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Fijian dancers 2010

One of the highlights of our trip to Fiji was the traditional Fijian night, food and the dancers. The enjoyment and energy they showed was almost contagious.  I really don’t think either of us wanted to get up and shimmy our way round the circle of whirl and jump like dervishes!  It made for great entertainment though.

Fijian dancers 2010 -4

I guess it goes without much explanation that the whirling and spinning was done by the men. The ladies did a lot of shimmy and shake, and those headdresses – awesome.

Although we spent much of our time working! Yes, a working trip to Fiji, where each day was spent in a conference room, we were always aware that the sun was shining outside and the staff were ready with a smile and “Bula” before and after any request.

Lookout over pool in Fiji  2

The beautiful view from our room. As soon as the sun rose we could see the gardens and pools which led onto the beach.  In spite of the work there was time for team building, games of pool volleyball, contortionist games of pass the ball through the human maze and finding messages in object form from anywhere in the resort gardens – if we could decipher the clues. One of the funniest activities had each team hanging on to their own coloured rope. Everyone had to manoeuver a large beach ball under and over chairs and tables and up and down stairs without dropping it. Dropped we had to start all over again.

Best activity of all was the jet boat ride. I’ve  watched these guys from our balcony at Runaway Bay and the fellow in Fiji could teach them a lot. We zigged and zagged and spun and whirled.  We whizzed backwards and forwards and stopped in a spray of water millimeters from posts, each time throwing up a fountain of water over everyone in the boat.  It really was thrills a minute and lasted too short a time.

After a shower and change it was time for a refreshing cocktail and dinner…. it certainly worked up an appetite.

Be ready to take your time though, everything runs on Fiji time!

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