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“I’ve always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains must be cleaner, the floorboards of the skull well swept, all the little monsters closed up in a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed.”    David Benioff, City of Thieves

In between bouts of insomnia or restless sleep due to the nasty bug reactions I’m having, I am now sleeping really soundly.  That in itself may not seem like a big deal, but for someone who has spent the past decade sleeping in micro nana naps it really is something special.  It also means that I’m dreaming again, and an even greater gift is that I’m remembering them.  Of course that doesn’t mean they’re all full of fluff and puppies, there are some quite unreal and surreal dreams happening too. That’s what happened the other night.

The evening had been really nice but unremarkable. We had watched a little light tv and read for a short time before lights out.  I remember hearing the birds calling at one point, which I thought was quite unusual. Way off in the background I heard an owl calling and thought that he had upset the local Currawongs.  At least that’s what I thought at the time.

I suddenly found myself deep in a dream, a dream I remember vividly even now.

Even though it was daylight I could hear an Owl calling softly on the breeze.

I was ‘with’ a group of young people who were on a final outing before they finished their high school year.  It was a special trip to what appeared to be an island. There were sandy tracks and a largish building like an old timber schoolroom with tables and chairs inside. There were room dividers and blackboards on the walls, chalk on the side table and of course a teacher. I don’t remember how we reached the island, we were simply there.

The strange thing was the ‘teacher’ wasn’t teaching a normal subject. They were talking about preparing for entering the ‘real world’, the ‘adult world’ and how they needed to prepare themselves to ‘fit in’.  The girls were being told how to wear the correct clothes, make up and how to speak correctly when they were ‘outside’.  The boys on the other hand were off on the other side of the room being spoken to by a man, who I presumed was a male ‘teacher’. At times there would be some noise, laughter that was quieted and then one of the boys would vanish ouside.

It all seemed fairly normal…… but there was such an air of unreality to it that I started to take a little more notice.  Even though I was there, no one spoke directly to me. I could see the girls scribbling and doodling on pieces of paper but I didn’t have a seat, nor was I ‘teaching’. I was, in a very real sense, simply an observer.  It was almost as though I was watching over them and yet I couldn’t work out why, and all the time I could hear the Owl mournfully calling.

The girls were getting restlesss. They wanted to return, although I had no clear idea where they were returning to. The ‘teacher’ was starting to look a little menacing, which was more a feeling than anything she did.  However I noticed that the boys who had gone outside hadn’t made a reappearnace.  It felt really strange to be moving towards the doorway. I wasn’t walking, there was no sound of footsteps on the wooden floor. In fact, the entire time I had been there I couldn’t recall any sound of footsteps on the floor. The only sounds were those of the youths as they talked amongst themselves and became more unhappy at staying where they were.

As I went outside I heard a strange thumping noise and the sound of soft crying.  Rounding the side of the building I was met with a horrific sight. One boy was crouched in a tight ball near the building, trying to stifle his sobs. Meanwhile there was a thud which brought my eyes round to a scene from a torture chamber, but in a terrifying modern setting.

There was a contraption fixed to a tree which was hauling an old car body into the air by thick ropes. After an achingly long time, or so it seemed to me, there was a clunck as a ratchet let loose and the car body dropped onto the other boy kneeling in the sand. His head disappeared inside the car body, the car itself seeming to rest on his shoulders.  Although I gasped there was no reaction from the man, and the boy simply sobbed softly. In horror I saw the car body rise and the boys head reappeared. He seemed unhurt, his clothing torn, but scared almost beyond endurance.

Hearing a noise inside I turned to look through the door. Inside I was met by an eerie sight. All the schoolkids were arrayed around the table, exactly as they had been when I first saw them. Behind each person was the spirit of that child in ghostly outline.  They were all sitting there smiling happily, yet of the two adults, the ‘teachers’ there was no sign at all.

The only sound I could hear was the soft hoot of an owl telling me all was well in the world. He was keeping his watch and all was well.

I cannot explain my dream, perhaps over time the meaning will come to me. Until then, perhaps you may have an idea. Perhaps its message is meant for…. you?

The Bat that flits at close of Eve

Has left the Brain that won’t believe.

The Owl that calls upon the Night

Speaks the Unbeliever’s fright.” William Blake quotes

All is well in the world. We are all being looked after.  Blessings.   Susan xx

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Image by unknown

Image by unknown

There is no demon hiding in the dark,

nothing to hold me to this lonely place,

there are only my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams,

shattered beyond redemption  by the bite of reality.

Yet what more can life ask from a heart so broken?

It simply asks for faith – faith that the morning’s light will dispel the dark,

destroy the fear, the loss of hope.

That by some miracle unknown to man,

all doubt will be overcome  and dreams resurrected.

That with the dawning of a new day the darkness is banished,

not only from the face of the earth but from the caverns of our minds, our hearts, our souls.

Is this too much to ask?

Only if you wish to surrender.

If your wish is  to carry on, then all things are possible,

even the mending of broken dreams and promises.

Fort such is the promise of the dawn,

that all beings are granted another chance to create their dreams,

Strength and will power rise to fight with a new dawning,

and banish the demons lurking in the darkness,

Only of our minds.

Image from scotlandmysweetlove.wordpress.com

Image from scotlandmysweetlove.wordpress.com

May all our dawnings banish the dark,  and hope remain eternal.

Blessings. Susan ❤

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“For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future. “
John F. Kennedy

secret of success


I’ve been giving this a great deal of thought of late.  What is it that drives so many people to travel the world? If you asked, most would say they want to experience another lifestyle, another culture, to see new places and experience new things.  So, if that is the case, what is wrong with the life they are living that they need to travel outside their normal everyday lives to find the excitement and adventure they crave?


In a large part I believe it is a dissatisfaction with the life they are currently living, but what is that? In my opinion, I believe it is not BEing present in their own day-to-day lives.  They miss the beauty of the sunrise or sunset, they fail to see the smile from someone they helped across the street, they forgot the simple pleasure of hearing “thank you’ from someone for whom  they did something, or even the smile from a blind person who is collecting from his usual place on the footpath.  They have forgotten to BE present in their own lives and have forgotten to notice what is happening around themselves.

Rachel Leahcar

image courtesy of rsb.org.au


Recently we watched as Rachael Leahcar, technically blind, wowed audiences night after night with her incredible singing on  “The Voice”. She was inspirational, and it struck me then that if she can remain so happy and cheerful, upbeat and looking forward to an incredible future with her challenges, then  what is stopping the rest of us from doing the same thing?  We don’t have her challenges. Admittedly we may have our own, some smaller, perhaps some larger.  To me, and for me, it became a matter of degree. Almost “Six degrees of Separation“.


Six Degrees of Separation

image courtesy of njnnetwork.com


Let me explain.  To my way of thinking we are all given choices, both before we are born and after.  It is only my belief, although shared by many others, that we decide on the way in which we will learn the life lessons we have been born to learn.  We choose the good experiences and the bad. Sounds crazy to some I know, but how would you explain why two apparently similar lives can turn out so vastly different?  This can even relate to two identical twins, identical in all respects but their lives can be totally different; one has ‘all the luck’ and makes a huge success, money,  travel,  you name it they have it, whilst the other, seems destined for all the bad breaks and never makes ‘a go of it’.


I know that they have chosen to learn different lessons this time round and the lessons are presented to them in ways they have agreed to but cannot recall. The things they learn along the way will be vastly different. Neither is right or wrong, they simply are.  The same thing applies to our families and friends. How we respond to our challenges depends on the way we integrate our lessons into our lives.  It depends on how we dream our way through our lives.  Strange concept.  Our dreams are incredibly important.  Studies have shown that people who have bad sleep patterns, who cannot sleep for long periods, who fail to get into the deep dream state, (theta brainwaves),  approach each day, every experience in a different manner to those who have abundant sleep and dreams.  They are carrying an extra ‘ball and chain’ around with them that they don’t need.


man with ball and chain

image courtesy of ehow.com


When we dream, consciously or in our sub conscious as we sleep, we  integrate all we have learned from the day with what we have already learned previously. It adds to sum total of our experiences.  When we wake we automatically put all these things into play.  Our behaviours has been ‘modified’ by the new experiences we have ‘recorded’ and how it has effected the sum total of who we are.  Sounds cool? I think so. We have the power to shape how we respond to the days happenings and how they are integrated into our  ‘knowledge base’.  I choose to take the positive experience out of any negative that may occur and turn it to my advantage.  It takes a little work, okay, perhaps at times a lot of work, but in the end it is worth every second.  I have chosen to join with like-minded people who support and mentor me and I know have the benefit of a greater outlook on life than I previously had.


So, if you can’t rewrite your crappy day, write your dream before you get to bed and dream a dream of a beautiful day where everything is marvellous and wonderful and you have a fantastic time.  I guarantee that when you wake up you will feel on top of the world and the approaching day will  be no trouble at all.  If you’ve included your work day, then I wouldn’t  be surprised if many of the dream scenarios didn’t turn out precisely as you dreamed them.  It sounds great doesn’t it?  So, dial-up your dream day, date, holiday, job, whatever it is, and ask the Universe to please deliver it to you.  Then sit back and watch it all unfold. It may not be exactly as  ordered, the higher powers sometimes give you something even better.


happy smiling woman in bed

image courtesy of weheartit.com

waking up happy

image courtesy of footage.shutterstock.com

So dream your dream day, your dream life and see what happens. I’m going to do the same now.  Happy dream scripting.   My dream will make the world go round….  a world trip I think.  Wonderful.

  “Every human being has a work to carry on within, duties to perform abroad, influence to exert, which are peculiarly his, and which no conscience but his own can teach.” ~ William Ellery Channing

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