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Slowly darkness

Creeps over the land


Signs of life

Gazing silently

Into the Universe


Float through the air


Without end

Is anyone there


Profound answers me


Unanswered reverberate

Inside the tired mind

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Why is it so

There is no answer

Lofty ideals

Grace favours the few


Strains heartstrings

Tears flow unchecked

Loneliness cuts deep

Cavernous tears bleed

Deep beneath the earth

As the stars wheel

Silently overhead.

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We have just passed the dark of the moon when you can lay down under the night sky and see the infinite universe. It is so easy to imagine traveling for eternity, into a limitless ocean of the unknown.  Inside those velvety depths are questions we are unable to voice let alone answer.  The wonders of “Startrek” (Yes I’m a fan) where they can travel to “New worlds and new civilizations, To boldly go where no man has gone before” are not yet with us.

In the ultimate irony, there are as many unanswered questions about life, about our own lives as there are ‘out there’. At times it seems easier to contemplate the vast questions we cannot hope to find an answer to, than to fumble and struggle with questions on a daily basis that we still are unable to answer.

It would indeed be miraculous to find the answers to all our questions by allowing the vastness of the Universe to pervade our senses.

Blessings Susan x

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Oh, Man in the Moon

“Oh, man in the moon, send an evening star to wink at my dreary eyes, and I shall make a wish for a peaceful world that spins with no more lies.

Oh, man in the moon, send the night’s cool breeze to lull my leery heart, and I shall cast my fears to the wind with ease, and watch them all depart.

Oh, man in the moon, send the sandman’s dust to rest my weary soul, and I shall slumber in happy dreams until the morning bells do toll.”
Richelle E. Goodrich

There is something about the full moon which polarises people, they either believe in her magic or they do not.  Looking up at her hanging there, full and round, casting her light on the waters below, how could anyone deny she has a beauty and power not seen or felt anywhere else?  From time immemorial there have been stories of the moon being worshiped and sacrifices made to appease her. Strangely enough we do not appear to be so very different today in many ways.

I always feel disappointed if the evening of the full moon is overcast and dreary. I still feel her energy shining there in the night sky, and make my wish (or cast my spell) for the coming month. I have dozens for photos of the full moon – and as many of sunrise. There is great energy at those two times of the day, sunset and sunrise, or should I say moon rise and sunrise.

It is the time to charge up your crystals, invoke the power of the moon and bless the coming energy of the coming month. Yet, even if you don’t believe in the moons power, it cannot be denied that it is a time of heightened emotions. The tales of “full moon madness” are all too true. People are affected by her power in the sky and there are more accidents, murders, the basest of human nature, seen on the nights of a full moon than at any other time of the month. Just ask the staff at the emergency rooms. Some of my strangest memories of my time in the police department occurred during the full moons. Stories which would be hard to believe.

The magic of the moon is used to great effect in movies. One such movies was “The Gift” with Cate Blanchet and Greg Kinnear. She had ‘the gift’, in today’s vocabulary she was psychic, could read the tarot cards and had premonitions. If you haven’t seen it, do so, it is well worth the trouble.  Another is simply called “Premonition” with Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon. Slightly different but food for thought.

There is more to this world of ours than flesh and bone, the air we breath and the physics of life. It has always amused me that psychic and physics are so similar in spelling.  What chance was there that two such dissimilar words used by scientists and laymen (and women) would be chosen and used, argued over with such passion?

If you don’t honour the moon by ritual why not choose a movie such as I suggested and let her magic weave her way around you? You might be surprised by your dreams that night.

DSCN2723 (Copy)

This was the full moon over Byron Bay last month from my balcony. Mysterious and magical – for me at least.


“…I see myself at crossroads in my life, mapless, lacking bits of knowledge – then, the Moon breaks through, lights up the path before me…”
John Geddes, A Familiar Rain


Happy Full Moon.   Susan

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