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Owls and Orchids

image from blog.farmaid.org       My property after the storm

“Mother Nature may be forgiving this year, or next year, but eventually she’s going to come around and whack you. You’ve got to be prepared.”

 Geraldo Rivera

At the time this takes place I owned a property in the Kingaroy district. It was 1500 acres and I ran 200 cows, their calves and a bad tempered Braford bull named Mickey. We usually had two horses for working the cattle and general property work.

The property was 3 miles long and one mile wide. Some land was cleared, the rest was mainly dead trees and grass country suitable for grazing. The boundary fences were barbed wire, and internal dividing fences were all electric. The cattle yards were set up near the road. The house sat on the next block, owned by my ex-wife’s parents.

One day in late spring my ex-wife and I returned home from Toowoomba after a day of shopping just as dusk was falling. As I opened the gate there was an eerie silence about the place. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t see anything with the gathering dusk. I drove down the track and none of my familiar landmark trees were visible. Debris was scattered across the track and eventually I could drive no further, so turned off towards the house. Something had happened whilst we were away.

Owls and Orchids

image from http://www.abbeylawn.net     This is what my fences looked like before the storm

I could do nothing in the dark so waited until early the next morning to find out what had occurred. I returned to a scene of utter devastation. A twister had touched down at one end of the property, smashing its way through all the fences, trees and sheds before lifting off three miles away at the other end of the property. No other properties were touched, but it had obliterated mine, and fortunately leaving the house.  Every fence was broken somewhere with fallen trees.

The cattle were spooked. They bellowed and milled in little mobs across the farm. I mended the fences around the cattle yards and the cleared paddock to hold the cattle until I had mended the remaining fences and cleared the fallen trees. It was at that point the problems really began, if I’d only known.

Owls and Orchids

image from http://www.flickr.com       This could have been Tonto’s twin

I normally mustered the cattle on the large black gelding, Minstrel. However, when I returned to saddle Minstrel I remembered that several days earlier my ex-wife had taken him to her parents place, 30 miles away, so she could help her parents muster their cattle and I had to use the remaining horse, Tonto. Tonto was a great horse, however, due to a cancer in his right eye, it had been removed and he only had one eye remaining. With a few curses I saddled him and went to muster the cattle to the yards.

The cattle were still very restless and the bull, Mickey, was very upset, all fifteen hundred pounds of him. I got the cattle moving in the general direction but then Mickey broke away. He had had enough. He settled into a steady ground eating trot towards the far end of the farm, the end furthest away from the cattle yard.  By this time Tonto was getting upset too. He wasn’t too happy after being there during the storm either. I urged him to a gallop to cut the bull off, but that meant going on Mickey’s left side to turn him back towards the other cattle. However, that also meant he was on poor Tonto’s blind side. With a snort Mickey put his head down under the horse’s ribs and lifted. Tonto didn’t know what hit him. You could say he was blind-sided!

Tonto and I flew into the air. I dived sideways and rolled under the branches of a fallen tree to get away from fifteen hundred pounds of cranky bull. When I heard the sound of hooves thundering away, I looked up to see Tonto and Mickey galloping off side by side, over the hill. Tonto was completely unaware he still had the bull on his blind side, but the sound of his hooves was enough to keep him going.

Owls and Orchids

image from http://www.braford.org.au        Just like Mickey

Mother Nature is the great equalizer. You can’t get away from it.”  
Christopher Heyerdahl


I cursed loudly and began the long, sore walk back to the ute.

Minstrel was eventually returned several days later and I was finally able to muster the cattle into the yards. I  had to sort them out after the storm mix up and get the calves separated for branding.

It wasn’t until a week after the storm, when my arm was still sore, that I went to the hospital to have it x-rayed. I found that I had broken my wrist in the fall. A cast was fitted and I was told to be careful with my wrist around the farm. I could be careful but there’s no end to farm work.

Whilst the cast was great when I was wrestling the calves to do the branding, it didn’t do the cast much good. As a consequence I was back at the hospital every night to get a new cast put on. After a few days as soon as the nurses saw me they would roll their eyes. Back again! The branding lasted a week and by the end of that time the hospital staff was glad to see the back of me.

Both Tonto and Mickey were doing fine.


“Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

— Rachel Carson


This is a true story as told to me by my lovely husband. No details have been altered to spare broken bones or bruised pride.

Blessings  Susan x

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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Sunrise, the magic of a new day.

Sunrise, the magic of a new day.

There is nothing quite like the sun rising from the far side of the ocean and begin to light the sky. The glittering sparkles of life as the sunbeams dance across the ocean create a picture which speaks for itself.  Even after a sleepless night it seems to put a period at the end of the darkness and signals a new light for the day. Anything is now possible.

Moonlight on water.

Moonlight on water.

At the other end of the spectrum, and day, is the interplay of light and dark. A reversal of the morning but with it’s own unique magic. It brings to mind that all things are possible within the velvety cloak of the night, especially when the magic moonlight is infusing the area. It can bring chills of anticipation to the soul.

Halloween was not ‘celebrated’ when I first came to Australia and whilst we never went to the joyous extravaganzas of America, as children we used to have fun.  With a full and unpleasant day planned tomorrow, (foisted on me by necessity), I hope to share some of the memories from that time. If not, we’ll see what happens. Until then, we had a little fun and let the inner child play and I though you might like to see.

Letting the imagination run free.

Letting the imagination run free.

In a spirit of playfulness we decided to experiment with the camera and lighting and I quite liked the effect. Since they were done for fun I think we managed to achieve our aim.  I wanted to show that despite the obstacles we may find along the way, a little light hearted play can do wonders to bring out the inner child. Here’s a similar pose with Ray. (He’s a little more shy).

A reflective pose. Mysterious and saturnine. Love it.

A reflective pose. Mysterious and saturnine. Love it.

Of course it wouldn’t be the same without some of the flora and fauna around. We were lucky to see a frilly lizard in the garden, obviously disturbed by the new building site. Unhappy for him but good for us.

I'm not happy here. I think I'll just pass on through.

I’m not happy here. I think I’ll just pass on through.

Since I’m showing off my flora I have to include my beautiful Dancing Lady Orchid It’s been a mass of flowers for weeks. As each of the budding orchids flower I’ll include them somewhere in my blogs. They are a passion of mine  so I know you’ll understand.

Dancing Lady Orchid.

Dancing Lady Orchid.

To finish off, a panoply of colour and shapes. I may have trouble handling the heat but this explosion and profusion of colour and light, shape and form, the beauty and joy of life, is surely the best indication of love Mother Nature has given us.

If  you click on the photos you can see the colours so much better.

I hope you enjoy a wander through my garden of love, right where the life is.

Blessings to you in your love filled life.

Ciao, Susan x

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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DSCN2778 (Copy)In the inky darkness of early night

The wind’s rising howl shrieked

A keening round house and home

Through trees whipped madly

Seas tossed wildly aloft

The storm showed its fury

Mighty Oaks uprooted

Flying crazily across the sky

Deadly airborne missiles

Landing where whim and fate would have them lie

Never a care for the humans there

Seas rising grey into the sky

White caps curling, tossed high

Crashed ferociously onto man made walks

Stormy weather

Stormy weather

Throwing all before its might

The fury of the storm claimed the night

Mother Nature showing her dominion

With the daylight comes the count

The cost of her mighty roar

Reminding us of our small place

In the grandeur of the world

Challenging us to try again

To rebuild lives as they once were

To pray yet again for a miracle

To save us

When Mother Nature roars.

image from blogs.roanoke.com

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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Sunset 23 June. 10 (Copy)                                    Rosy hued skies on dusk waiting for the moonrise


As I sat in

Peaceful contemplation

Through the palm tree

Through the palm tree

Wrapped in

A cocoon of soft Alpaca

In favourite shades

Of purples and mauves

In  companionable anticipation

For the first sign

Of a rose coloured moon

I realised

In delighted surprise

The feeling of total

The rosy glow appears

The rosy glow appears


Contemplative meditation

Unexpected and uplifting

The first sight of rosy hue

Filled my heart on cue

With the beauty of Mother Nature

As the Goddess Selene

Rose higher in the night sky

Bathing the ocean in

Dressed in Rose Gold, Selene, Moon Goddess

Dressed in Rose Gold, Selene, Moon Goddess

Molten gold

Her magic plain for all

To behold.

Glorious sunset over the Mediterranean.

Golden moonrise

“The moon is a loyal companion.
It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human.
Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.”
― Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me


I hope you enjoy my moon odyssey as much as I.


Blessed be.  Susan x

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