floods
Then the urgent request for more information from the “happy, happy camper”. This was ruining my cuddles, DVD and rest and relaxation time. I had earned this!   “How High’s the Water, Momma? Four feet high and rising!”

Rising higher
image courtesy of  bloomberg.com

I am really starting to fade under the onslaught by now and my evening is startling to lose its lustre.   There is a raging beast just waiting to be let loose and destroy anything I can easily get my hands on. The flood water is raging and sweeping all in its path, I had visions of last years floods and felt guilty I was comparing my problems with something of that magnitude.

riising to the roof

image courtesy of water-fire-damage-restoration.com
Another mammoth tussle to get the computer to do a simple thing for me – sometimes computers are so obtuse! My  evening was almost shot to pieces and the raging torrent was about to sweep me away. I’m hanging on by my fingernals and feeling the water pulling me away!  Thank heavens for French Earl Grey tea. A pot of tea later and a semblance of sanity prevailed.  Fortunately, my tersely worded, yet polite email seemed to do the trick. We didn’t hear anything further from the developers  that night.

So, here I am showering away the dross of the day, the song flying through my mind, unusual in itself since I hadn’t thought of that in years, and wondering what the message was for me. I turned off the tap and suddenly, in front of me was the beautiful scene of a peaceful a lake.  The storm is over?  I’ve managed to navigate the floodwaters and all is now well in my web developing world?

I’m not one hundred percent certain but I’ll take my vision as a sign that I’ve navigated the rapids and smooth water is ahead.  “Cool, clear water”  (Burl Ives). Seems old songs are trying to teach me a lesson here tonight.

placid lake

image courtesy of senecatraillodge.com
Patience never was my strong suit, so it looks as though I need some more work on it!  Ok, message received and understood,  if I want the placid lake I need to ride the rough waters occasionally and it’s only how I approach it mentally that makes it a rough ride or slightly inconvenient.    I need to remember to “Ask and it is Given,”( Esther and Gerry Hicks.)

I’d like a smooth ride please, easily handled and with the signs and lessons easy to understand and put into practise. I’m willing to learn, with help and I’m sure the Universe will supply all that and more. Roll on the next chapter.

Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses and disappointments; but let us have patience and we soon shall see them in their proper figures.” Joseph Addison (1672-1719);

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