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This world of mine

Has somehow lost its shine

Why I ask

Does it have to be this way

Why does everyone I love have to turn away

Why do they leave til I’m all alone

With a heart so heavy it finds it hard to beat

It shouldn’t be such a mighty feat

My eyes are hurting from unshed tears

Holding tight to all my fears

The pain of it all held deep inside

Is there somewhere safe for me to hide

Why, oh why does it have to be this way

Can I wake up tomorrow to a bright new day

No more hurt or pain nor loneliness

No longer waiting for the blame

A new hurting game

No need to hold my breath

Wondering if this is the final death

Will it always be that way

The sun shines at the start of each new day

It just forgets to light up my way


image from sugaree33-art.deviantart.com

If I screamed to the heavens would they hear me

Would they answer if I cried loudly enough

Has my breaking heart not borne enough

Can they not hear me

Have I paid my way to a peaceful love

Safe from all the hurt and pain

Freed from endless games of shame

The hand that is held out

Is not the hand to hurt

The smile on a face

Doesn’t hide lies like a mill race

Rushing down to sweep me away

A hand to hold the heart with love

A smile that glows with truth from heaven above

How long now until it’s my turn to smile

How long til I hear my loved ones sigh

Is this to be my life


image from housechurchesuk.weebly.com


The answer!

Blessings, Susan ♥

© Susan Jamieson 2014



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Slowly darkness

Creeps over the land


Signs of life

Gazing silently

Into the Universe


Float through the air


Without end

Is anyone there


Profound answers me


Unanswered reverberate

Inside the tired mind

image from fuckyeahnorthernlights.tumblr.com

Why is it so

There is no answer

Lofty ideals

Grace favours the few


Strains heartstrings

Tears flow unchecked

Loneliness cuts deep

Cavernous tears bleed

Deep beneath the earth

As the stars wheel

Silently overhead.

image from xtie-akums.blogspot.com

We have just passed the dark of the moon when you can lay down under the night sky and see the infinite universe. It is so easy to imagine traveling for eternity, into a limitless ocean of the unknown.  Inside those velvety depths are questions we are unable to voice let alone answer.  The wonders of “Startrek” (Yes I’m a fan) where they can travel to “New worlds and new civilizations, To boldly go where no man has gone before” are not yet with us.

In the ultimate irony, there are as many unanswered questions about life, about our own lives as there are ‘out there’. At times it seems easier to contemplate the vast questions we cannot hope to find an answer to, than to fumble and struggle with questions on a daily basis that we still are unable to answer.

It would indeed be miraculous to find the answers to all our questions by allowing the vastness of the Universe to pervade our senses.

Blessings Susan x

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