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DSCN2778 (Copy)In the inky darkness of early night

The wind’s rising howl shrieked

A keening round house and home

Through trees whipped madly

Seas tossed wildly aloft

The storm showed its fury

Mighty Oaks uprooted

Flying crazily across the sky

Deadly airborne missiles

Landing where whim and fate would have them lie

Never a care for the humans there

Seas rising grey into the sky

White caps curling, tossed high

Crashed ferociously onto man made walks

Stormy weather

Stormy weather

Throwing all before its might

The fury of the storm claimed the night

Mother Nature showing her dominion

With the daylight comes the count

The cost of her mighty roar

Reminding us of our small place

In the grandeur of the world

Challenging us to try again

To rebuild lives as they once were

To pray yet again for a miracle

To save us

When Mother Nature roars.

image from blogs.roanoke.com

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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The moon is fat and full tonight

I hear my brothers and sisters call

Wolves know deep in their collective mind

That something just isn’t quite right

Am I free to run with them in rushing flight

Am I free to follow them into the night.

image from aftergadget.wordpress.com

The owls sit in their tree

Watching the place where I sit

They watch with silent intensity

Searching to see if I’m free

Am I free to fly through the moonlight

Far away into the pure cold night

Nature it seems surrounds me

They know how these things should be

They know when a heart has been broken

They know when it’s time to be free

How do I ease these raging torments

That rend me apart deep inside

Like fangs or beaks ripping flesh apart

Or a storms waves crashing fiercely against the shore

Only to rear back  and pound forward once more

The past it carries our memories

To ensure we remember mistakes

Til we no longer need reminding

What repeating them will from us take

We can try to forget if we’re foolish

We can try to deny the truth

But sooner or later our memories

Return like a forbidden moonlit spell

To remind us of what we can’t tell

Tears can no longer quench

The burning deep in my soul

No answers can ease the agony

Can no longer make a heart whole

image from ipad.wallpapersus.com

So what is the answer you ask yourself

To move forward into the light

To leave forever this darkest of nights

Lit strangely by this bright moonlight

And forge ahead with all my might

I have no answer inside me

I have no-one I can ask

Solitary I must walk in this misery

For who would I burden with this task

So that I may run howling with my friends once again

Or fly free over forbidden plains

Lost I shall remain

Until a miracle removes the stain

And I need stand no more in the rain

Hiding tears which show all my pain

Til once more I’m at peace, in the sunlight again.

image from ivoryblushroses.blogspot.com

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