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The sun sank behind the rising white towers brilliantly illuminated by their own suns,

Like an otherworldly city, glistening brightly and beckoning to the hurrying crowd,

For weeks all had been watching this amazing spectacle take shape,

Simply waiting, excited at the prospect of a show never before seen, yet hinted at.

Controlled pandemonium reigned as the cars filed in,

Attendants with their glow sticks waving people to the left or right to fill the spaces.

All paled into insignificance as the proud and spirited horses arrived.

There was no doubt that horse and trainer had equally as much respect for the other

and humour and love flowed between the two.

From humour to a stately pas de deux, two sisters and their almost identical horses mesmerised with their precision.

Beautiful costumes remind of the Lord of the Rings, elfin and magical,

Each horse and rider, completely synchronised in movement,

Left one breathless with anticipation and awe.

The absolute trust between horse and rider was apparent.

Exciting races around an oval ring allowed everyone to see the grace and power of these beautiful animals, and the superb balance and talents of the riders.

image from livingmydreamkn.blogspot.com

image from frecuenciamusicalradio.blogspot.com

Incredible dexterity, magic was in the air.

The love between horse and rider was obvious. Frederic Pignon and his wife Magali Delagado are the Co- Founders training the horses. The other two Co-Founders are Normand Latourelle: President and Artistic and Director Erick Villeneuve.

Frederic Pignon.

There are 44 horses in Cavalia, 19 stallions and 28 geldings.  The horse breeds comprise Lusitanos, and the remainder are Andalusian (PRE), Canadian Horses, American Quarter Horses, Paint horses, Belgians, Percherons, Arabians, and Appaloosa. The show’s horses were originally from Canada, France, Spain, and the United States.

They are beautiful, powerful and yet were so gentle with their riders. There is a love and synchronicity between them which makes the heart swell. I couldn’t pass up such a wonderful opportunity to talk about the wonderful show I’d seen. Horses trained with love – and it showed.

I am so grateful that my husband, Ray, surprised me with this outing. Our beginnings were rocky, literally, since the wheelchair he hired to save a painful walk, was an exercise in finding new ways to add bruises to my frame.  Counters for merchandise were a foot above my head (I was supposed to save money by not being able to see – quite a laugh), and once again I found that being in a wheel chair meant I was invisible to the people around me. I lost count of the number of people, man women and children, who walked or ran into the chair. I was beginning to wonder if the saving in walking had been worth the experience of being unseen. However, I was more than grateful that I didn’t wear any of the wine, beer or soft drinks being carried around, as they inevitably flew in an arc when the owners realised I was there.

I hope you enjoy these few images (cameras are not allowed inside the Big Top) and if you love horses, as I do, it may have whetted your appetite to go see the show whilst they are here.

Your head and your heart hold high;
Your hands and your heels hold low.
Your knees keep close to your horse’s sides,
Your elbows close to your own.

My horse’s feet are as swift as rolling thunder
He carries me away from all my fears
And when the world threatens to fall asunder
His mane is there to wipe away my tears.”
~Bonnie Lewis

Love and blessings to all, man, woman and beast, especially the horse 🙂

Susan ❤

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