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I looked with eyes of wonder

Wide with delight and awe

At all the new discoveries I made

With the start of each new dawn

Love and light surrounded me

Kept me safe and warm by turns

I learnt the ways of life and love

Through my parents eyes, hearts and hands

A childhood filled with glee and wonder

I’d live through it all once again.

As time slipped by my eyes grew round

With amazement, glee, then shock and horror

As life in all its intricacies

Bright Eyes

image from angiesdiary.com

Was laid bare before my feet

The chaos, hurt and cruelty

A police woman’s eyes must see

Yet love remained in sheltered places

In the eyes of sweet-smelling babes

Whose lives I cherished and nurtured

Through their own discovering years

Time slips by so swiftly

And eyes see more and more

Love sometimes leaves more scars behind

Than joy and laughter have been made.

Eyes grow wearied and tired

As pain and loneliness soar

And parents whose place is untarnished

Bright Eyes

Mum and Dad

Leave holes in your life as they go

Loneliness settles deep,

In heart and bone and soul

A bystander you find you’ve become

As your children take up adults reins

Then, without thought or warning

A miracle arrives beside you

In a pair of bright, loving hazel eyes

A life once thought lost and desiccated

Now blooms anew like youth

As loves great power enfolds them

And their garden, their life, flowers anew.

Bright Eyes

Beautiful Butterfly

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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Magnolia tree. Geneva, Switzerland 2009

Magnolia tree. Geneva, Switzerland 2009

“From barren brown stems to glistening leaf-buds; from the leaf-buds to snowy virginity of bloom…It was like a flute song forgotten in another existence and remembered again. What? How? Why? This singing she heard that had nothing to do with her ears. The rose of the world was breathing out smell. It followed her through all her waking moments and caressed her in her sleep.”   ― Zora Neale Hurston


Life has its ups and downs. We all are here to live life. We all want to love life. It has many beautiful and unexpected surprises. It also has its tragedies and unhappiness.  No-one likes the bleak side of life, after all why would they?  Yet it is these very darker parts of life, the not so good parts of life, that can help us to see and appreciate the lighter side of life. They can help us to weather the difficult times by drawing on the beauty around us and anchoring us into the  life breath of our existence. They remind us that we are spiritual beings and this is our earthly life – now.  It may be a small toe-hold for some, but it is a beginning, and from small things, big things can grow.

A while ago I was reaching a point where I was thoroughly sick of taking so many pills and potions. My life seemed to be controlled by the time to take another handful and whether I had to eat or could not eat with them. I don’t like rules and restrictions. I don’t like taking pills ad nauseam. What was even more unpalatable, was that the pills were indeed nauseating. I was not living life and I wasn’t loving life.

I was reaching the point where I loathed taking them. I was beginning to hate taking them, the very things which would make me well again. In short I was beginning to fight against my own wellness. Then a wonderful friend stepped in and gave me a piece of sage advice. I could fight against this medication or I could graciously accept what it was doing for me and help it to work. The method was so simply it was breathtaking.

One of many pill bottles

One of many pill bottles

He suggested, that with gratitude for being able to receive this medication which was making me well, I could write the word LOVE on the bottles and boxes of medication I had to take.  If I had to live life then I could also start to love life.

Another  health and well-being medication

Another health and well-being medication.

Not only was the very act of getting the medication out from the dark depths of the box I had consigned them to, bringing them into the light, and writing in a colour I wanted to represent LOVE, it was an acknowledgement that I accepted their vital role in my health care plan. It also created a change in my attitude towards the regimen I needed to follow. I was showing myself LOVE by taking them. I was showering myself with LOVE each time I took them and they did their work for me.

A weekly organised 'treat' of LOVE

A weekly organised ‘treat’ of LOVE

It suddenly became easier to swallow all the medication, even knowing that it would probably make me feel less than well, in the short-term. The strange thing was that over time, the medication seemed to be less of an irritant to my system. I won’t say it stopped all the side effects, because the side effects, some of them, were an indication that the bugs were being killed off. WAY TO GO PILLS AND POTIONS!

I wanted to send this out today because I feel there may be more people who feel like me, who felt like me.  People who are sick and tired of not only feeling ill, but all the medication they take every day to try to maintain a modicum of a normal life, let alone to get well. It’s been seen to work with cancer patients, chemo is a wicked cocktail and yet with LOVE written on the fluid IV and believing it was lovingly healing the body the usual side effects were minimised or cancelled.

It may not be a cure-all for everyone. Yet for everyone who is struggling back to wellness, who needs some encouragement and LOVE in their efforts to well-being, perhaps this might work for you also. At the very least it is a work in positive affirmation, which is always good. The more we believe, the more it will be so. So, if you live life, then love life , even the not so good.

I am, and will always be eternally grateful to my wonderful friend for sharing this piece of wisdom.

A beautiful orchid spray from last season

A beautiful orchid spray from last season

“Without darkness, we may never know how bright the stars shine. Without battles, we could not know what victory feels like. Without adversity, we may never appreciate the abundance in our lives. Be thankful, not only for the easy times, but for every experience that has made you who you are.”    ― Julie-Anne


Thank you my generous friend. You brought a light into my life when we met. I am and always will be grateful we met.  May you always be well.  🙂

Blessings and wellness to all.

Susan xx

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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Life was busy in my early thirties. I was married, had two small children and we were running a small business. I was also going to the gym and felt fitter than I can ever remember being in my life so far. Then I started to feel, ‘not quite well’.  Exercise would cure anything, after all it had cured my  weight problem so it would fix this. I exercised harder. I looked better but felt worse. The doctor said I was fine, fit and healthy.

After several years of increasing problems I finally saw a specialist and it was decided I needed a hysterectomy – urgently.  I wasn’t concerned, I had my children and as I explained to the doctor, if anything did happen to one of my children (even though I knew nothing would) there would be no way I would want to try to “replace” them with another child.  I don’t know how much that thought was caused by knowing my children were going to be okay, or the unacknowledged situation which was slowly deteriorating at home. Either way I wanted this problem solving.

I went into hospital and the operation went really well. For the first time in three years I felt really good. Apart from an injunction to rest for several days, no heavy lifting, I was allowed home several days later. Unfortunately my mother in law had been asked to come down and help with the children whilst I was “laid up”. Another irritant, my husband couldn’t be bothered taking a few days off to help me or his children until I could take over again. Work came first, last and everywhere else before his family – oh, apart from his mother that is! (Yes, I realise my feelings have yet to be exorcised about the M.I.L. but that’s another story).

image from iwuvtheoffice.deviantart.com

Two days after I came home I started to haemorrhage slightly. I was doing more than I should, M.I.L. simply didn’t want to really help. Back to the specialist but everything seemed okay. However, by the next day it had become something I couldn’t ignore and I had to tell my husband. Another day went by as I felt things becoming worse. Finally it was apparent that the “wait and see” attitude wasn’t going to work.  It was now Sunday and the caring response was, “Well, let’s wait until tomorrow and see if it has changed at all”. OK, apparently I could bleed to death before it was urgent enough to take me to the hospital.

By 11pm I was really ill. I was losing buckets of blood. (It may be a slight exaggeration but that’s what it felt like). I had become as white as a sheet and finally the decision came to call the doctor.  Would you be impressed to be called at 11pm on a Sunday night? We were sent off to the hospital and whisked into Emergency. Of course, not knowing what had been happening the doctor had instructed the hospital staff to “monitor me for a few hours and let him know how much blood I was actually losing”. In retrospect that was so funny.

Ensconced in a room with an adjoining bathroom I barely heard the door close before I needed to rush into the bathroom; Hubby buzzing frantically for the nurse. Of course, by the time she arrived I was perched on the edge of the bed and she was holding a bedpan for me. Oh – too late! I wasn’t happy to be berated for not waiting, or finding out I was to be monitored for a few hours. Bedpans, oh how I detest bedpans.

image from commons.wikimedia.org –

I was in clean pyjamas so I took the nurse’s advice and climbed into bed. Oh dear! It appeared climbing up into the bed set things moving. I “yelled” reasonably quietly for my hubby to grab the bedpan and precariously climbed “on board”. Well, she had her sample to check but the altitude (or the blood loss) had an unexpected effect.

Weaving atop my bedpan I said, “You’d better call the nurse, I’m going to pass out!” Nurse appeared and bedpan was unceremoniously removed as I said, “I’m going over now” and backwards I toppled. There was a delicious feeling of floating and I watched the scene from above the bed. Mayhem ensued. The nurse called the sister who called the doctor on duty. From somewhere another sister appeared.

image from astralsociety.net

There I lay with someone at each arm and leg, blood pressure cuff tight and everyone patting an arm or leg and none too gently, trying to find a vein. My blood pressure reading had tanked. I got the giggles. I felt as though I was watching everything from a huge distance, my hubby wringing his hands in the corner. I heard my voice saying, “It’s alright, it’s not my time to go yet.” The startled looks set me to giggling once more. There was a feeling of drifting away yet being connected to what was happening. Sometime later I realised I was looking at a nurse who was looking somewhat uncomfortable and an IV line was in my hand. Whilst I knew on one level it was wrong I have to admit I felt strangely vindicated when I saw the ashen look on my hubby’s face.

After an emergency operation I woke to find my hand the size of a grapefruit. The IV needle had “tissued” (gone through the vein and into the tissue) and I was uncomfortable. Actually it bloody hurt! Even though the emergency staff had put the IV in, because I had health cover, now that I was no longer “in danger” it could only be changed by a private pathology nurse.  You guessed it, they wouldn’t be on duty for several more hours. They refused to let me sign a waiver, I had to wait until someone came on duty and in the meantime the fluid in my hand continued to build up. Each inadvertent movement was excruciating.

Four hours later I had the IV moved, but my hand took days to recover. Strange that it was my hand I was more concerned about. My specialist popped in to see me. Apparently I had managed to lose a critical amount of blood, much more and they wouldn’t have been able to ‘save me.” I felt like saying “I told you so” but didn’t. He said they couldn’t find any reason for the haemorrhaging but neither could they refute that it had occurred. Tied up tighter than a trussed turkey I was allowed home several days later.

I have no idea ‘where’ I went when all the drama happened. I felt serenely peaceful and had the feeling that I was being told so many things, but I couldn’t remember anything later. I still believe that when the time is right I will remember. It was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had, and telling everyone ‘it wasn’t my time to go yet’ still has the power to make me giggle. I simply knew that although it was really serious, everything was going to be fine. I wasn’t finished with this life; I had too much to do.

image from justchow.blogspot.com

Live life to the fullest and never ever look back, there is a reason for the future and a reason for the past. Love till it hurts and laugh till you cry and when your life flashes before you, make it worth while. Be happy for what you have done, and be happy for what you have over come, and most of all always be proud of what you have become.”   – Ritu Ghatourey

Some things as easy to explain. Some simply seem strange. Some are taken on faith or belief. I know what happened and one day I’ll remember what I need to from this experience. Years later I still find it funny.


Blessings.  Susan  x

© Susan Jamieson

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Humans are amphibians – half spirit and half animal. As spirits they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time.”
C. S. Lewis

Half life taking hold of me

Sunlight rising over a dark horizon

Climbing slowly in the sky

Golden light burning brightly

Trees shimmering like their leaves are aflame

Half life slowly closing on me

golden light burning brightly like leaves aflame

golden light burning brightly like leaves aflame

Blue sky showing clearly now

Yet eyes are softly closing

Clouds of filament white streaks float by

Breeze blows soft whitecaps in the ocean nearby

Dusk is falling swiftly now

Where has the day gone so swiftly

Half life riding even closer – but how

White caps piling high, breaking on the beach

White caps piling high, breaking on the beach

Darkness falling – Moonlight rising

Stars glitter in the cold pure air

Where has the day gone

Where has it fled

I don’t know

Eyes wide open for a time

Yet everyone is going to sleep

Where are the connections the soul seeks

My eyes burn from the emptiness within

It has slipped from my grasp once more

Half life taking over me

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”
Maya Angelou

No two human beings will see the same thing in exactly the same way, it’s what makes our experiences unique. Yet we must all try to reach each other, to feel for each other and try to understand each other. If we cannot do that, if we don’t wish to try to do that, then we have failed as a soul living an earthly existence.

Compassion for the people we meet, live with, or even by acknowledging their presence in our thoughts each day is a powerful gift. Sending gratitude to them, so that they may make of their lives all they possibly can. Only then can we rise above where we are and become all we can be.

This world is a beautiful place, yet even knowing this there will be times we wander in the dark. At those times we can only pray that someone will hear the unspoken plea and hold out the hand of friendship. Such is my belief. I pray I have the strength to offer a helping hand if I find someone in need, irrespective of how might feel. This is humanity.

May Blessings be yours every day. Know that all is well.

Ciao, Susan xx

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“Everything is connected through the universal  flow of consciousness”.   Colette Baron-Reid

Life is an ever-changing landscape. There are times when we feel we know every twist and turn of the road ahead, yet it is then that something will come along and shake things up for us. The reason for this is simple. Life is not a static experience, it is raw and beautiful and is to be lived to the full. Sometimes we have to grab on and hold on as hard as we can and wring from it all that is there.

Then there are the times to pause in silent communion and reflect on the world and life around us. Time to see where we are forcing a way through our lives and not flowing along in harmony with our lives, our world. These are the times we feel tired and exhausted; when we feel that everything is against us and nothing is working out the way it should. Fighting against the flow is hard work.

image from footage.shutterstock.com

Have you been able to take a moment and looked at your life? Is it flowing in synchronicity with all that surrounds you, or are you fighting the current and only marking time?  Life is complex, an ever-changing vista and we are given cues to find our way through the rough patches.

It is when things are difficult that we need to take the time to stop, listen to the inner voice of our heart and soul and see where we are out of step with our life. Instead of the tiring fight to force things into the shape you feel they must be, there may be a better way. Perhaps all you need to do is to acknowledge that the current situation doesn’t feel right. You feel out of step with yourself, you feel life is not ‘in flow’.

It is time to take a breath, a really deep breath which gives our racing hearts and minds time to pause. It is perhaps then that we can see it is time to be kind to ourselves and walk away from the struggle today. Tomorrow is just a few hours away and the pause, time to reflect will bring a calm, a clarity and a new sense of purpose.

Tomorrow when we have entered the calm waters and are flowing gently in synchronicity with everything, then that sense of calm will wash away the struggle of yesterday and the ease of flow as we work with life will bring a sense of wonder at our previous struggle.

So take a moment on me and breathe, feel the beauty of the calmness being in flow with your life brings. Enjoy the blessings being in flow will bring.

Blessings, Susan x

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“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”  Lao-Tzu

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