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#Role Reversal

image from arbroath.blogspot.com                                                                        Role Reversal: The hunters gather for their meal in a cage.

~“Who doesn’t want to know that we notice them and value them? And who might respond to us better when they feel that they matter? It probably cannot be overstated – it matters…that people matter.”
Steve Goodier

           Valentine’s Day. (Today in the Southern Hemisphere)  A day when lovers known or unknown, exchange gifts, where dinners of seduction are planned and escapades dreamed up, flowers and chocolates by the score are bought to celebrate the greatest gift one person can give another, love. Yet not everyone is smitten by the God of Love. For some, the idea of love seems a far cry from their reality.

I have never believed in putting people into neatly labelled baskets and saying, “this group are gifted”, “this group are the workers”, this group are the drones” and “these we kick to the kerb because they are useless”. I know there are people and organisations who work in this way. I believe it is an old model which was used to enforce the class structure prevalent at the time.

#Role Reversal

image from http://www.glogster.com –       Class Structure –   Food for Thought 

We haven’t been able to leave the class structure behind yet, but I believe we will. When that happens there will be a new way of looking at people and there will be no elite or kicked to the kerb. Think about it, why should one group of people hold themselves up as better than the rest because they either have money or a “privileged background”?

In the same way I don’t believe it is right for knowledge to be hoarded when it can be shared for the betterment of everyone. Yes, there are people who need to learn or know something first and they are to be thanked, but it is the hoarding of knowledge which is used to keep people in the ‘class structure’ of the information age.

#Role Reversal

image from izquotes.com Who bought the rights to knowledge?

Even those who are ill have abilities and knowledge which can benefit others, yet they are more often downplayed to the extent that they cannot get people to look past the fact that they may be ‘disadvantaged’ in some way.  Why should anyone become a second or third class citizen because they have an illness or disability, or because they happen to have been born within a certain racial or social structure? Segregation in any way is wrong. History has shown that all too clearly.

There may be those who want to say that my opinions are coloured by the fact that I am ill at present. Truthfully, after taking revolting medication for years and seeing no improvements I am questioning if I have been given the right diagnosis and if the medication is not doing more harm than good.

#Role Reversal

image from http://www.npr.org                    FDR – would he ever have been elected if people had known he was ‘disabled’?

Even though I have been ‘ill’ for some time it did not stop me from being a part time carer for my Dad when he had cancer. All Dad needed was the support to go through with his journey and he asked for very little. When my ex-husband had a mental breakdown and became chronically depressed I was his carer for many years.  When my mother was diagnosed as terminally ill I was her carer for the larger part of the day. I never once, throughout these times thought I was hard done by, being asked to do ‘extra’ or that my parents were less than they had been. I would have been speechless if anyone asked me questions about my mother’s health instead of her.

Why is this important? It is important because of the way society thinks about people. Because I am ill and my husband is technically my carer, I am somehow lessened in the eyes of the establishment. He is asked questions about me, my health, and my attitude, my ability to do things, as though I am no longer capable of understanding or answering the questions. I have been relegated to a cipher, by society at large. I’m not the only one either.

#Role Reversal  ….image from http://www.budget.gov.au


Some people have the opinion that a spouse, particularly if it is the husband, has a particularly rough time if he is the carer. They also think that they should receive accolades for doing what a woman; wife would do for her husband as a matter of course. He is thought of as being a special person for doing this. Why, because we are crossing traditional role boundaries? Role Reversal is not a new thing?

#Role reversal

image from http://www.josephinewallart.co.uk Mystical Lovers

Today is Valentine’s Day and due in large part to the many accolade laden articles I have read, praising the husband for looking after the ill or disabled wife; I have been led to believe I shouldn’t think about Valentine’s Day in the usual way. (Not that I’ve ever given it a great deal of brain play in the past). I shouldn’t hope for a card, a flower, a coffee or dinner, a Valentine wish, because I am a lesser person. I’m not hale and hearty. I have failed to pass the mark to enter the halls of the acceptable.  It’s been a very distressing and demoralising week.

Fortunately, I know, that not everyone thinks this way. Yet those who do; those who have forgotten that each person is a valuable member of society, that each person is a beautiful spirit having a human experience, has helped to undermine me, and any other ill or disadvantaged person, at a fragile moment.

If Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love then it is not restricted by age, race, infirmity, colour, creed or faith. Love simply is. There are no passwords, secret handshakes or categories to say Love can only be for these people. There are many forms of love. It should be something which enfolds everyone and lifts everyone to new heights, with happiness and joy.

It is time to stop doling out acceptance or love based on someone’s arbitrary decision which is long outmoded.

#Role Reversal

image from idanceintherain.com –

It is not simply Valentine’s Day; it is the “Celebration of Love” Day and open to all. From my heart to yours I send wishes of love. May the day of love shine brightly in your heart.

#Role Reversal

image from stewartdesign.com –    Love and acceptance, makes the heart swell with gratitude and happiness.

Love comes in many forms, don’t be misled by thinking it has to be a people love…. animals unconditional love and acceptance of people have saved more sanity and lives than anyone can truly know. Let your companion know you love them back. It feel wonderful, Love Actually is wonderful..

Happy Celebration of Love Day 2014.

Blessings,  Susan  ♥♥♥

© Susan Jamieson 2014

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