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People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

It is impossible to deny, there is both light and dark inside everyone. Each human being, each soul has the ability to perceive both the light and the dark.  This simple fact is explicit in everything we do and say. It provides the balance by which we grow as human beings and as souls in a human body.

There are times when, despite our best endeavors we are overcome by the dark, by “the bleakness”. I first heard this term in a novel I was reading.  In short, a race of people who were warriors, the Aiel,  detested another, the Tinkers,  who followed the ways of peace, who not only turned the other cheek but would sooner die than raise a weapon in their own defense. During a sacred Aiel ceremony, where a man would become either a clan chief or die, or a woman would become a wise one or die, they learned their entire people’s history. What they learned was the peaceful Tinkers were actually the original Aiel people.

Understandably, this sudden turning upside down of their world was overwhelming. Those who were unable to deal with this dropped their weapons and simply walked away. It was described as “being taken by the bleakness”.  For those who recognise the plot, it is from a Robert Jordan series, “The Wheel of Time”. For brevity I have shortened the explanation greatly.

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And the symbol used in the book:

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It intrigued me, not only for the magic and abilities of the characters, but for the way the dichotomy between the light and dark within ourselves can be similarly described. It was also interesting that the Yin Yang symbol was adapted to illustrate the light and dark forces at play.

As souls having a human existence we strive to reach the light, to increase its presence in our lives, in our bodies and souls.  We practice drawing the white light of the universe down, through the crown chakra, flooding our body with positive energy and removing any negative energy.

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In meditation I follow this daily, and as a practice in the shower it is soothing and energising.  There are times when I can only reach that feeling of calm whilst I am meditating or showering ( a shower meditation), but the dross of the day sometimes overwhelms me again. It irritates me and I try to remind myself that I am only human, a soul in a human body and I am a long way from perfection. Anyone who knows me will recognise that I have been going through my own form of “the bleakness” of late.

Yet that in itself is also comforting – eventually! I am like a Willow, I will bend before the storm but I will not break like the mighty Oak. We draw our inspiration from strange places, places which are important to each of us but may have no relevance to another.We have to acknowledge our dark side, those undercurrents of “bleakness” so that we are able to see the light in all its glory when it occurs, just like the sunlight after a storm.

It is a measure of our soul growth that, in the midst of chaos and despair we still strive for the light.

Like a protagonist in any battle we often feel thrown from one extreme stance to another. It is somewhat like being a tennis ball or a basket ball, any ball in sport, we are tossed, seemingly at whim to and fro until we are unsure where up or down is.  I know that anyone reading yesterdays blog will wonder if the same person is writing this. Change can happen quickly or not, a slow return or smashing volley.

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Like a small bud opening to the suns first rays, we are small and fragile but can open to be a beautiful bloom. Even though our ‘life’ may be short there are more buds on our tree and we will continue to grow and flower with the sun, the light shining on us. We can only wake each day, or take a deep breath during the day and make that decision to keep going. Find something, even something small to be thankful for. Grateful for the scent of the opened roses, freshly mown grass, the laughter of children playing, the warmth of your husband’s hand in yours. It may even be a simple ‘thank you’ from someone for something you thought too insignificant to remember, yet it was important to them. They are often hard to remember when things feel grim, but like the turning of the seasons we cannot stop them if we continue to be mindful of everyday things and grateful that we can be resent to experience them. No, the battle may not be over, but then neither am I.

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May you too find your heavenly fire to light your way out of the darkness, my blessings and gratitude for you will continue each day, hopefully brightening your day knowing that there is indeed someone out there who truly cares for you for no other reason that you are there.

“There is in every true woman’s heart a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity; but which kindles up, and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.”  ~Washington Irving, The Sketch Book, 1820

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“In the small circle of pain within the skull
You still shall tramp and tread one endless round
Of thought, to justify your action to yourselves,
Weaving a fiction which unravels as you weave,
Pacing forever in the hell of make-believe
Which never is belief: this is your fate on earth
And we must think no further of you.” TS (Thomas Stearns) Eliot  Murder in the Cathedral,


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There is little doubt that in many people’s eyes, in order to get anywhere you need to have belief in yourself.  I wouldn’t even presume to deny that, but I would make a huge distinction between belief in oneself and ones abilities and an ego so enormous that they feel threatened by a word said which they do not agree with.


I remember, not too long ago, an aspiring psychic medium who was doing the rounds of any spiritual group they could get to in order to hand out business cards and dazzle whoever was there with their burgeoning abilities.  This was where I met her, at one such group. I was making no such claim to fame, I was there to learn and listen to people who had already demonstrated they had learned “the ropes”. Most of them were older than I, and older than the lady I met.


When I met her some time later she remembered me and asked me to work with her – as her PA.  I wasn’t concerned, if I was going to be in the spotlight it would come in it’s own good time, and in the meantime I was content to help her out.


We got along really well, I worked many more hours than we had agreed on but I didn’t care, I was enjoying talking to people and giving advice on occasion, as long as I didn’t step on anyone’s toes!  The clients liked me, so all was well.


Then along came Mark.  Mark who became the “love of her life” and wanted to take over everything, her work, her life, her money.  He moved her to Eumundi where it took her hours longer to get to her clients, but he wanted to live there.  He wanted to become her “manager” and do away with my work altogether.  So he moved her to Sydney where she knew no-one, except a tenuous link to Jason A, who refutes saying anything to her at all.


In the end she came back, had to refinance her home because she couldn’t pay the mortgage, couldn’t pay me – months of salary, couldn’t pay her accountant either. He called trying to find her because she hadn’t paid him for two years, bartering readings to get her taxes done.


Eventually, she refinanced, paid off Mark and told me she couldn’t afford to keep me on. She would pay me as soon as she could get back on her feet. It was the last time I saw her or spoke with her.  Her mobile was changed and her website -well, I couldn’t get an answer from any contact number or place I had, not even her family.

forlorn lady

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Imagine my surprise when I saw an advertisement for her Animal Communications come through on my News Feed. Surprised – oh yes!  Still impossible to contact her so I posted a simple request to catch up when she was next on the Gold Coast. Not her home, but the Sunshine Coast is home to neither one of us now either. Response, “BUMP” (Bring Up My Post). Rude, unethical, morally bankrupt and downright ignorant. Not once but twice! What is she afraid of? Hmm.


Why have I done this?  “BUMP” that’s why. Being dismissed in such an off handed fashion after all these years. I asked to meet for coffee – I really doubt she would honor a debt of thousands of dollars irrespective of how “successful and well known” she supposedly is.


I had a serious accident on the way home from her place at Eumundi after working there for two days. I’m still suffering for it now. Insurance cover from her – nil.  Concern from her – silence is golden and speaks for itself.


Ethics in the spiritual community and work is paramount. So how does she do it? I can’t answer this. I do know she owes me more than simply money.  A face to face meeting may go a small way to assuaging what she’s done thus far. Do I know where the skeletons are – of course. I have known all these years and no-one has been told. What does that tell you, my psychic friend?


However, one thing I have learned from this. I am grateful for what she taught me, not to undervalue myself and what I offer to people, nor sell myself short by accepting platitudes instead of the money I rightfully earned.  Yes, I have an immense amount of gratitude for the lessons I learned. I hope no-one else has to learn the same way.

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