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The gentle breeze blows cool

Against hot fevered skin

And moonlight glows faintly

The Cycle Continues

The moon’s cool promise

On a landscape wrapped in velvet

The hoot of a watching Owl

Who sees all that moves in the night

A possum running along a branch

Leaping towards the sound

Of a parent watching nearby

A fox barks in the distance

Repeated thrice or more

Calling the family home again

The world sails softly along through nights hours

In cool and restful slumber

Preparing for the day to come

As dawn arrives once more

The golden globe rises over the far horizon

The Cycle Continues

Golden sunrise over the treetops

Already its power can be felt by all

Temperatures surge ever higher

Dry and hot is what we’re told

It really is a farce

As the heat increases minute by minute

Like the bellows worked on a forge

All creatures great and small

Pant and pause in the humid air

To catch a refreshing breath

Yet there’s none to be found by any

Only the oily ooze of moisture

As we finally fall dessicated to the earth.

The Cycle Continues

image from freelancerichardson.com

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There are times too many to hide

When the words seem stuck inside

When the hurt from so many feelings                    ~

Overflow like a king tide

When all I crave is to wander

The sea shore or forest glade

Or listen to the sounds of nature                             ~

High upon a mountain glade

Soothing wounds hidden inside.


Nature Healing
image from http://www.rgc.org.au

Far up the mountainside

Amid clouds and air so clear

No sounds of man are heard

Just bird calls and the cattle herd

Possum and Koala

Kangaroo and Cockatoo.


Peacefulness flows over me

Tight muscles slowly loosen

Nature Healing

image kiwiginny.blogspot.com

A restful feeling flows through me

And calm falls softly to seduce

Frayed nerves from rough abuse


Night falls gently like silken fronds

Stars shine brilliant as diamonds

Owls sail quietly past to see

If anyone else is with me


Comforted by their presence

Flying gracefully through starlit heavens

A sigh is softly heard

Slipping sweetly from parted lips

~/Nature healed once more

I sleep safely under their watchful gaze

Safe in the arms of Mother nature.

Nature Healing

image from birdsinbackyards.net


Blessings Susan x

© Susan Jamieson 2013

Nature Healing

image from wallpapersus.com

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DSCN3675 (Copy)                              This beautiful rose quartz carved with the Dalai Lama‘s quote at the Crystal Castle.


Today was a special day, a birthday, another day to celebrate being alive, grateful for being together and enjoying each others company. We don’t count birthdays as such, after all, it’s just a number and the most important thing is how you feel. (Discounting my up and down days with Lyme) we are both happy as Larry and enjoy life to the fullest we can.

Today, that meant doing as much as we could in the time I can keep going. This week we’ve had two other outings to spread out the celebrating to cope with my limitations at present, but today was magnificent.  This morning we woke up to a southerly wind, which usually means the cold winter currents are still flowing up the coast, however, opening the windows wide we were blasted with hot and blustery winds. It was so hot we even checked the hot plates in the event we had left them on overnight. Nope, just an odd hot day. .

DSCN3627 (Copy).

Here you can see both the white caps rolling north and the wind blowing the palms near the house.

DSCN3628 (Copy)

This was odd to say the least, but a quick breakfast and we were off to the Crystal Castle. It’s a beautiful place situated just south-west of Mullumbimby and a short drive for us. Being avid crystal lovers it was a beautiful place to soak up the tranquility, play with the crystals and sit and relax over a beautiful coffee and cake. After all it was a birthday treat!


DSCN3634 (Copy)

Overlooking the gardens from the coffee shop, surrounded by rose quartz and a huge clear quartz ‘obelisk’. Right are two of the beautiful amethyst geodes we love. The energy from these is spectacular.

DSCN3640 (Copy)

DSCN3667 (Copy).

Our favourite crystals the magnificent coloured labradorite  and the exquisite Lapis lazuli.

DSCN3656 (Copy)

The kids having fun.

DSCN3688 (Copy)

DSCN3670 (Copy)

We found some unexpected guests. The possum wasn’t going to be disturbed on his comfy perch and slept through his photo shoot. The English tourists at the next table were quite taken with him.


DSCN3644 (Copy)  Doesn’t he just look so cute?

DSCN3649 (Copy)

The cheeky Myna had just helped himself to a packet of sugar and was wondering if those shiny elestials were something to eat.


DSCN3652 (Copy)

DSCN3661 (Copy)

On the way out we saw two beautiful flowers I haven’t seen in a long time.


DSCN3671 (Copy)

Above is the Blue Trumpet Vine or Sky Flower and below is the Lady Slipper Vine. Beautiful scents all round.

DSCN3676 (Copy)

Finally as we arrived home we caught a couple of keen kite surfers and couldn’t resist a final shot of the gorgeous King Orchid in the tree next to the house.


DSCN3632 (Copy).

DSCN3630 (Copy)

It’s now time to count our Blessings and there many things today has brought for us to be grateful for. Spirit has been wonderful in showing us so many things in our lives that we have which we can be grateful for, in spite of the set backs.  Family phone calls and wishes and cards from people far away, all go to show that we are all connected.

I hope you enjoyed sharing Ray’s birthday (and Father’s Day here in Australia) with us. I know I had enjoyed sharing it with you.

“Gratitude means to recognize the good in your life, be thankful for whatever you have, some people may not even have one of those things you consider precious to you (love, family, friends etc). Each day give thanks for the gift of life.You are blessed”    Pablo

Ciao, Susan x

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“From goulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night
Good Lord, deliver us!”    recorded in The Cornish and West Country Litany, 1926.

I’m still in recovery mode from my little medical procedure. As promised it’s not ‘quite’ as painful as before but I wouldn’t like to put a wager on it.  Aside from the fact that the entire neck is bruised from it’s assault by sharp objects and I’m sure you can feel it too.

Last night we decided to have a somewhat early night.  It is a misnomer of the grandest proportions since by the time we’ve checked emails, turned off computer, locked up, turned off lights and finally hit the bathroom for showers it’s not that early any longer. The problems begin with the emails, there is always one, if not more, to discuss or reply to and things snowball from there. The solution, of course, is to turn off the computer before we leave it and not go back to it. Easy!  It is also the penalty of working from home.  There is always the thought that something ‘vitally’ important may arrive late that we ‘must’ be prepared for the next day. I’m working on it!
nose to the grindstone

courtesy of  neesay.wordpress.com

After wobbling my way through the last minute computer turn off and shower (not together thankfully), I was thinking longingly of laying my aching head on my pillow when my husband laughingly reported we had a couple of possums in the nearby tree.  It actually sounded like a meeting place of mating possums. The noise, whilst not overly loud, was constant, and seemed to come from every branch of the tree.  A torchlit search finally found several culprits, doing what possums do, and we left them to their – own devices.

However, there was a small interlude before that happened. I recently received a beautiful burgundy Nikon P150 camera and I was hopeful of getting one of the possums (at rest)  on film so to speak.  Check lighting, check, check exposure, check, check shutter speed, check, you get the idea, it was almost a game of the blind leading the blind.  So, before they could move and I lost any chance of getting their presence immortalized I made a dash for the balcony door.
screen door  funny

courtesy of annacbowling.blogspot.com

That’s right, I walked right into and through the closed screen door, the one my dear husband had so carefully closed behind me after I ran inside to grab that beautiful camera! Being one of the “you beaut” Crimsafe doors I bounced back into the room whilst the door flew outwards at a great rate. OUCH!  Dignity and pride bruised and battered, not to say anything about my aching neck.  I guess that’s what happens when you interrupt nature at work.

brush tail possum

Image of brush tail possum courtesy of whyology.blogspot.com

Fortunately we were able to see the funny side to this.  With a backdrop of ‘hissing’ from the amorous possums Ray managed to get the door back on track, I massaged my bruised nose and toes, and contemplated the advisability of trying to take a photo.

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” Alexander Pope; an essay on criticism in 1709.

Dignity dented but intact, door replaced fully intact, possums still occupied, definitely intact, time to try for a photo.  I remembered to open the offending door this time and we took up position on the balcony.  Here we are twelve feet off the ground, Ray leaning way out over the railing to get some light on ‘the subjects’ whilst I, of much shorter stature than Ray, try to lean precariously over the rail to get the camera somewhere in the vicinity of the possums.

I can report, quite  definitely, that I need more lessons on how to operate my camera. It may not be my deficiencies at all but an impossible ask under the circumstances. Several blank shots plus several orange blurs were all I got for twisting myself, pretzel like over the railing, this after trying to rearrange myself as I torpedoed through a screen door.  It has not been my finest hour!

I am consoling myself with the knowledge that I caught  a beautiful shot of a spoonbill feeding in our pond the other day.  Sometimes you simply have to take your awards where you find them.


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