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I sat for a moment

From whale watching in 2011 Hervey Bay

Or so I thought

Beside me a cup of tea

Gazing quietly out to sea

Praying for a moment’s respite

From the itch which had plagued me

All through the night

The white caps rolled by

The breeze no longer a soft sigh

One splash, then two more

A bevy now closer to shore

Followed by quick blows  

To left and right

As a pod of whales swam into sight

They waved and they blew

Flukes splashing a grand tune

Time slipped by as they passed from sight

Before I realised it

They had gone with the light.

My whale blessing – hours with no itch,

I feel calm and serene,

Thanks, to my beautiful whale dream.

It felt like a dream as the hours slipped by. I had no notion how long I sat and watched, mesmerised by the whales passing. They were a never-ending stream passing by…. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Blessings,  Susan x

© Susan Jamieson

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Today could have been a vastly different day than it eventually became. The reason, I refused to allow the start to spoil the remainder of the day. Mornings are particularly difficult for me, painful to move and agonising to get to a point where I can see without dark glasses. However, this is what life is at present, so we persevere knowing it will get better.

One huge Huntsman spider!

One huge Huntsman spider!

This is how my morning began…..

Not exactly what I wanted to see through eyes which  felt as though they were being stabbed through the cornea and were so bleary it takes an age to allow the image and the brain to catch up.

Obviously, he wasn’t as large as I originally thought but he was big enough for me. I’m not scared of spiders, well not the ‘harmless’ ones, but if my daughter had seen this there would have been shrieking and rampant hysteria for an hour until it was completely drowned in whichever spray she could lay hands on to ensure its demise.

This is what the blighter really looked like……..Of course there are nicer ways to start the day and tomorrow I am attracting one for myself.

Huntsman, not dangerous to humans, unless they die of fright.

Huntsman, not dangerous to humans, unless they die of fright.

He can have all the insects he wants as long as he vacates my abode before I start to see, even imperfectly.

It’s been a while since I felt well enough to get outside, even the short trek into the lounge has been challenging. Today I was determined to make it to the lounge chair we have placed facing the deck and the ocean beyond.

The doors were opened wide to allow the beautiful cool breezes to blow into the room.  I ignored the roaring of vehicles up and down the street and concentrated on the other, more interesting and beautiful vistas.

There was a strong breeze blowing over the water and lots of white caps. They don’t show up well on my camera but we were fortunate to be visited by lots of passing whales. Most of them were way off on the horizon and whilst we could see their splashes, the photos don’t do them justice. However, a couple were determined to ensure we saw them giving us a wave, in fact lots of them.

Hello landlubbers.

Hello landlubber.

The second whales fluke is just discernible to the right of the first. They stayed for a good half an hour just waving at us, always a pick me up. I’ll get out the photos from our whale watching later.

After that a para glider did a circuit from one side to the other for us… just showing off and getting a bird’s eye view of the whales.

Kiteman 6 (Copy)

I’m not sure if it would be good or a little foolhardy when the breeze was so gusty, but he seemed to enjoy it… although I couldn’t see his face. The thrill of being up there, flying alone and seeing the world beneath your feet, well the ocean, would have been amazing.

Spring has definitely arrived and all the shrubs and flowers are coming into bloom. The African Tulip Tree is magnificent.

The Tulip tree. Their flowers are as big as dinner plates.

The Tulip tree. Their flowers are as big as dinner plates.

Whilst directly underneath there was an explosion of Acalypha growing.

Acalypha falling down the timber steps.

Acalypha falling down the timber steps.

Just around the corner was a large Brunfelsia bush, the fragrance drawing us in. It’s common name is “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” due to the colour of its flowers. The new ones come out a beautiful purple, the next day fading to a delicate lavender and the third day are pure white.

"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." What a great name.

“Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” What a great name.

Just at that moment a group of Major Mitchell cockatoos flew overhead noisily. One decided to have a rest and take a look at what we were doing.

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

As we rounded the corner the sound of the waves crashing on the shore took me back to the ocean. Since you cannot stop hearing it in the background it makes a counterpoint to everything you do, but I find it very soothing. (much better than the traffic noise!)

Ocean waves continuously rolling in.

Ocean waves continuously rolling in.

My short excursion around the garden ended with the glorious scent of Jasmin and the beautiful flowers of the Rhododendron (Vireya).

Jasmin, heavenly and heady scent.

Jasmin, heavenly and heady scent.

The Vireya, a type of Rhododendron

The Vireya, a type of Rhododendron

I was unhappy at the feeling I was cutting my time outside so short. It’s been a while since I felt up to being outside – at least without falling down! So, after being helped back inside, (those stairs are a nuisance!) I sat back on the lounge and watched the ocean for a while listening to my iPod.

When I ventured back into my bedroom I had a lovely surprise waiting for me….. a gift of love.

Flowers from my garden

Flowers from my garden

A beautiful way to remind me that despite not doing all I would like there are many things I can do and have. Ray brought my brief excursion back with me and I can smell the perfume as I type.

No-one said life would follow a set path. You make the path as you go along. The hard part is finding the happiness and joy each day can bring. If it is difficult, find smaller blessings, and if you are having a great day, look to the bigger things, but be grateful for what we have. ‘Today has shown me that there are many beautiful things around me which I can be grateful for. The rest…. well they may come tomorrow.

“If you reconnect with nature and the wilderness you will not only find the meaning of life, but you will experience what it means to be truly alive.”
Sylvia Dolson, Joy of Bears

Blessings,  Susan x

amy Whale, breaching, Stellwagen Bank National...

(c) Susan Jamieson

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