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A short time ago I decided to challenge myself. That original challenge was of blogging every other day, and today I was unsure if I would make it or not,  but here I am, better late than not at all, I hope.

For those who follow me, and those who may, I have been plagued by a migraine for a wee while.  They are not so unusual I’m afraid, they come with a little too much frequency for my peace of mind.  It’s not an excuse, however, the weather plays a part in my migraines, as well as stress, and we are all subject to both.

image from flikr,com of the beautiful Peace Rose

This blog, which I have changed the focus of just slightly, is my ‘weapon’ to combat those all too frequent days when I find it hard to find the energy or motivation to move beyond a minimum. I’ve realised that, despite what I may have thought originally, everything we do has an element of spirituality in it. The reason why is simple.  I am motivated by my heart.  I believe we all are. So, my blog is now about Life, Love, Spirituality and the Odd Catastrophe. Not much of a change and yet a huge one.

My blog will try to remain heart centered, and before it happens, I will also say that I can fall flat on my face at times.  That’s so that when I seem to be off track you will all know I am simply human and whilst I may seem negative, it is all part of who I am as a total human being. I am BEing a spirit in human form.

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So  today I have a new challenge, one I’ve been putting off for some time.  Since my car accident I have been unable to do my tapestry or craft work as it played havoc with my neck and hence my headaches. I’ve been promising myself I would get back into it and it was still packaged away where I had put it, untouched and safely out of mind.  So you see, in one way or another it’s easy to put off so many things.  That way, when Mum passed away and I inherited all her craft materials I carefully packed everything away for the future.

That wonderful challenge, was to make something from nothing, but that is not what I’m doing. I’m BEing heart centered and I will complete the last tapestry my mother ever began. It is beautiful and I am including those pictures here. It’s not going to be easy but I am so full of gratitude that I have been motivated to at least try, I really could cry.

Mum's Tapestry

I am also going to finish the Princess I started so long ago.

Princess 1 My trapestry

So, to Nicole Cody who has inspired me to get back into my much-loved craft work, thank you. It may not be new, or from nothing, although there is little done on Mum’s tapestry, but it is momentous for me.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”     ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Bless you all. ❤

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Whatever you do or dream you can do – begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Until the middle of November we are in a time of working through old hurts, pain from the past, especially related to family issues, and I haven’t been immune to this process.  In case anyone is wondering how I know, I’ve felt mired in the past, immersed in sadness and making life unpleasant for my husband.

I’m presuming the later since he wouldn’t admit it. His response to my many apologies for my miserable attitude was simply, “I love you, I’m your husband and I want to be here for you”. Pretty cool, huh. I know I’m one very loved and lucky woman.
For myself it’s felt pretty uncomfortable.  I don’t know if I’ve managed to clear all the old hurts and sadness but I’ve certainly made a huge start.  Yesterday I started writing. It was going to be a small blog, I wasn’t in the right head space, or so I thought, to write anything larger.  Then my fingers started to run across the keyboard and my mind was in neutral.  I wasn’t thinking about what I was writing about. It felt as though it was being dredged from somewhere deep inside, a place which was full of pain and anguish and carefully hidden away from the world. My first taste of automatic writing.

ghost blog writer
image courtesy of  sem-group.net

I’m not really a sharer when it comes to those deep personal issues. Experience had taught me it wasn’t a good idea.  For most of my adult life I’ve very carefully crafted a vault, deep and wide, secured by unbreakable walls and locked in so many different ways without keys that I’d supposed no-one would be able to get in there and see what I was hiding there. Every hurt, every pain and disappointment, and every loss had been shoved, squished and poked in there and the lid battened down tight. I didn’t want to go there or look into that abyss so why would anyone else?

floating in the abyss
image courtesy of  ivonnemontijo.wordpress.com

However, for the past week or more I’ve floated in that self-same abyss during my sleepless nights and during my unwatched waking moments.   I’ve avoided answering the question of “what’s bothering you?” and tried to pretend all was well.  It appears my Higher Self had other ideas in mind. So I began  my blog and my fingers did the walking and talking.  When I had finished I knew, on some deep visceral level that it was time to let it out. It didn’t matter if anyone else read it, (except my husband),  but it was a huge release for me.

This morning I woke up in agony. Quite laughable really, but all it meant was the old pain was working its way out too. So much pain carried for so long, is it any wonder it felt so bad.  The cups of tea, lashings of hugs and love and I knew it was time to do this. I’ve really made a start to clear all that old and buried pain and agony out. I don’t need to hold onto it any longer. I’m in a safe place now and I have someone I trust to lean on and love me and let this horror loose and clear it to “the light”.

I feel lighter than I have for many years. Thank you Ray for loving me and providing a safe haven for me to “let go” and thank you Nicole Cody, for giving me so many tools and the courage to let the past go.  (The Full Moon Releasing and Becoming Ceremonies have been an unbelievable ‘key’).  Tomorrow is a brighter day, I know there are many more ‘releasings’ to happen but I know that I can do it now.  THAT, is a truly awesome feeling.

have a beautiful day
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“If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal.
Norman Vincent Peale

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“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” —”
William Arthur Ward

This has been a challenging period in many ways. Last month we saw the presence of two moons, making the last one a “Blue Moon”.  For many at this time they have reported it as another day, nothing different from  their normal day.  However, there are many more who report upheavals from the simple things to everything in their daily routine.  It can be quite a chaotic and unsettling experience.

I happen to fall into the latter category as my husband would attest. It’s not that I turn into a raging monster but the highs and lows, the swings and turns of the roundabout, can leave you wondering if some strange person has suddenly inhabited  the person who was reasonably sane days earlier.
full moon madness

image courtesy of steppinupx.wordpress.com

This particular “Blue Moon”, and I realize there are those who disagree that this was such an occasion,  was also much more than that for me as I had decided to participate in a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge, put together by the very talented and gracious Nicole Cody.   It was an incredible experience and allowed  me,  and I’m sure many others to stretch themselves as they worked through this  program. At the very least it enabled me to look at areas of my life in ways I hadn’t considered before.  It provided me with a way to view the world around me with fresh eyes.  It challenged me to go further into myself and evaluate what the everyday activities I took for granted really meant, at least to me.

When you are asked to simply sit and breath, pay attention to what is happening within as you do this; to look with new eyes to how your body responds to the simple task of taking a shower, how each action is in itself a miracle, you begin to realize that life, despite its many complexities, is astounding in what we can do. You begin to stop taking everything you do as a matter of course,  something for granted and truly appreciate what we can do each and every  day.  At least that was how I found it.
Gratitude moment

Man has been instrumental in putting man into space, onto the moon and even further afield.  We have athletes who perform what appears to be miracles in what they can achieve with a human body, and we have scientists who make breakthroughs which help people live better quality lives and cure diseases.  We are, as individuals and as a group more than the sum total of who and what we are.

I have been challenged for over a decade with a back and neck injury. It has changed the way I have lived my life. This hasn’t changed, at least not  completely, but it has given me a new way of thinking about what is happening and how I can achieve all that I want without having to compromise my dreams. I can achieve all I ever wished for, and more besides. My dreams have, if anything been expanded.  The possibilities are endless and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Challenge getting to the top of the Eiffel Tower
The Challenge: reaching to top of the Eiffel tower – courtesy of flickr.com

We have examples  around us every day who inspire us with their achievements. Paralympians, such as Matt Cowdrey.    The  many people who are in accidents, in comas who when they finally awaken, fight to be able  to live a ‘normal’ life.  Who are we  not to see the beauty of a sunrise, the pleasure of a smile when a ‘thank you’ is offered, the hope in a homeless persons eyes when you give them a  helping hand.

There is a sight impaired man near a coffee shop I go to occasionally.  I always stop to put something into his ‘can’, not because I have to, but because it warms my heart to  hear the joy in his voice that someone has stopped, someone cares enough to spend a few minutes talking to him. It is such a small thing for me to do but it means so much more to him. I am grateful I can do something so simple which spreads so much happiness because I know that my small act of gratitude for what I have, shared with him, will flow on to others when he goes home later.

guide dog puppy

Guide dog puppy, courtesy of piperbasenji.blogspot.com

I found the experience of. completing Nicole’s 30 Day Gratitude Challenge so inspiring I decided to do it again – immediately. My husband, Ray,  asked if he could also do it.  He had already seen changes in me as a result of finishing the challenge.  It’s going really well. We decided we didn’t want to share the things we were grateful for each day, but rather we’ll share what we felt and learned at the end of the month.  Then we’re going to do it again because we have already learned that the more we acknowledge what we are grateful for the more things we can see to be grateful for.

However I have noticed one thing. Even though we’re not sharing our daily ‘gratitude’s’ there is something incredibly special joining us as we sit writing in our journals at the beginning and end of each day, and that doesn’t even come close to the fun in doing our vision boards. We have our individual board, but what is a dream board for if we don’t also build one for the two of us?

dream boards

image courtesy of larryandlauramorris.com

I’ve included the link to Nicole’s challenge above.  I think everyone would gain so much from doing it, even if it were only in increasing the amount of gratitude in the world today. Great things can happen if we focus on being grateful instead of what we don’t have.

love quote

courtesy of melissadeakin.typepad.com

Life really is beautiful, today and every day.

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