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Swirling tendrils of forgotten shadow

Creep slowly across yonder moor

Twirling columns of silent clammy mist

Writhe upwards across the tor

Between yon monument from aeons past

And the craggy gnarled trees death had left

Strange echoes keen from long ago

And follow along in the wake of the silent shade

Slowly she glides across the land

Where no human foot could stand

Nor the sound of a footfall can be heard

Gossamer threads of moonlight

Break softly round her form

Where she comes from none can guess

Drawn like a magnet  lightning struck

Towards a life long ago lost

From afar is heard a mournful sigh

Seemingly called from on high

Perhaps the dead atop the tor

Are calling her nigh

This eerie sound made by no bird

No animal I have known

Could make that mournful keening sound

That crossed the mist filled moor

Alone the lady wandered thus

Searching for…..

Some peace of mind or soul

Or the arms of a long-lost love

For surely no man will ever know.

image from flickriver.com

Who can tell the strength of ties that bind the heart?

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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