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Dream Bubbles

“It is a grave injustice to a child or adult to insist that they stop crying. One can comfort a person who is crying which enables him to relax and makes further crying unnecessary; but to humiliate a crying child is to increase his pain, and augment his rigidity. We stop other people from crying because we cannot stand the sounds and movements of their bodies. It threatens our own rigidity. It induces similar feelings in ourselves which we dare not express and it evokes a resonance in our own bodies which we resist.”
Alexander Lowen, The Voice of the Body

Fun and Friendship, Love and Laughter

How do you describe the full spectrum of human emotion? Where do you find the words to tell someone how important they are to you? The answer is – you don’t need to. If you are in integrity with your inner self, your emotions and with your heart, then people will be able to sense the authentic you.

We hide our emotions to protect ourselves, from hurt, from pain, from loss and even from joy and love. There are times when our emotions are so strong that we struggle to find the words to let someone know how much they really mean to us. Often, it’s those who mean the most to us who we struggle to show the depth of our feelings for.

How many of us sit and laugh, cry, are inspired by and revolted by when we watch movies? The heroes and villains are able to reach inside us and find those chinks in our armour and those carefully held emotions come flooding out. For some it is a needed release, blaming the emotion on the artists craft to speak to us since it has become, for some, a weakness to show our true feelings. For some, allowing our true feelings to appear is a means for others to hurt and humiliate us, the very people with whom we should be able to be the most open and safe.

Here is a collection of three songs which are emotive and show the tenderness, love and the compassion of one person for another. Songs, which allow us to cry without fear of being laughed at or poked fun at. I’ve always believed it is the very people who use the love in someones heart to hurt them who need our compassion and pity, even if they often fail to deserve it by their actions.

Friends, real friends can be wonderful treasures in our lives. They are willing to listen to our pain, silently lending us their strength and helping us to heal so we may love again. Bette Midler in Beaches” singing “Wind Beneath my Wings” is, for me a wonderful example of true friendship.

Then there is the traditional love but from an unorthodox source. One of my favourite films is “City of Angels” with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. How can one fail to be moved when she is struggling with her desire for love but cannot truly touch her angel? Yet when he makes the ultimate sacrifice for her their joy is so short lived. It has so much, from the angels greeting the sun together and listening to the wind to helping those who are ready to cross over.  For me it is a truly beautiful movie and the song, “In The Arms Of The Angel” by Sarah McLachlan.

It wouldn’t be complete to end without yet more pain and pleasure inextricably mixed. The incredible movie with Bette Midler, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn singing “You Don’t Own Me” from “The First Wives Club” is a story of love, betrayal and survival through friendship.

I hope you enjoy the brief wander through the movies and emotions here. If they intrigue you why don’t you watch the movies? There are lessons to learn in the most unlikely places.

Blessings,  Susan ♥

© Susan Jamieson 2014

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