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Thinking about a Question and Answer. Here is a beautiful song, “Only Time” by Enya. Perfect for this time when we are asking questions and seeking answers. Please enjoy one of my favourite songs.

Blessings,  Susan x

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Question and Answer

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Without answers

Without time

Without reason


Questions to be asked

Answers expected

Because that’s why

Questions are asked


Creeps so slowly

Whilst you are waiting

For something to arrive


Speeds quickly past

With so much to do

Time is such a contrary beast

When all you want is to know

When you can get there

Without a fuss

How long it will be fair

When the rain pours down

Or why it needs to be so hot

When your head pounds

Like a demented stone mason

Attacking you with pick and hammer

Questions without answers

They simply are

They always will be

Because they are……Questions

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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Where to from here? It’s a question everyone will ask themselves many times over the course of their lifetime. Today it seems like a simple question and yet it is also confusing.  I started out on one path, wanting to get my thoughts, ideas, feelings into words, not only for myself but hopefully, finding that they resonate for someone else also.  I believe at times we all strive to make that connection with someone else.

Then, quite suddenly I found myself writing a poem. There was no conscious decision to do so, but from there they seemed to flow. It’s an interesting change, to suddenly find oneself in a totally different place from where one began. I am able to truly be ‘in the moment’ as I write either poetry or prose, I am deeply grateful. They form a small, but essential escape and one I will continue to  explore.

If my head stays on for the night, and my trips to the bathroom decrease, I will try to write a story tomorrow, but  that is in the lap of the Gods. At present things are hanging by a thread – just like my climber.


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