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Christmas Day is almost over as around the world the countdown starts. The excitement of the younger children has reached its peak and they’re starting to be grumpy. The older kids are wishing they could go out and visit friends instead of family.  Mums and Dads the world over are beginning to run out of steam after the late night from gifts which needed to be assembled and presents wrapped and placed under the tree. Wishing for a few hours sleep before the day began. But what’s happening with our Christmas Soldier?

I haven’t watched or heard the news all day, but I wondered – what about the Christmas Soldier in far-flung corners of the world? I wonder how their Christmas Day has been, is, or will be? Far from home and loved ones, whether in harm’s way or not, has Santa managed to find his way to those far-flung shores to visit the Christmas Soldier?

The Christmas Soldier gives their time unstintingly so we might be safe at home. They spend their time keeping peace in other lands, so other people might be secure. The Christmas Soldier may not get much ‘peace on earth’ they may not get much Christmas cheer, but they are thought of by so many, who wish them safe at  home.
I heard a story that the Christmas Soldier may not be able to use the word Christmas, and I cannot help but question why? Is it not Christmas? Are they not Soldiers? Are they not then a Christmas Soldier? They stand shoulder to shoulder to keep the peace, are they not entitled to a piece of the peace? Just  for a short time.

We sit at home, full and replete, the table groaning under leftovers. A glass in hand we watch the news or a movie to keep the kids happy. We have all the comforts of home. There is no need for us to be on alert. There is nothing to cause us to tense at the sound of a car backfire or a firecracker going off.  Not so the Christmas Soldier.

He is on guard for anything out of the norm. He watches vigilantly for any strange movement. He listens carefully for the out-of-place noise. He is tense and watchful as he stares at a foreign landscape.  It is Christmas and if he is fortunate he will get the “Army”  “Navy” or “Air Force”  version of Christmas dinner. Those in the war zones will have… their own version of Christmas cheer. The Christmas Soldier version of Christmas dinner.

So wherever they may be, let’s say a prayer that they are safe. A prayer to wish them a happy Christmas, peace and joy with their fellow soldiers, free from harm. And more, that the New Year will see them safe at home, with their loved ones and families. That’s my wish for the Christmas Soldier.

Blessings  Susan x

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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