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Ray, Mum New Year Eve 2011, Moruya

They “year” began with New Years Eve at Ray’s parents in Moruya.  A beautiful day and night set the tone for the year to come.  It was a wonderful few days, seeing the sights – a finding a great little crystal shop. Needless to say I came home with bags of crystals. (We drove or it wouldn’t have been possible).

Tawny Frogmouth

A Tawny Frogmouth let himself be known early on and has been a visitor ever since.  We have at least four different owls living in the area, from a Powerful Owl, the Frogmouth and what looks like a Barn Owl, plus a very reclusive one we hear often but haven’t managed to get a good photo of yet.

Owls being my favourite birds, it was a real blessing seeing one so soon after we moved into our new home.

Presented to the guests, husband and wife

Presented to the guests, husband and wife

May was a brilliant month, and after months of preparation our wedding went off superbly. Here we are presented for the first time as Mr and Mrs  Jamieson, can you tell how happy we were – and are.  I’ve restrained myself to one photo, it’s hard to know which ones to use and there are so many!

Natalie and Christopher   Couldn’t pass the day up without showing off how fabulous my son and daughter looked on the day either.

One of my favourite gifts came from my husband shortly before we were to go away, a Nikon 150 camera. It is fantastic and even an amateur like me can get some marvellous shots. Most of all it made it super easy to have something to remember all the marvellous things which happened throughout the year.  A few lessons and I might make a reasonable photographer!

The Little Blowhole at Kiama, dodging salt spray to get a good picture.

The Little Blowhole at Kiama, dodging salt spray to get a good picture.

We had been so busy during the year that we hadn’t had a break – even after the wedding, so we spent a glorious week at Kiama, exploring the area and having a well-earned rest.  The Blowholes were in fine form and we saw lots of whales passing by.  Here’s the best picture we managed to get of the whales passing.

Occasionally I wished for a super zoom on my camera so I could get more photos – they really are beautiful creatures.

Humpback passing Kiama whilst we were there.

I found Nicole’s blog and became motivated to get back on track with my spiritual growth. It has been a wonderful year of rediscovery and discovery of new exciting things.

Full Moon Ceremony Aug 31 2012 (Copy)Thanks to Nicole we had a fantastic ceremony provided for the Blue Moon in August.  This was taken just after the “Releasing Ceremony” and the crystals were in the bowls of water. The next night we had a “Becoming Ceremony”  which finalised the entire ritual. It was an awesome feeling and really made us feel great.  My blogging journey began shortly after this.  Reading and writing have always been passions, now they are intertwined beautifully.

Cutting the birthday cake

With lots of work in between we went back to Moruya to celebrate my father in law’s 80th birthday bash in October.  It was a beautiful day and night – in fact they outdid the younger guests. It seems stamina comes with age!   The cake was superb, it was only spoiled by the fact we couldn’t bring any home with us!

Coffs Harbour, Crystsl Castle and home 034

On the way home we stopped at Coffs Harbour for the night and the next day were greeted by this beautiful water dragon on the decking near the water feature. He was so tame he let us get really close. Obviously very used to all the visitors, he’s probably quite the model by now!  See he even gave us a good pose for the camera.Getting friendly with the neighbours horse2012 022 (Copy)

Back home we were back hard at work but love to take a walk around the garden at the end of the day.  Here the neighbours horse came over to say hello and was really friendly.  My first ‘kiss’ from a horse – strangely enough it was a special moment for me and I’m blessed Ray got the photo and so filled with gratitude that the horse was so  friendly.

Ray hard at work, surprissed by the camera!

I’d love to know the identity of this little fellow but just love his colouring.

Blue flash honey eater

We have lots of honey eaters visiting with the flowering trees. Some like this fellow seem totally oblivious to our presence and let us snap away merrily as he feeds. His colouring is ‘electric’!

Kookaburra ready for a dip in the pool

We were graced by a family of kookaburra who came down several times a day to take a dip in our pool as the weather became hotter.  They made lots of noise but it was worth it.  Occasionally there would be a line up of all the different birds waiting to take a dip. It was really funny watching them take off one by one and then ruffling their feathers out as they waited their next turn.

Water Dragon sunning himself on our garden seat

We were surprised and pleased to find another water dragon sunning himself at home.  When he was in the pool area I “chased” him around the pool  – from the upstairs balcony, to get some photos of him. It was so funny seeing me trying to run around to capture a good shot. As soon as I had him in focus he would take off again after some other tidbit he’d spied.

Christmas surprises

Christmas seemed to arrive so quickly. It was a special time for us – the first one as a married couple (old-fashioned isn’t it?) and getting the decorating done together with the family coming down to celebrate Christmas Day together. We were grateful we could all be together and Ray and I felt blessed that our family could get together when so many couldn’t.

Full Moon 30th December 2012

The last full moon of the year, December 2012.  Even with the inclement weather we were able to get some beautiful photos of the moon through the trees and the weather remained fine for our ceremony.  The meditation from Nicole was a beautiful way to complete a wonderful year.

As always we are mindful that not everyone has been as fortunate as ourselves. Like most people we have had our ups and downs. At times it felt as though the downs were holding mired in one place for far too long, but 2013 will be a wonderful year – for everyone.  Throughout 2012 we have tried to remain mindful of what has been happening for us, being present at the important events was easy, how could we not. Being present when things were tough was harder, but we managed and it felt very heart centered in being able to do that. Ill health has been a drag but I’m hoping that with a new move, hopefully to a place with some space around it will give me the right atmosphere to get on top of things.  Country life seems to beckon.

For myself, the unconditional love I have been so grateful to find with Ray has made this a wonderful, love filled year. Heart centered and soul centered, we have felt the growing and stretching of our soul growth throughout the good times and the hard times.  We have also felt, and been awed by the presence of spirit, our loved ones who are no longer with us – in the flesh at least. It has made each special occasion that little bit more extraordinary and that is something I am incredibly grateful for.

The records for 2013 are now about to begin!


Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.    Ralph Waldo Emerson

HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE.                                              Blessings and stay safe.

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“Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.” – Ralph Marston


qi gong at sunrise Coolangatta
image courtesy of tonycaves.com

It’s been one of those days. No matter how hard  I tried nothing seemed to go as planned.  For some unknown reason I’m having trouble sleeping and find myself working throughout the night. It’s great to get so much work done  but by sunrise my energy levels suddenly bottom out and I have to get to bed.  I feel like a mole, constantly working at the other end of the spectrum from everyone else.  I’ve seen some beautiful sunrise’s  but I’m sure my husband would feel happier knowing I was sleeping when everyone else was and awake with the day, like he is.  Conversation is so much simpler, and easily understood if both parties are wide awake and able to comprehend simple English!

In part it’s easy to understand what’s happening.  We are planning a trip away and as usually happens when you decide these things, there has been an influx of work which simply “has” to be done before that can happen. The last thing I want is to be haunted by thoughts of work and what I “should” be doing instead of resting happily at a beach somewhere.  Not that we’re going for long, or that far away, but the break is what we both need and more importantly deserve.  So, for me, the dilemma is GST records and returns.  Sorting out multitudes of receipts into categories and then recording them onto a spreadsheet so that we can work out exactly where everything is.  Should be simple,  should be straightforward, but there are, yet again, many reasons why it is a logistical tangle.  I’m almost there, just two more folders to go before it’s all finished, but that is cold comfort when pages of figures float across the screen of my mind throughout the night.   Not the stuff of dreams!


GST sheet

image courtesy of anthonywrites.posterous.com


This is what it feels like, one slip and you are totally undone.  One thing is certain though – I will not be beaten by a column of figures! Despite losing my Saturday I will have this waste of time completed today so that tomorrow I can concentrate on more pleasant things, like our holiday.  I learned one very valuable lesson over the past few days – I need to BE present  and fully committed to what I’m doing. If I am in the moment then the work flows much quicker and I can move on. If I am not present, if I resent the work,  if I am BEing distracted then the work does not flow and I struggle to get the simple figures recorded.   It’s not something I need reminding of, or so I thought, but it has been brought home over the past day or so that when I’m fully in the moment the work isn’t the drudgery I painted it in my mind in the beginning.   Lesson learned! The GST is not going away any time soon, even if I think and know it is a stupid way of running the show, but it has to be so I’m in the moment, BEing present and the work is running smoothly.


Easts Beach Kiama
image courtesy of  smh.com.au


This is what I am focusing on, my holiday.  It is only a ten-day break and we are going to be celebrating my father in-laws eightieth birthday whilst we’re away. Now that is something worth thinking about. Until recently he was still an active volunteer in the Rural Fire Service. Not a bad track record. He knows more about fighting bush fires, knowing how and when they are going to change direction, and how to get them out without losing life or limb for any of his men than most people I know.   I’m hoping the fires along the NSW central coast will be well and truly our over the next few days before we travel down through there.  Without any loss of life, and without loss of homes or wildlife.   A somewhat futile desire since the wildlife seem to come of the worst in these instances. I pray that all will be well and no one hurt.


bush fire fighters

image courtesy of izismile.com

Our wonderful firefighters risk life and limb during bushfire season, made all the worse by the number of fires lit by arsonists. Inexcusable.  Second only to the stupid laws pushed through which prevent farmers and landholders from clearing a firebreak around their homes.  Sometimes political point scoring is criminal when personal cost is taken into consideration.


koala after bushfire

image courtesy of rotaryeclubone.org       One of the koalas hurt during a wildfire.


aust home lost in fire

image courtesy of theadvocate.com.au      Home lost during a bushfire.


So, I’m grateful I’m sitting here fighting a stubborn row of figures. I’m safe and sound in my home, listening to the birds welcome the sunrise, which is beautiful.  I’m looking forward to a party to celebrate my Dad’s  eightieth birthday and I’m totally grateful I can have a week with my husband, lounging around the beaches and bush, coffee shops and books stores, look for crystals and other treasures and BE present for all of it. I will also BE present and pray for the welfare of our firies who do an amazing job each year. This year looks like it could be a bad one after the flooding  and the growth from it which has now dried, so that we have acres of tinder dry fuel for the fires.  I’ll be praying for sanity to prevail and the laws will be amended so that farmers and landholders can clear around their homes without penalty,  for the firies who do this work to be kept safe and all the native animals to get out of the way of the flames, as well as our ‘domestic’ livestock who don’t have the option to hop in their car at the last-minute and ride off into the fire laden sunset.


bushfire sunset

image courtesy of 123rf.com

Firemen are going to get killed. When they join the department they face that fact. When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished. What he does after that is all in the line of work. They were not thinking of getting killed when they went where death lurked. They went there to put the fire out, and got killed. Firefighters do not regard themselves as heroes because they do what the business requires.”
Chief Edward F. Croker Quotes

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