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Time was running out quickly

There was nowhere left to run

Nowhere left to hide

No way to reach the safety of the house

Or the safe escape through the stone circle high in the mountains.

The hunter they had brought in was too good

She had been harried and hunted

From the moment she reached the forest

Running and hiding at every turn

She had almost reached the end of her strength

As she hid near the edge of town once more.

Yet the yearning drew her onwards

More strongly with each passing second

With each heart stopping howl from the mountains

Her mate, her partner, her daylight lover

Waiting, ever more frantic as the minutes slipped by

As she herself yearned to be with him again.

The moon was full and rode high in the almost clear sky

The one blessing of this pain filled night

Scenting the wind she was sure she smelled rain

As low on the horizon lightning flashed

In the afterglow she could see scudding clouds rushing in.

The hunter was closing in still

She remained frozen in place, waiting for the moment

The moment she might escape.

Cool droplets of water brought a sharp tang to her nose

So much more sensitive in her wolf form

Clouds and rain grew heavier as time passed

The loamy scent of the earth growing stronger with the rain.

Carefully she stretched each limb

Bringing the blood flowing strongly through cramped muscles

The afterimage of the lightning flash temporarily blinding her hunters

The dark clouds and heavy rain masking her scent

She took her one chance and ran

Fleeing as fast as limbs too long immobilised

Were asked to be fleet once more.

As she slipped under cover of the forest

She heard a guttural sound behind her

The hunter had been waiting, but

As luck would have it this time

He misjudged his prey.

She loped off towards the mountains

Revelling in the blood coursing through her veins

In time she would reunite with her mate

The one who would become her lover come sunrise

As they moved to yet another place

To live free for a time before being forced to leave again.

Such was their life as wolf and human

Yet they would not trade it for any other

So long as they were together.

Together they now were, reunited at last

Their happiness all that mattered

Shared as wolf, or man and woman

Love knew no bounds

In the wildness of their world.

Blessings, Susan ♥

© Susan Alexander 2015

©Susan Jamieson 2015

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Lost_in_Forest_Part_1_by_AkidAdhwa  by akidadhwa.deviantart


The white wolf stood

Like a statue frozen in place

Poised on the edge of flight

Trembling, she gazed into the moonlight

Eyes searching for a way into the woods

Silently she crept onwards

Alert for the slightest sound

Anything which would send her flying for cover

Racing until safety was once more found

Heart racing, she eventually reached the shadows

Giant Elm, Sycamore and Oak

Spread their branches over her

Breathing a sigh of relief

One heart stopping moment of disbelief

She changed

One moment a wolf white as snow

The next a tall slender woman

With hair of gossamer white

Trailed by a snow-white owl

Turning quickly she moved through the woods

Following the shade of the trees

Crossing the moonlit groves

Moving carefully onwards

Until before her stretched the open vista

Leading to the magical Stones

Wreathed in the magical glow of the moonlight

They sang the hypnotic song to her

A radiant smile played around her red lips

As she stepped into the magical circle

Quickly praying to the Goddess above

She walked to the central stone

One touch

One word

The air shimmered

Sparks flew like snowflakes

Where a woman stood moments before

Vanished without a trace


In a crevice at the base on the stone

A small white blossom tossed its head

A soft white snowflake

To join others dotted around the circle

A gift from Priestess to Goddess

As she crossed safely into magic’s realm once more


Blessings, Susan ♥

© Susan Jamieson, 2014

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image from http://www.deviantart.com                          Howling for the soul sister to pass


The time drifted by slowly

There was nothing left

No way to measure the passage of time

Nothing but the slow drip, drip, drip

She let her head roll back

Resting lightly against the window frame

Outside she could see the moon

A blood moon, portent of bad tidings

The trees outside wailed their mournful sounds

And somewhere a wolf howled loudly

Joined quickly by the rest of the pack

Strange, but she had seen no wolves here

Not since she came so long ago

But it wasn’t that long surely

No, it only felt that way

But fitting somehow that they came now

Almost as if they could hear her coming

Drip, drip, drip -The only sound inside

The howling of the wolves outside

And an eerie feeling creeping over all

She was starting to feel cold

The mist curled from her open mouth

She should have brought a blanket

Made things much easier in the end

The cold climbed upwards

Through her arms and legs

Up from the cold floor, cold as the grave

Drip, drip, drip, the continuing sound

Fainter now the wolves were drawing nearer

Their howling more frenetic than ever

The moon climbed higher so she raised her head

Strange how heavy her head now felt

Drip, drip, drip, a cold wetness intruded on her reverie

The howling wolves must have been outside the window

Their howls so loud in her head now

As the icy cold reached her heart

She gave one slow sigh

The light dimming in her eyes

She could no longer see the moon

No longer hear the slowing drip, drip, drip

The only sound

The howling of the wolves

The dripping stopped,

The moon still rose

The wolves howled once more

A cry of pain and anguish

For a soul lost.

Alone in death

As she had been in life



image from http://www.smscs.com The pack gathers to welcome one home

Blessings  Susan x

© Susan Jamieson 2014

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The gentle breeze blows cool

Against hot fevered skin

And moonlight glows faintly

The Cycle Continues

The moon’s cool promise

On a landscape wrapped in velvet

The hoot of a watching Owl

Who sees all that moves in the night

A possum running along a branch

Leaping towards the sound

Of a parent watching nearby

A fox barks in the distance

Repeated thrice or more

Calling the family home again

The world sails softly along through nights hours

In cool and restful slumber

Preparing for the day to come

As dawn arrives once more

The golden globe rises over the far horizon

The Cycle Continues

Golden sunrise over the treetops

Already its power can be felt by all

Temperatures surge ever higher

Dry and hot is what we’re told

It really is a farce

As the heat increases minute by minute

Like the bellows worked on a forge

All creatures great and small

Pant and pause in the humid air

To catch a refreshing breath

Yet there’s none to be found by any

Only the oily ooze of moisture

As we finally fall dessicated to the earth.

The Cycle Continues

image from freelancerichardson.com

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In a meadow green

Locked in beside a stream

Sunlight smiled a dappled beam

On butterflies whose colours

Made a brilliant sheen

Ringed about by stately trees

Of Beech and Oak, Rowan and Sycamore

Standing guard upon my recumbent form

As I gazed into a glittering dawn

And whiled away the mellow hours

Dreaming dreams of colourful flowers

Which grew abundantly in this glade

Of purple and red, yellow and blue

Altogether they made a rainbow like hue

Until at last the daylight dimmed

The moon arose, the treetops rimmed

In silvery light of gossamer threads

Breaking through the canopy above my head

And still it seemed I slumbered on

The voices of my Spiritual friends,

Guides and Angels, Faerie folk and Elves

My loved ones dear, they whispered here

All night they softly murmured along

Lifting my spirit with their colourful song.

Hatred and violence, horror and war

All left behind a now shuttered door

My soul replenished, my spirit recharged

I re-enter my life filled with laughter and light

Taking my sanctuary within me

Filled with rich colours and spiritual light.

image from tutorialspalace.com –

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”    ― Pierre  de Chardin


We each find the ways and means to replenish our spirit, to find the gossamer threads which hold us to each other in this world or the next.

You are welcome to share my spiritual haven. Like minded souls are always welcome.

Blessings.  Susan x

© Susan Jamieson

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Now that I’m tucked back in my bed

Was it really just in my head

Or a vivid dream

Or perhaps some kind of future warning

Perhaps a memory of a past dawning

No matter, it made my blood curdle as I did scream

The night was dark, almost moonless

Thunderheads piled high in the sky

Lightening flashes to make you breathless

As I crept out into the night feeling shy

The house was old and deserted

Ivy thick on its crumbling walls

No smoke drifted from its chimneys

Neither were footsteps heard in the halls

It was said you could hear ghosts footfalls

A high wall ran round three sides of the house

Both sides and the rear it seemed

So close you could almost touch its walls

Should I accept the dare that was called

Climb to the top and walk those walls

Crazy and foolish it sounded even now

Caught tightly in the web of this weave

Was it a spell someone cast over me

I know it was almost impossible to believe

image from undertheglass.net

Somehow I climbed that high wall

And balanced on its pointed top

Slippery with dew and ivy leaves

I trembled as I stumbled along

How would I get around the corner

What if I saw something looking out

Those things mattered not to my questing feet

I had to keep moving of that there was no doubt

Along the first wall and around that corner

The moonlight and lightning just enough to see

Across the back and near the kitchen

I swear I saw someone looking back at me

One final turn  and on the last beat

At last the third wall I traversed

When all of a sudden an owl hooted close by

And I slipped off that wall neath my feet

Between wall and house my head rebounded

Not a whimper did I make in pain

Praying that the ghostly apparition inside

Would not hear the noise that I made

As winded  I  kept to my feet and floundered

To the walkway in front of the house

I have no clear recollection

Of how I escaped from the park

Booming noises pounded inside my head

Fear gave my heart such a start

Mocking laughter echoes softly after me

As I stumbled away in the night

Too afraid to look behind me

Afraid what I might see in the moonlight.

image from fotozup.com

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The moon is fat and full tonight

I hear my brothers and sisters call

Wolves know deep in their collective mind

That something just isn’t quite right

Am I free to run with them in rushing flight

Am I free to follow them into the night.

image from aftergadget.wordpress.com

The owls sit in their tree

Watching the place where I sit

They watch with silent intensity

Searching to see if I’m free

Am I free to fly through the moonlight

Far away into the pure cold night

Nature it seems surrounds me

They know how these things should be

They know when a heart has been broken

They know when it’s time to be free

How do I ease these raging torments

That rend me apart deep inside

Like fangs or beaks ripping flesh apart

Or a storms waves crashing fiercely against the shore

Only to rear back  and pound forward once more

The past it carries our memories

To ensure we remember mistakes

Til we no longer need reminding

What repeating them will from us take

We can try to forget if we’re foolish

We can try to deny the truth

But sooner or later our memories

Return like a forbidden moonlit spell

To remind us of what we can’t tell

Tears can no longer quench

The burning deep in my soul

No answers can ease the agony

Can no longer make a heart whole

image from ipad.wallpapersus.com

So what is the answer you ask yourself

To move forward into the light

To leave forever this darkest of nights

Lit strangely by this bright moonlight

And forge ahead with all my might

I have no answer inside me

I have no-one I can ask

Solitary I must walk in this misery

For who would I burden with this task

So that I may run howling with my friends once again

Or fly free over forbidden plains

Lost I shall remain

Until a miracle removes the stain

And I need stand no more in the rain

Hiding tears which show all my pain

Til once more I’m at peace, in the sunlight again.

image from ivoryblushroses.blogspot.com

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