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Lightning Strikes

Circling Storms

Lightning Strikes

It’s been a damned hot day. We had two storms with thunder and lightning strikes. Before that it was hot.  I don’t like the heat.  I may have mentioned it a time or two, perhaps even more. It does nasty things to me, not the least of which is abominable headaches and a cranky disposition. It’s because I’m hot.   It’s almost like lightning strikes inside my head. It’s really difficult to be bright and bubbly when your head is being crushed by an invisible vice and nothing you do makes you feel one degree cooler. I’m positive if I sat on an iceberg I would melt it in short order. Really!

Lightning Strikes

Sunrise with halo

My cousin told me it was over forty degrees where she was this afternoon. She was watching the storms circle her. They circled us too before they finally pounced. Did you know that the atmospheric changes caused by a weather front moving in can cause the unwary to be catapulted into fits of depression, aggression and plain old agony? Then the lightning strikes and it’s like there is a fourth of July going off inside your head, and for a time I still feel hot.

I sound melodramatic don’t I, but I can assure you it’s very real. What makes it worse is that you know what’s happening and try as you may, it’s impossible to stop what’s happening. I have tried for years and I have still to find a way to be cool in the summer.  After all, you cannot stop the weather front from coming over you, although I have been known to pray that the rain be sent inland where they need it.

Lightning Strikes

Weather front closing in

It wasn’t just to avoid the effects of the front moving over me, it was a real desire to let the rain go where it’s needed, but yes, it was also partially for selfish reasons. I’m human after all. I just don’t feel like it when the lightning strikes.

This monster seems to take hold of my head and rational thought dissolves with every crack of thunder and sizzle of a lightning strike. I mean, it’s ridiculous because I love storms. Nice ones that bring good rain and no havoc. I even love thunder and lightning, but of recent times they simply have this effect on me, an unfortunately bad effect.

I’m hot, really hot, I think I mentioned that already but it’s important. Then the pressure builds from the oncoming weather front. So, this nice hot blood which is bubbling its way around my body begins to sizzle under the pressure from the weather front. I truly consider myself lucky if the storm does break over, round or near me because the pressure drops and the temperature usually does too. I get a double present in one go.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes

Of course the only problem with the storm breaking close by is the lightning strikes.  They never come alone and between the lightning strikes and the rumble and crash of thunder over and inside my head, well, I think a marching band would have a hard time competing against it.

However, the storms have arrived, lightning strikes galore, thunder like a herd of galloping elephants and rain to refresh the land. It’s also brought the temperature down and hasn’t sent the humidity up. So for a short time I can live without the air conditioner on.



You can see the birds in the trees, they simply fluff out their feathers and off they fly. I wish I could fluff out my feathers…. now wouldn’t that be a sight worth seeing!  Perhaps I should be a bear and hibernate through the summer instead. It might be safer on the humans around me.

Lightning strikes; have you ever smelt the ozone in the air when one strikes close by? It’s really awesome. The afterimage burnt onto your retinas is quite a spectacle too. So you see, I can appreciate the beauty and majesty of a storm. The pounding of the clouds crashing together and the scintillating ozone smell of the lightning strikes, I just hate being a grumpy harpy, especially when it’s outside forces of nature which are compelling this aberrant behaviour.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes

I’ve seen at close quarters someone struck by lightning. Catastrophic! So I must conclude I’m simply a ninny…letting a little lightning strike cause so much trouble.  If I could ask a small favour though… would someone please turn the thermostat down?

Blessings,  Susan x

© Susan Jamieson 2013

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