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The Sandman

Sparkles of fairy dust to drift off to sleep.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

The sandman is calling

Bye bye to you too.

It’s been one of those days I’m afraid. After quite a few sleepless and less sleep nights and days I’ve found the tipping point. The place where the decision to sleep or wake is taken totally out of my hands.  It’s good, it’s also not so good because I can’t do anything.

I finally fell asleep about 5am this morning, woke for pills, slept, woke for more pills which needed some food (a euphemism, just a cracker), slept some more, woke for a needed visit to the bathroom, slept, woke for more pills, slept some more, woke for more pills and food.

By late afternoon I realised I had better eat something a little more substantial and I found out that you can eat, by nibbling carefully, one of Ray’s bacon and egg muffins. I did blearily watch out for the egg yolk but it was kind today and there were no accidents.

A little semi conscious muttering which passed as my attempt at intelligent conversation and at some point Ray vanished after I had fallen asleep. I know this because when I woke later he was no longer sitting beside me.  Not very good in the hostess line today.  Sadly it was much later before I regained a semblance of coherence and was able to sit up and eat a calamari stir fry he made. I am so grateful he’s such a wonderful cook, cup of tea maker and all round fabulous hubby.

However, that lovely meal brought The Sandman back and my eyes grew heavy. Even the hot shower failed to rouse me again, although the darned itchy hives and stabs behind the eye came close….. I just whipped the sunglasses back on as soon as I could.

He’s very good with dictation and his typing is awesome. I did help with the images. That’s called co-operation.  So, til tomorrow…. “It’s goodnight from me, and it’s goodnight from him”. (Famous byline of The Two Ronnie’s at the end of their shows).

The Sandman

image from cheezburger.com

Wishing all my friends in blogosphere a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening, night wherever you may be. Keep the dreams alive. Without them life is truly dull.

The Sandman

image from boards.members.nutrisystem.com

Blessings Susan x

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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This is going to be brief and to the point.  That should have anyone who knows me laughing since  nothing is ever “to the point”. It always seems there are so many other ideas which pop into my head, equally good to explain the point I want to get across.

Yet tonight I’m full of jungle juice and cortisone.  A madman with a bongo drum is playing with feverish speed and driving me out of peacefulness. I am hanging onto the beauty of the day, but I’d like to do it justice tomorrow when the keys stay where they are meant to be. I know ‘all days can’t be diamonds” the same as “all days can’t be dross”. but lack of sleep and well you already have the picture, makes for a ‘muddle headed wombat”.

Enjoy my music clip…. I wish I was up there in the “Danger Zone”…. oh what a wonderful ride that would be. Hmm.


“It takes courage to push yourself to places that you have never been before… to test your limits… to break through barriers.” –   Anais Nin


The fairy dust of sleep and drugs are calling…..  Courage, come fly with me into the Danger Zone.

Ciao, Susan x

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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“There are some things, after all, that Sally Owens knows for certain: Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender, for luck. Fall in love whenever you can.”
Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

imyspace.com mage from

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day wondering how I could sprinkle some fairy dust for my son and help him with his unexpected disaster. That or perform some wonderful magic spell to alter reality. It was also the Full Moon last night and a Super Moon at that. Unfortunately, here in New South Wales, in Byron Bay, it was overcast and light showers. I could feel her energy but not see her face.

I’ve spent the day dreaming and day dreaming, I didn’t get much sleep and my right eye has decided to feel like hot coals in its socket, thanks to Lyme bugs, quite uncomfortable, so by morning I was a physical and emotional wreck. I was also pretty tired! My dreams all centered around the magical and mythical. Knights riding up on white chargers to save the day, Merlin arriving with his arcane knowledge and casting awesome spells to create wonders even I hadn’t thought of, and of course, fairies to bring happiness and joy and their own brand of magic.

DSCN2938 (Copy)So tonight it was a beautiful surprise to see the orange glow of the moon creeping over the horizon.  Thanks to my beautiful Nikon camera I took these photos.

Rugged up against the cold we stayed outside to watch her climb into the sky, perform a little ritual and bathe in her radiance. It was amazing how much better I felt afterwards.

Nothing had changed apart from how I felt about everything. my perspective had been realigned. Recharged by the magic of the moon I felt a delicious peace wash over me.

DSCN2943 (Copy)It’s difficult to explain. The problems from yesterday are still there. The heartache of being unable to do anything significant to help has not vanished, yet somehow I feel that whatever magic I find in seeing the moon floating high above me has washed some of that ache away.

At times like that it’s hard to deny that something outside of this mundane world is at work.

The small curl of white from my mouth as I breathed wreathed around my head, reminding me of the chill in the air. The sound of the ocean breaking on the beach was clearly audible. Everything else faded into the background and I was conscious of the beating of my heart, almost in time with the ocean surging to the sand. It was easy to imagine myself, in warmer weather, slowly walking into the silvered light from the moon, bathing in its radiance both from above and below.

DSCN2954 (Copy)

If this is magic then I’m in favour of it.  Let the fairies fly and fairy dust and moon dust fall with the moon beams. It is a beautiful way to get some peace and calm in the stress and rush of our everyday.

May your days be filled with sunshine and your night filled with the magic of the moon.

Blessings  Susan x

“Woman is the most superstitious animal beneath the moon. When a woman has a premonition that Tuesday will be a disaster, to which a man pays no heed, he will very likely lose his fortune then. This is not meant to be an occult or mystic remark. The female body is a vessel, and the universe drops its secrets into her far more quickly than it communicates them to the male.”
Edward Dahlberg

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