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Judges dressed in all their regalia

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”     Albert Einstein

I recently read that Judges need no longer wear the wigs – about time too as it will stop them constantly having the need, or itch to lift their wigs and scratch their heads.  Not really a look which inspires confidence.

But that is beside the point.  I found myself in court last week as I was called to be a witness in a trial.  After a week of being ill in bed, followed by a trip to the doctor and a file full of tests he wanted doing, I wasn’t feeling too inspired about the court case, especially as it was in Sydney.  There were so many tests to be done, that I felt like a vampire’s victim as I watched the blood pump into vial after vial without end.  Even when the very gentle lady from Healthcare had finished, she gave me the good/bad news that one of the tests couldn’t be taken that day (Friday), and I would have to go back one day between Monday and Thursday. Drat and drat some more!

Still I had the flights booked and I was assured I would only be needed for one day, perhaps two at the most and so the return flights were booked and the arrangements to go back and have more blood taken was  arranged. One of the tests could only be done in Sydney and since it would save us time and the cost of paying for it to be posted to us  we made arrangements for that too.  I really should have known. We ended up having to stay an extra day and couldn’t make the rescheduled tests back home. Drat and Drat some more!

image from zacphotos.com

I had forgotten just how long-winded barristers could be, especially if they want to prove a point. Most particularly if they decide they want to try to trip up the unwary. They really can develop a most unctuous manner so that you feel they are saying you have said  something wrong and they are making everyone, especially you pay for it.  Well, the judge, bless him, after the plaintiffs’ barrister had waffled on so long, was a more than reasonable person. Since he, the judge, decided to delay the hearing to attend a funeral, thereby extending the proceedings by a day, he was more than amenable to allowing a recess for an hour to allow me to get the test I had booked done.

There was one humourous side effect, if you have a strange way of looking at it. Due to my week in bed and some of the tests I’d had done, walking, especially through the airport and around Sydney was going to be a problem. The rush and the uneven paving,  I could see the possibilities all too clearly. Dressed so nicely and going head over heels outside the courtroom. Not a pleasant or comforting thought.

So we decided to be smart and arranged for a wheelchair at the hotel to get to and from the court each day. That also included to the testing centre for my test to be done.  My poor husband, rushing madly to get everywhere on time, in his suit, and in hot, windy and humid conditions was limp and exhausted each day. That included carrying a bag with every possible item we, or rather I, might need.  Looking back it must have been hilarious, seeing two people dressed in business clothes frantically rushing around with a wheelchair through the streets of Sydney. The strangest and most irritating thing of all was the invisibility I suddenly achieved. People would continue to walk straight towards us as if we didn’t exist. Manoeuvering one of those things is not easy, especially when you’ve had no practise and often reduced us to a snail’s pace. It was so tempting to become kamikaze  for a while! I will never take for granted the sight of a person in a wheelchair ever again. Not that I have previously, this simply cemented it.

So by the time I was finally called to the witness-box I was far from a happy camper. I was not in the right frame of mind to allow the plaintiff’s barrister to play word games with me. I have had a little practise many years ago with courtroom etiquette, and having a vivid imagination and since I am quite quick with a reply, I thought I was ready for him.  It’s just as well I reviewed my witness statement beforehand. He was a pompous bulldog.  Trying to twist a simple sentence into something seedy and underhand simply made me more irritated.  So I stuck to my guns,  (KISS) Keep it Simple Stupid. I told my story, and I have a very good memory regarding conversations, (much to my husbands chagrin at times) and we kept going with the verbal dance for forty minutes. I think I wore him down.  After all, how can you accuse someone of eavesdropping a conversation, shouted so loudly it could be heard at twenty paces, over the top of the traffic?

So duty done, at the cost of an extra day, bruises to every part of my body from the bouncing in the potholes, and a two-hour delay onboard the return flight due to a speaker problem and I’m finally home. It will be two weeks before the judge brings his decision down so I will have to wait and find out later what happened. I trust justice will prevail.  One thing I do know – if there comes a time when I might need a wheelchair temporarily, I’ll get a motorised one with extra padding! They are so uncomfortable. I suppose that’s what happens when you are spoilt… yet I was most grateful for the chair. There is little chance I could have made it around Sydney without it so for that I am grateful. I simply feel for all those people who don’t have any other choice, and I firmly believe we should so something about it for them.

Dancing with the Devils Advocate is definitely something best done when you are feeling a tad feisty. At least it helped me no end.

After that I have to wait another month to get my own verdict back – how lucky is that.

“Every trial results in a verdict, but not every verdict results in justice”     Unknown

Blessings for the simple pleasures in life..  Susan x

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“Dreaming is a world where wishes do not exist ; because dreaming is a world where our wishes are fulfilled just by the fact of imagining them so.”
― Yannick Heywang


image courtesy of 123glitter.com
As you may know I’ve been having a series of procedures on my back and neck to try to alleviate  the pain I’ve had almost constantly since a  car accident back in November 2000. It’s been a long haul and at times has driven me to the brink of despair.  A simple whiplash injury, which should by all,accounts have been repaired and a distant memory years ago.  Obviously this has not happened or I wouldn’t have been having the nerves in my lower back and neck ‘fried’ over the past two weeks.

I thought we had managed to sort out the kinks in the system last week, however it appears ‘Murphy’s Law” had not yet finished with me! As a rule   the special “RF” machine does not come to the Gold Coast on Mondays.  It needs to be booked to get it down here.  OK I get that. I made the bookings as per the referrals and went through the process of psyching myself up for the procedure. The machine did not arrive – it had not been ordered. Reschedule for Tuesday, another day to  ponder the advisability of what I was doing. I was reassured it would work out fine, but you never know.

Last week, although gruesomely painful,  endured with a stiff upper lip and much “praying of sorts”  went very well and except for the soft tissue bruising (6 inch needles look enormous and feel as though they’re going right through you!).  My wonderful husband nursed and cosseted me and I felt as good as I possibly could. I am delighted to report  that the pain associated with the spine has gone, and once the soft tissue has settled down I will feel like dancing! Well almost.

happy smiling wife

image courtesy of happymom.info

Back to the supposedly a scheduled appointment yesterday. It didn’t happen because the machine doesn’t ever come down on Monday!  Whoopee, another day to ponder the procedure.  Frustrated, but stymied as to what else I could do, I waited for my rescheduled appointment.  I wasn’t about to a have the darned thing spread over a number of days, I wanted it over and done with.  Of course, the hour delay didn’t help with my sanguine attitude. I did try though.

The needles are smaller than those for the back, an assumption since I didn’t see them. The anaesthetic  felt just the same and if anything more painful. How did that happen?  I must have a small streak of crazy running through my programming  because I thought it was not only weird but rather hilarious that when they sent the electrical charge along the ‘element’ to check they had the right spot, the absolutely right spot, the jangled nerves affected went to places I hadn’t thought of. One in  the base of my neck, the most painful  one, had the nerves jumping in my skull,  my arm right to the fingertips, down my back and into my hip and even into my and down my leg!  I was astonished, but with my focus on trying to breathe  and not swear blue murder (I really did ” my share” of “my kind” of praying)  I noted  the sensations and kept breathing.

I have no idea why, but when it was all finished and they were helping me to sit up, not only was I a partially deaf (it passes) and being as dizzy as a wheel (it passes), I suddenly found I had a fit of the giggles. Whether it was relief or something else I have no idea, but inappropriate or not, I just found  bouts of giggles erupting. I guess it’s better than crying and certainly made the doctor and his assistant smile.  I’m good with this.   After thirteen years of increasing pain it felt good to be numb! If that seems strange then so be it.

laughing girl

image courtesy of howtoattractagirl.org
You see I have been asking and praying for a remedy to this debilitating pain for years. It has stopped me from being active and at times made life sheer misery, not only for me, but for all those sound me.  Guilt is a strong motivator. I wanted to be fit and healthy, as healthy and fit as possible so I could live the life I dreamed of. Now it will happen, but I have to be careful. Whilst the nerves are gone the damage to my neck and back are still there. The Universe decided to remind me of this on the weekend.

The battery on the wretched fire alarm had decided to start peeping at 1am! Of course it happens then, but I cannot ignore it. I was feeling quite good and I  thought, what a wonderful idea, change the battery myself and let my husband sleep.  Humph!  I got the alarm down but became dizzy, stepped down very quickly and hit my lower back on the coping of the wall. OUCH!  Ray came running down the stairs, so much for letting him sleep, and I felt more than a little chagrined by the episode.  (Learn to walk before you run!)

image courtesy of swittersb.wordpress.com            Don’t you just love dragonflies?

So, here I lay, wide awake, working out what I’ve learned from this. (A good exercise for a sleepless night.)

Things don’t always turn out as you thought they would. Sometimes they’re even better. They usually are in fact.

Asking for help is not weakness, it is strength and honours the person who gives you the help.

My head will not fall off, it just feels like a rag doll’s at the moment. Patience will bring all things in due time. The Universe’s timing, which I trust because it always, but always works out so much better anything I may have thought of.

My business appointment  tomorrow will be a hoot because  I will still be ‘under the influence’ of something.

I’m being given a beautiful sign from Spirit that I’m on the right track because my Boobook Owl hasn’t stopped calling the entire time I’ve been doing this. Way to go! Hoot Hoo!

So, all in all I’m more than grateful  for the experience of the past few weeks. If nothing else it has allowed me to learn that you don’t always get what you might wish for, it’s usually much better, and for that I am truly grateful.

butterflies and astronaut in alien world

image courtesy of art.com

“Patience, grasshopper,” said Maia. “Good things come to those who wait.”
“I always thought that was ‘Good things come to those who do the wave,'” said Simon. “No wonder I’ve been so confused all my life.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

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How bad is it, Really?

“Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.”

 William Shakespeare

image of butterflies being released

image courtesy of positiveprovocations.com

Yesterday was a day of highs and lows. Aren’t they all in retrospect?

I arrived, suitably nervous to have my neck attended to.  Unfortunately, after waiting another whole day, getting myself into somewhat of a state thinking about it, I arrived to find there had been another “unfortunate mistake”.  These things happen – right?  Do they have to keep happening one after another? Sometimes I guess so.

The machine had arrived – one down. I’m dressed in the height of fashion, paper gown  tied decorously and waiting to enter the procedure room.  I’m told to dress, undress, dress again, then, I’m told, they’ll work around it.  This sounds very uninspiring and confusing. A comedy of errors? I’m not in a Laurel and Hardy episode!

in surgical gown

image courtesy of makemeheal.com
Into the room we go and my wonderful attendant advises me the wrong needles have been sent down and would I mind having my back done today?  Showing me the needles, which seemed even longer than I’d imagined, was not guaranteed to gain a quick ‘yes’, but I was there and one way or another this thing was being done!

Two hours later, quite a bit of pain and discomfort later,  (OK I’m being stoic), there was finally no feeling in my lower back. Way to GO!  The phrase “legless” came to mind – for all the wrong reasons, but my back DID NOT HURT!  Not a prickle, not a twinge. I’m waxing lyrical and love it! The room was spinning somewhat and I had trouble maneuvering around, but I was almost delirious with the thought that it DID NOT HURT!

My wonderful, caring, adorable husband (yes I was still under the influence of the ‘jungle juice’ but he is all of this) came to my rescue and helped me to become presentable again and held me up as we made our way out to reception. The phrase ‘legless’ came to mind again as we made our way to the car.

laughing husband and wife

image courtesy of visualphotos.com

I am feeling  good, really, wonderfully, painlessly good, with one down and another to go, what could go wrong?  I was waited on all night, and it was wonderful.  My back was great, no pain. By the time I went to bed the injection sites had begun to let me know they were unhappy with the treatment meted out to them, but really, what could you expect. 32 needles, didn’t even cover the final tally. Just breath beep and don’t bite your arm off!

I drifted off to sleep, crystal in hand and meditation playing on the iPod. Life felt darned good all things considered, until 6am this morning at least. From a deep and almost dreamless sleep I was hurled screaming in agony as my right foot felt as though it was being amputated at the ankle! My poor husband, also impelled from a deep sleep by the noise, comforted me, massaged the offending appendage and finally, wonderful man he is, made me a cup of tea.Where would I be without him. Perish that thought!!

cup of tea

image courtesy of jenjapan.wordpress.com

So, to answer the original question…. it was bad, unpleasant, nasty and darned painful, in fact way more than that! I rush to explain I am referring to my unexpected wake up call at 6am! On their scale of 1 to 10, it was a 20! (I was asleep after all). Then again, that includes the procedure, which I hasten to add I would do again if I had to (no pain is just so fabulous), and I’m lining up to get my neck done next week, so either I’m a masochist or this is really something to go for) – definitely the latter, but the waking up in agony from an unknown reason….. not to be revisited if I can help it. I have an explanation for what happened, but that’s another story.

happy smiling woman

image courtesy of depositphotos.com

Now I’m getting ready for my trip to Brisbane and not in the least worried about getting there in pain.  Yes, after the pain and  the agony, and the fright in the early hours, life is wonderful! I am grateful for feeling great and looking forward to a fabulous day.

Have a happy day.

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Twists and Turns

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow. Mary Anne Radmacher

It has been an unpleasant 24 hours.  Not very much of  what I thought was going to happen, did in fact happen.  I guess in some ways that’s what life is all about, but it doesn’t mean we always have to enjoy it.

I had an uncomfortable and sleepless night on Sunday. Despite thinking I was prepared for my ‘medical procedure’ I found that I was more than a little concerned about the many ‘what ifs?’ At the same time I was being pragmatic and telling myself it made little difference since I had already agreed to this and I simply had to ‘grit my teeth and bear it”, something my mother was fond of saying.

overcoming obstacles

With very mixed emotions my husband and I went to the offices where the procedure was to take place.  Each time we have been it has been a seamless process and, quite unusual for these places, very much on time.  Way to go for the not waiting hours syndrome!

Then we sat and sat, and then sat some more. Eventually we were approached to work out what was supposed to be happening.  Time for the withheld angst to start to seep out!

It appeared that the person making the bookings last week – well, in short, she stuffed up completely! Instead of booking me in for the procedure I had steeled myself for, she re booked me for the one I had already had a week earlier.  D’Oh!!!horrified look

image from acclaimimages.com

OK, we have it sorted out, the booking has been pushed in for 4pm today! I have spent another 24hrs worrying about what this is going to be like. (Last appointment of the day and squeezed in to boot is not my idea of an optimal arrangement). It wasn’t the one thing which made it a ‘drama’, it’s the on flow to everything else.  Time my husband has to take off work to chauffeur me around since I am not allowed to drive afterwards. (Not that I could after the last two tests!) Rearranging all our appointments to fit it in the first time – which of course has thrown the schedule out the window and now rearranged to fit this in today.  He is now in Brisbane, alone, when we had planned on being there together.

I’m lucky, I know that. I can rearrange it to fit in today when other people may not have been able to do that. Yet tomorrow I have an appointment in Brisbane, one where I’m meant to be relaxed and rested so I can concentrate. This, now,  may be difficult, to say nothing of any pain and discomfort  traveling less than 24 hours after the procedure, when I have already been warned the pain is increased for a week afterwards. An hour and a half each way… not much, but enough.

another pain picture

image from peoplespharmacy.com

Alright, it’s time to get that new slant back. I have my blog back ( a slight technical issue which left me feeling bereft for the past day).  I have the appointment for today and confirmed the next  one in a weeks time.  I do have my appointment tomorrow, which, even if it causes a little pain getting there, is well worth it.  In fact I’m so excited about it I can barely keep still, at least for the moment.

I am grateful that things have worked out. Suddenly, all these hurdles seem insignificant. I truly am grateful that it has been sorted out so easily.  The rest will take care of itself as we go along and I have my husband to lean on.

couple in love

image from thirdage.com

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero

What a wonderful gift that is.  Yes, life is good.

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“And if tonight my soul may find her peace
in sleep, and sink in good oblivion,
and in the morning wake like a new-opened flower
then I have been dipped again in God, and new-created.”
-D.H. Lawrence

woman with neck pain

image courtesy of hancockchiropractic.com
There are so many differing reasons for not sleeping, from the obvious, simply not tired, or perhaps something preying on your mind and you cannot, try as you might, find the means to quieten your thoughts enough to reach slumber. You could, of course, simply be dropping in and out of sleep, for me that’s even worse, and infinitely more tiring.

Tonight, though I have tried many things, I am thinking of later today. I am not worried, at least not overmuch about it, but I have the next stage of my medical procedure to face, and despite being reconciled to it, I am thinking over the – possibilities. The thought of having to undergo the thirty-two needles again, in order to have the nerves heated until they die, is in itself awesome. The ‘trial run’ with the medial branch block, was, in itself painful enough. It has caused a few restless nights and even more tired and restless days. It is to be expected, but it is none the less, unpleasant. I would be more than a fool not to be concerned, and I haven’t been accused of that for many a long time. Perhaps it is the thought of it being my neck which is to undergo the procedure first. My back is scheduled for next week.

medial branch ablation neck

image medivisuals.com

I have been advised of all the pros and cons. I am aware that for a week afterwards the pain is increased, significantly. There is so much to do and I am concerned that being ‘laid up’ may cause a problem with getting things done. It’s always the way. I have three appointments next week, other than this, and being ‘off my game’ is not the way I prefer to approach them. Since there is no other choice available, I have to make the nest of it. Some would say that is brave, however I see only the practicality of the situation and will try to muddle through. For me, failure is not an acceptable option.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill

As I lay in bed tonight I listened to my Mopoke Owl, calling, not mournfully, but comfortingly to me:” All will be well” and I will overcome the inconvenience of tight scheduling. After all, it is my responsibility that caused the tight schedule in the first place. I allowed myself to put off these procedures because there was so many other things happening. Now, everything has bunched up and if I want to get it over and done with I have to put up with the pain and inconvenience. Simple semantics really.

So, I give thanks for the benefit of make up! Vanity perhaps, but under the mask I paint I can attempt to hide any pain or suffering I am feeling. I can talk brightly and make jokes and long for the meeting to be over so I can slink into self-pity for a wee while. In truth it will be the drive home which will cause the most discomfort since I cannot brace my neck and I cannot make the trip any shorter. Thankfully, it should only be an hour or so each way! Not too much really.

woman in masked make up

image courtesy of 123rf.com

I am trying to focus on my father in-laws coming eightieth birthday. He is being given a surprise birthday party, and since I am new to the family, it will be wonderful to have all the family together to share such a wonderful event. It is especially treasured since both my parents have passed away, and I miss not being able to share these milestones with them. I suppose I might be a little envious too since I would have loved knowing I had these milestones to celebrate with them – in the flesh at least. I am comforted in knowing that they are no longer in pain, and I can talk to them day and night and know they hear me, and speak with me. Life take such strange twists and turns really. They are, in truth, only a thought away.

talking with spirits
image yukisplayground.webs.com

So, I have this weeks treatment on my neck, (I guess I’ll be stiff-necked over the issue) and then next Monday the rather more painful treatment on my back. The fact that it is more painful is surprising for the doctors, but as I explained to them, it has been thirteen years getting to this point. I cannot expect that it would be a walk in the park, however much I might wish it so. The week following that is expected to be quite unpleasant. I then have a weeks grace afterwards when I can gather my resources and hope everything goes well. I will need it to get myself organized for the trip down south. After all, it is for an important event and I need to do all the usual vanity things, such as getting my hair and nails done, and getting a nice outfit organized! There has to be some upside to this.

We are planning on taking our time, easy stages and then afterwards, having a small belated honeymoon. I am looking forward to that, and, laptop in hand, will be looking forward to some lighthearted blogs about the party and the holiday. The gift of having time to rest and recuperate, take our exploring at our own pace, is an immense gift in itself. It’s something we haven’t done for an age and I feel the need to simply ‘be’. I know my friend will understand that only too well. As my grandmother would have said, “It will be grand”. It certainly will!

image besthoneymoonideas.org

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”
Khalil Gibran

Sometimes, all we need is to look on the bright side of life. My husband will be there and he is the best antidote and nurse I know. I am most surely fortunate.

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“The person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world around him positively and draws back to himself positive results.” Norman Vincent Peale

There is nothing quite like the knowledge that you have to undergo “a procedure”. It sounds like such an innocent little thing but it’s only when you get right down to the nitty-gritty that you find out what you’ve let yourself in for. So it is with me. I’m currently wondering if I am ready for later today.
worried lady

image courtesy of truthaboutwater.com
For more than a decade I’ve had a problem with my back and neck, courtesy of an insignificant little car accident! It  was quite silly really. We were stationary and the other vehicle simply T Boned us at a relatively slow speed. Nothing to worry about. Right?   I carefully checked everyone out. No broken  bones, no bruises and no blood!  Too simple. All we needed was to exchange details  and away we could go.
“car accident” courtesy of photobucket

There was however an itch on the back of my neck I simply couldn’t ignore. So as soon as we arrived home out came the trusty camera, the car was photographed from  stem to stern and we started to write down chronologically exactly what had happened.  By the time we had finished I had a rather nasty headache which I put down to delayed shock.   Mistake number one !  A couple of painkillers and a very hot bath later  I went to bed to sleep off the ‘headache’.

The next morning was something out of a cartoon show. There I was as stiff as a board and unable to get out of bed without help. I still had some misguided notion that I could go to work and so, another very hot shower later I had to acknowledge that it simply wasn’t going to go my way! I called the closest doctor (mistake number two) and drove to see him.  (mistake number three).  A pattern was emerging but I was too sore to realize this and was still hanging onto some vague notion that I was going to be able to go to work! It was a simple whiplash and I was assured that a couple of days bed rest with the trusty  Valium and I would be fit and raring to go again. (mistake number four).
woman in pain
I could still only move around with a great deal of pain but I was prepared to give it a go. (number five and counting).  There followed two years of infighting with my employer who didn’t want me on Work Cover. I didn’t want to be on it either but that didn’t appear to register.  The number of mistakes by this time were too numerous to count. Eventually  I lost my job under a beautiful little loophole in the Industrial Relations Act and found myself unable to get a job since my neck and back has been well and truly ‘wrecked’ beyond belief  and much of the time I staggered around unable to ‘tie my shoelaces unaided’!  The major irony according to the specialists, was that if I had been allowed to change my ‘duties’ after the accident I wouldn’t have the back problems I now have.  If I sound a little  bitter you would be right.  Was this a “life lesson?”

So here I am, trying to sleep, obviously ineffectively, waiting on the next procedure to get some pain relief.  I’m all booked in for a “medial branch block of the C3 – C 7” area of my neck. I’m still not sure if they chose my neck first because it hurts more than my back or if I’m just lucky!

It’s now much later in the day and the procedure went well, which is a gross understatement.  To say I was a little nervous would be making  light of things. The idea of all those needles in my neck was daunting but I was  desperate for some lasting relief. You get that way after a decade or so. Finally here I was in my little  paper gown waiting to go into the room where it would all happen!
cervical medial Cervical medial branch block

image courtesy of springerimages.com

It’s now much later in the day and the procedure went well, which is a gross understatement.  To say I was a little nervous would be making  light of things. The idea of all those needles in my neck was daunting but I was  desperate for some lasting relief. You get that way after a decade or so. Finally here I was in my little  paper gown waiting to go into the room where it would all happen!

I should add at this point that I haven’t been able to lay on my tummy for over a decade. I have had to succumb to sitting in a reclining position to sleep at night. This was a challenge as I had to lay face down for at least half an hour and be absolutely still. A huge challenge.  So there I was lying with my nose squished to the tiny pillow as the CT scan was used to find the correct places for the eight needles I required. Please note that was eight needles, big ones!

The first eight were the “small” injection of anaesthetic I needed to numb the upper layer of  tissue. The following eight were taken right into the neck and as close to the nerve as possible.  Very uncomfortable! Deep breathing and prayers were beginning to flow  at  this point. Fortunately the anaesthetic was very quick acting and I didn’t feel the ‘needles’ going in which would touch the nerves.

This is where things became very uncomfortable. It had taken much longer than the  half hour anticipated, in fact it was close to an hour. My back had long since decided to punish me for placing it in a position guaranteed to create pain. The agony from this reached from my tail bone, over my entire hip area and was closing fast on my shoulder blades. It was now a close race on which area would be number one in the agony stakes!

Then came the nerve ‘block’. A strange name for  something which a felt as though a red-hot poker was being jabbed into each nerve to see if it reacted strongly enough to the stimulus before the anaesthetic was administered.
one injection image courtesy of  metacafe.com

(picture this repeated four times on each side of the cervical bones).

When I was praying the loudest they decided they had found the best places. (You might substitute a strangled scream for the prayer!)  The relief to know it was over was immeasurable.  The fun, if you have a warped sense of humour, then began when I had to try to move. My back was frozen solid with the pain of laying absolutely still for well over an hour. My husband told me it was close to an hour and a half.

Sitting was hilarious. My sense of balance had gone completely, as had my hearing and my eyes refused to focus. I can’t really comment about my legs, they were there somewhere but we’re not functioning quite the way they should. However, the bright spot in this was that I couldn’t feel a thing in my neck so my thumping headache had gone. I guess I had a win there!
dizzy personimage courtesy of balancenadmobility.com
I’m now sitting in bed, still wobbly, still unfocused, at least somewhat, and praying I won’t lose too much hair when the dressings are  removed tomorrow.  I’m lucky I know. I’m much more fortunate than many, but at the back of this wooly brain is the thought that come Monday I have this same procedure lined up for my lower back.

This is part one, if successful the next phase is “ablation”, burning the nerves. I’m nervous and medical procedures don’t usually concern me overly much, not after all the research I do. Yet this does make me think. It’s much more painful for some time afterwards and there is too much to be done on the work front.  It’s a difficult decision to make; pain for some time versus freedom of movement, pain-free movement when it subsides. It’s not a cure-all, those wonderful nerves regrow so the entire thing has to be repeated in about a year – if you’re game that is.

As Charles Dickens said:
“Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many – not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.

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