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Titanic started a voyage through history when it sailed away. One century later, there is still no port at sight.”    ― Marina Tavares Dias

The RMS Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage on April 10 1912 and sank on April 15th at approximately 2.20am. There were boats for only one-third of the persons aboard. Ships sent to collect those who didn’t make it to a lifeboat or safety were overwhelmed by the number they found and unable to embalm them left them to their watery grave, choosing to bring back the wealthy who had more chance of being identified. It was an unimaginable tragedy.

Last night I had a vivid dream and this morning woke and wrote this. This is for all those who lived and died on Titanics’ unsinkable maiden voyage.

I believe I dreamed a dream

Tho it was so real.

I saw myself standing there

Dressed in a gown so fine

With diamonds twinkling in the light

Both at my throat and in my hair

So beautiful, so pure.

From high above the others

I looked down upon them, watching unseen

And saw a scene from hell

An unimagined watery hell of sheer horror.

I saw a group of hard-working men

Their shirtsleeves rolled tight around their arms

Their trousers dark and baggy held up by heavy braces

All kneeling round a stairwell.

I heard a voice from far away

“Time to get you outta there lad”.

Under the icy water, murky and dense

I saw a body floating there

Searching for anyone still trapped in that watery hell

His hair so fine looked like a halo softly shining

From that dim light glowing far above.

A hand, callused and strong reached into that icy grave

Reached down and took hold of those braces

And with a strength borne of desperation hauled him from his death.

I knew him well tho I know not how

All I could do was stand and watch

Then stand and watch the scene repeated again

Unable to come any closer nor say a word.

Who was that man? Who was he?

And who was I standing there, a silent witness?

Whoever you are I know you well

And in my heart I know you both do dwell

Not far apart as you were then

But together, forever, in loves sweet embrace

Beneath the icy water of your tomb.

image from the-void.co.uk

I have no proof if my dream was about the Titanic. As I lay in bed and these words poured onto the page I felt in my heart that I was right.  It is indeed strange that such a dream, so vivid, should come within weeks of the anniversary of her sinking. Rational thought, at times, needs to take a back seat to the truth that you feel inside.

Perhaps it could have been avoided if the radio operator on the Carpathia had not remained in bed and received the CQD call (the early SOS). We shall never know.

The final words belong to those who put the tragedy into its own perspective.

“The greatest source of pathos in the Titanic tragedy was its eminent avoidability.”

“If she had only proceeded more slowly.”

“If she had only taken the Southerly route, avoiding the icebergs.”

“If only the watch had had a pair of binoculars (Clinch Valley News, Tazewell, VA, April 26, 1912).”

“If only the order to abandon ship had come more quickly.”

“If only the Californian had not ignored her distress calls and flares.” … from an article by The Library of Virginia on the centenary of her sinking.

Blessings and love for all lives lost.

Susan xx

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