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Now I debated long and hard about making this picture a little, well perhaps a lot smaller so that I could write more at the side.

However, as soon as I saw the picture in all its glory, I thought, “No Way, I can’t do that”, this is part of an age-old dream.

I can really imagine myself sitting in that beautiful tub of steaming water, the fire roaring in the fireplace, soft, fluffy towels warming close by as I relax against the headboard, luxuriating in the bliss of mellow candlelight and soft music, the tantalising scent of essential oils and bubbles swirling in the air around my head and relaxation seeping into every pore and brain cell. Isn’t that something to stir the emotions and bring romantic thoughts floating to the surface of your dreamlike state?

Right, the scene is set and the statement made. I adore baths. They are the most relaxing way, I find,  of winding down after a cold, wet, miserable day running around getting things done. You can even read a book if you are so inclined. You can have a glass of bubbly and nibble strawberries and chocolate and not have to worry about dribbling chocolate – not once! You can even share the bath if you are of a mind to be generous.

“The truth is, you know, we need our anodynes. You know that word, anodynes? We need that in life some times. A good warm bath can be one for you, or a whatever.”  Al Pacino

I may not have an old copper bathtub, reminiscent of bygone days, but I do have a lovely bath, surrounded by candles, essential oils at the ready and soft music available. It’s all in the preparation. I even have hubby organised to pop my towel in the dryer for ten minutes when I’m suitably wrinkled by the water and ready to step out and dry off in sensuous delight. Bliss, hmm.

DSCN2769 (Copy)As you can see the weather slowly became socked in and the view from the back verandah disappeared. I was lucky to get this picture before I became too bedraggled to slide inside. The deck is like a skating rink when it gets wet. Makes for interesting navigation!

We have two pairs of mating wood ducks who have claimed our garden as their day time feeding pasture. They arrive during the morning and spend all day eating and depart on dusk, Apart from today. As the rain increased they departed, looking at us very reproachfully. Never seen a duck look reproachful, it’s worth the wait. I wish I could have captured it but I was too amazed to get the camera.  This is what they looked like before I was ‘chastised’ for the rain. I mean, rain and ducks, they go together, don’t they? DSCN2798 (Copy) Perhaps they missed their rain coats and wellington boots? I certainly missed mine.

DSCN2792 (Copy)

Anyway I’m sure they’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of the bird life we’ve been blessed with.                                                                                                    Now, although I love the rain, and if I haven’t anyone I have to see, I will happily wander around splashing in puddles. It reminds me of my carefree childhood. But today I needed to see my local vampire and have blood tests and all sorts of wonderful things done. The highlight was finding a fabulous jeweler who I could talk about gemstones with for a few minutes. There is something truly magical in how they can create incredible pieces from the raw ‘rock’, although the raw material can look stunning on its own. Yes, I am a fanatical crystal collector also.

So I arrived home, soggy and head achy and in need of thawing out. Solar hot water is wonderful, as long as it is sunny. We have had the booster going more often than not and still have problems with sufficient water. It’s fortunate we aren’t over users.  My romantic and idealised dream of a hot bath went gushing out the window, although I didn’t know it until too late.

image from billiew.deviantart.com

From a thawing out perspective it was a failure. I felt colder after I jumped in than before, (a mistake I realised.)  I literally fell out of the bath with a yelp heard throughout the house. My husband thought I was being murdered. At least I wouldn’t have been tortured by freezing water.    Yes, a light exaggeration  based on the shock to my system. I’ve never been into the ethos of cold baths, cannot understand why I would feel the need to prove how inured to the cold I might be by plunging into icy lakes, streams, rivers or whatever. I leave that to hardier and less sensitive souls. Each to his own. It is definitely not for me!

Eventually I settled for an almost hot shower. At least I thawed out and stopped feeling as though I had been assaulted. Curled up in front of the fire, listening to the rain and with a beautiful meal, again prepared by adorable hubby a semblance of normalcy returned. Civilisation has a great many benefits, but a cold bath is not one of them. In my humble opinion.

My romantic ideal is still intact, just waiting on the right time to implement it. What is yours?  Susan x

I think a lot of contemplation happens in bathtubs. It does for me. Nothing like a hot bath to ease the tension and think about what’s going to happen next.”
Sarah McLachlan

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“I am part of the sun as my eye is part of me. That I am part of the earth my feet know perfectly, and my blood is part of the sea. There is not any part of me that is alone and absolute except my mind, and we shall find that the mind has no existence by itself, it is only the glitter of the sun on the surfaces of the water.” D. H. Lawrence

There is something quite inexplicable about the reaction one has to such a small insect as the mosquito. I know it is responsible for some nasty illnesses, Dengue fever, Ross River fever and others. So to say the sight of one small mosquito can send me into a state almost akin to hysteria, is in itself, almost laughable. Unfortunately it is also true!

You can imagine my horror the other day, when, on looking down at my feet, I saw not one, not two, but a veritable impenetrable cloud of these voracious little monsters all over my feet and lower legs!  TOO LATE!  I stomped, I shook my legs, I swatted, all to no avail. As soon as I dislodged them they attacked once more.

After a very undignified waddle (think of a dog with something on his feet, shaking each paw as he tries, in an ungainly fashion to walk along, and you have an approximate picture of how I must have looked). Hilarious!

Back inside the house I inspected the damage. My feet and legs were already swelling with innumerable  lumps, legacy of these little critters. I itched and I knew scratching was the worst thing I could do. (Impossible to avoid in your sleep!) I headed for my emergency first aid and liberally doused the entire area with lavender essential oil. Phew! As the itch and the urge to scratch slowly dissipated I examined the pictures I had been engrossed in taking which led to my predicament.

image from fineartamerica.com      – OUCH does not come close.

The history first! Last night, just before  a shower of rain and close to dusk I had been looking out my bedroom window to see what the weather might be doing. I thought I saw a lizard disappearing into the garden. I thought it strange since it was cool and miserable, not the sort if weather our resident water dragon enjoyed. He much preferred the sunny edge of our swimming pool.

A few seconds later this tiny, fluffy little ball scooted along the fence line and up to the pool shed, promptly turned and scuttled back. Back and forth he went without pause for five minutes. He was obviously ‘lost’ or ‘ stuck’ in there and couldn’t find his way out. I called to my husband ( just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, especially anything nasty) before we went to see what we could do for the little fellow. However, apart from a quick photo to see what we had found, the heavens opened, the sky turned dark and the corner where he was hiding became totally impenetrable.

Baby Buff Banded Rail at dusk

Baby Buff Banded Rail at dusk

Beating a hasty retreat (undignified and thoroughly vampirised by the mosquitoes), we decided we would have to wait until morning, fully expecting him to find his way out of the garden at the other end where we made sure the gate was open. Once it was light enough to see properly we checked and could see nothing from the house, so down we went. There he was huddled in the angle of the wall where the shed and pump house meet. As soon as he saw us he fluffed his feathery down and began his march to and fro once more.  He had obviously become too disoriented to find his way out.

I headed for the gate to make sure he didn’t go past it and into the far corner (one dead-end for another), whilst my husband played sheep dog and walked towards our  baby banded rail.   Last year we saw one of these little birds avoiding magpies as he ran for shelter under the bridge across our pond. It looks as though he returned and we now have a little family in our back garden. Yippee!

The little fellow was obviously used to seeing us move around since he wasn’t frightened to see us. He trotted along, shepherded by my husband until he neared the gate. I managed to get a few photos (they are quick little birds), and then he hopped through between two posts in the fence and headed for the shrubbery around the pool. He promptly made himself at home ferreting out the insects. After watching for a few minutes we left him alone, sure that he would be soon reunited with mum and dad.

Despite still itching away, but smelling sweetly of lavender,  I’m  thoroughly pleased to see so many of last years visitors back again this year. We have a family of ducks, plus several other pairs, the masked plovers, our mystery birds, who we think may be a Pheasant Coucal (if anyone knows what he is I would love to know), the Purple Swamp Hens, plus our Banded Rails. This doesn’t forget the Crows nesting in the gum tree, Rosella and Sulphur crested cockatoos,Kookaburras and Swallows. The Pee Wees and Magpies are quite at home and one of them loves leaving presents on my bathroom window.  Still, all things considered I feel really privileged that so many have returned this year. I just wish those pesky mosquitoes  didn’t enjoy my blood quite so much!

We  are fortunate to be able to see a small part of our local bird life with so much ease. The rain which has caused so many problems for so many has made our small corner a haven for the birds. Now if only my photography skills were a match for their beauty!

Here is what all the itching and scratching was about – and worth it! Isn’t he beautiful?

Baby Buff banded Rail, safely finding his way back to his parents.

Baby Buff banded Rail, safely finding his way back to his parents.

However, the mosquitoes have had the ‘pint and a half’ so they can visit someone else from now on! Despite “loving all our creatures”, I’m afraid this one gets short shrift from me… days later I’m still itchy and scratchy due to  being very allergic to even these tiny critters. Avoidance is the better part of valor from now on.

image from snailstales.blogspot.com

Here’s the link to my mystery bird.

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